List of 90+ Best Maybelline Brand Slogans

Owned by the French cosmetics giant, L’Oreal, Maybelline New York was launched in Manhattan, New York 105 years ago.  Marketed throughout the world, Maybelline specialises in fragrances, skincare, personal care and other cosmetic items.

Only last year the company collaborated with the German fashion brand, Puma featuring Adriana Lima.

Maybelline Brand Slogans

Maybe it’s Maybelline

Make it happen 

Eyes that charm

Ink your lips in liquid matte intensity

Pick colour so moist, it licks your lips

Pumped up Colossal mascara

Maybe she was born with it maybe it’s Maybelline

New cat eyes go feline

Accent your eyes your most important feature

Don’t change me fit me 

Don’t mask me

Finally the complete makeup collection of your dream

Give in to lash temptation

Bride tribe —- which bridesmaid are you

Clump free volume on and off in a snap

Moisture goes deep moisture extreme

Beautiful eyes for you with Maybelline

# Beauty untouched

Explosive eyes are born

For eye makeup — sensibly priced

The colossal bigshot

A proper love for pink

Take these 3 steps to instant loveliness

Picture your dream skins with pores or flaws

Worry-free make up

Sensual satin 

Dare to come alive in the new vivids

Eyes that charm 

Trust that goes a long way

Bronze on the rooftop

Achieve the new exotic eye make up

Great look great body great lash mascara

Are you neglecting your most important feature?

Lavish lips with a molten hot glaze

New shine seduction

Will beautify your eyes instantly

What a truly amazing difference Maybelline does make

Master the perfect brow in one simple sweep

Eye beauty aids

Beautiful discovery

Because you can’t take photoshop everywhere

Pealiest manicure nail colour

The top of your face is important too

If you use lipstick you should always use Maybelline

Wear n go

Think colour like no other

Take your eyes to the Maxi

Matte perfect foundation

Meet the 14th-hour lipstick that won’t let you down

It’s all in the kiss

Fall in love with colour

Do you see the difference Maybelline does it

The most exciting thing that you will ever wear

Chicks attitude

It is smart to be natural

Say it in blooming colours

Colour sensational

Meet America’s #1 concealer

Fall for the colour live for the fill

Kissing slick —– Maybelline

Fresh picked colours — make your eyes blossom

America’s favourite mascara

Creamy mattes

Power up your lashes and get pumped up

Take a tip for beautiful tips

Mood for metal

Fresh and lovely oil control make up

Hello fresh face

Colour shine feel the compulsion

Colour shine feel the compulsion

Greatest aid to beauty —- Maybelline

Greatest aid to beauty —- Maybelline

Raise eyebrows? I do it all the time

Be fashion-wise —- accent your eyes

unforgettable eyes

What’s new for your lips

Only genuine Maybelline can give you alluring eyes

More flowers for the lady with beautiful eyes

Maybelline makes anything possible

The most passionate reds  —  truly sensational

Make fashion happen

Glam Goddess

The most beautiful eyes in the world are by Maybelline

Instant age rewind — Maybelline

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