List of 31+ Best Malibu Brand Slogans

Launched in 1982 at Barbados, West Indies, Malibu is made with the famous Caribbean rum and is a sought after coconut flavored liquor.

The brand is owned by Pernod Ricard and the flavor is a typical Caribbean one. Although the original flavor is coconut, other flavors are also present. 

Malibu Brand Slogans

Seriously easy going

The spirit of summer

Malibu loves fruits

La fushion — rhum and coco

I drink Malibu because summer

The fusion of rum and coconut

Spiced rum  — finally sees the light

Get your island on Malibu

Malibu summer beach house

Crank it up

Share a pina moment

Introducing Malibu black 70 proof with a hint of coconut

Malibu — more fun than rum

Less time prepping === more time sipping

The berry best summer

Malibu is 45 steps away

Share the spirit of summer

Caribbean creation

Just pour

Malibu dollarmama

Bursting with summer

This way to sunshine

Head up hair  down

Feel the sunshine with Malibu

Keep calm and drink Malibu

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