100+ Luau Captions for Instagram That Will Transport You to A Tropical Paradise

Feeling the saltiness in the air? Is your heart yearning for those colorful and vibrant beachy vibes in Hawaii? Are you longing to have a great time at the luau? Then, pack in those sandals, shades, and beachwear and catch a flight to Hawaii. These Luau captions will bring a taste of luau to your fingertips!

Funny Luau Captions for Instagram

路        Bring me to Hawaii. 馃榾

路        Hawaii mode is now active. 馃槂

路        Here is where I find peace. 馃槃

路        Living the Hawaiian dream. 馃榿

路        There is saline in the air; I had sand in my clothes. 馃槀

路        The spot to be is in Hawaii. 馃檪

路        Hawaii is truly a land of rainbows and sunlight. 馃槈

路        A trip to Hawaii is always an excellent option. 馃槉

路        Come to Hawaii and meet me. 馃槆

路        I have daisies in my hair. 馃グ

路        The state of Hawaii is in the air. 馃槏

路        I got lost in paradise. 馃ぉ

路        There were just clear skies, ocean sky, and infinite beverages. 馃槝

路        Put your troubles in your palms. 馃槜

路        In flip-flops, life is better. 鈽猴笍

路        I’m in a tropical mood! 馃槡

路        Live as though you were a local. 馃槞

路        The finest way to live is on an island. 馃構

路        Just have good feelings about Hawaii. 馃槢

路        Escape to the world of palm palms and sunshine. 馃槣

路        Experiencing Hawaii’s genuine beauty. 馃

路        I discovered my tropical paradise. 馃崄

路        Hawaii captures the essence of Aloha. 馃崅

路        A tropical excursion is in store. 馃尲

路        What else could you want instead of the sun, ocean, and sand? 馃彇

路        Exploring Hawaii’s tropical jungles. 鉀憋笍

路        Watching the setting sun while sipping Mai Tais. 馃挮

路        In Hawaii, I’m chasing cascades. 馃

路        Taking in some Hawaiian vibes. 馃

路        It’s always island time. 馃コ

路        There is nowhere else like Hawaii. 馃槡

路        Hawaii is synonymous with happiness. 馃構

路        All great adventures begin in Hawaii. 馃槍

路        Hawaii is the stuff that fantasies are built of. 馃彎

路        Feels like you’re on an island. 馃彏

路        The mindset is tropical. 馃彍

路        In Hawaii, I’m living the dream. 馃尀

路        Island exploration. 鉀憋笍

路        Sunsets in Hawaii never grow old. 馃帀

路        Thank you, Hawaii! 馃尲

路        In nirvana, I’m enjoying my great experience. 馃崅

路        Experiencing the spirit of Aloha. 馃槆

路        You have my heart, Hawaii. 馃グ

路        In Hawaii, I’m relishing every minute. 馃槍

路        Hawaii is a wonderland. 鈽猴笍

路        I’m on shore leave. 馃

路        Hawaii excursions never let you down. 馃槆

路        Hello from Hawaii. 馃

路        Tonight’s plans include luaus and Mai Taha. 馃崄

路        Days on the island and evenings watching the sunset. 馃帀

路        A genuine postcard. 馃彏

路        Hawaii does not require a filter. 馃尀

路        A location where aspirations are formed. 馃

路        Hawaii is a slice of the celestial plane. 馃コ

路        This location has captivated me. 馃き

路        Because life is short, travel to Hawaii. 馃槑

路        Others refer to it as Hawaii, but I refer to it as paradise. 馃

路        I’m exactly where I should be. 馃懟

路        Meet me on a Hawaiian beach. 馃槖

路        that wishes are granted. 馃

路        I’m crossing “Hawaii” off my list. 馃槍

路        POV: I’m having the time of my life. 馃槆

路        Drinks, beaches, and sunsets are all on the menu. 馃グ

路        Island reminiscences. 馃榿

路        Another palm, another day. 馃槃

路        I’m feeling vibrant. 馃榾

路        Letting all of my Hawaii fantasies come true. 馃槂

路        Hawaii鈥. My greatest is you. 馃槡

路        In Hawaii, each day is a fantastic day. 馃崄

路        Hawaiian mode is now active. 鉀憋笍

路        Let the experiences in Hawaii commence! 馃彎

路        Days on the beach and in the sun. 馃彇

路        Hawaii is a small island in the Pacific Ocean. 馃尀

路        Every single day is a vacation day in Hawaii. 馃

路        On the beaches in Hawaii, it’s just me. 馃槂

路        I can’t continue to enjoy the beaches of Hawaii. 馃榾

路        In Hawaii, everyone is always joyful. 馃槃

路        I’m having the time of my life rn. 馃榿

路        Another gorgeous day in Maui. 馃槏

路        This is the stuff that dreams are built of. 馃槆

路        Hawaii is synonymous with pleasure. 馃槉

路        When I’m in Mexico, I can’t stop smiling. 馃グ

路        A Hawaiian trip means stunning scenery and unlimited enjoyment鈥 馃尶

路        There is no such thing as too much Hawaii. 馃崄

路        During this Tropical vacation, I’m living the ideal. 馃

路        In a tropical paradise, making new memories. 鉀憋笍

路        Life is great when you’re wearing flip-flops and wearing floral lei. 馃き

路        This Hawaiian oasis exudes southern hospitality. 馃崅

路        Beach afternoons and Hawaiian experiences. 馃懟

路        Beauties in Hawaii are our ultimate choice. 馃槝

路        Catch planes, not emotions. 馃

路        In Hawaii, everything here is better. 馃尲

路        One experience at a time, I’m rediscovering the enchantment of Hawaii. 馃挮

路        Daisies in my hair…. feet on the beach. 馃尯

路        Hawaii is a place in which each day is a treasure. 馃泙

路        In Hawaii, I was chasing sunsets and building memories. 鈽锔

Luau Captions

路        Pleasure is a wave in Hawaii. 馃寠

路        In Hawaii, I’m enjoying the island life. 馃彎

路        Aloha had me at hello. 鉀憋笍

路        The mindset of aloha. 馃崄

路        Aloha. Live. Love. 馃

路        Aloha is a virtue that represents love and respect. 馃尶

路        Be the Aloha that you want to see. 馃彏

路        Just positive vibes. 馃槆

路        In Hawaii, we practice Aloha. 馃槃

路        Aloha and unlimited possibilities. 馃槍

路        Hello from Hawaii. 馃グ

路        Aloha experiences on the beach. 馃

路        Hawaii tropical paradise. 馃

路        Aloha is the standard of living in Hawaii. 馃彇

路        In Hawaii, I’m looking for flowers and aloha.馃寪

路        Welcome to heaven, Aloha. 馃

路        In Hawaii, I’m experiencing the aloha vibe. 馃槍

路        I’m offering you positive energy. 馃尶

路        Hello and welcome to a fresh day here in paradise. 馃崄

路        Seeking tranquility in the essence of aloha. 馃尲

路        Aloha and good times. 馃槡

路        Hello, heaven! 馃構

路        Aloha and love from Hawaii. 馃グ

路        Aloha is more than simply a word; it is a lifestyle. 馃

路        A little bit of aloha can go a long way. 馃

路        Aloha mood and island sensations. 馃ゥ

路        In every instant, convey the spirit of aloha. 馃嵒

路        Wonderful fun and wonderful aloha feelings. 馃珤

路        Aloha is a worldwide love language. 馃崏

路        Caught in the Aloha and Hawaiian splendor. 馃

路        Aloha should be all around you. 馃槡

路        Let the attitude of aloha lead you. 馃槞

路        Aloha…. a small piece of paradise here on earth. 馃槉

路        Drive me to Hawaii, Alexa. 馃

路        A poor day in Maui is preferable to a good day elsewhere. 馃槃

路        Going to Hawaii, coming back never. 馃

路        Please get back to Hawaii if discovered. 馃槍

路        I’m just here to enjoy tropical cocktails. 馃

路        What occurs in Hawaii remains in Hawaii. 馃崒

路        If you enjoy drinking pina coladas and getting busted in the rain鈥 馃嵐

路        Hawaii is responsible for today’s pleasant attitude. 馃嵏

路        If Hawaii is involved, the conclusion is yes. 馃崏

路        I’m simply in town for the mai tais. 馃ゥ

路        Sunburns and parasol beverages go together in Hawaii. 馃彎

路        A small piece of paradise may go a long way. 馃

路        Make pina coladas whenever life provides you with coconuts. 馃ゥ

路        You’re dressed for the occasion if you’re not barefoot. 馃彎

路        In Hawaii, carbohydrates do not matter. 馃寠

路        I’m avoiding my obligations like鈥 馃崄

路        May days are warm, and your beverages come with little umbrellas. 馃尶

路        I’m avoiding my obligations like鈥 馃崅

路        The forecast for today is the scorching sun and chilled tropical beverages. 馃嵐

路        Kindly hand over the sunscreen. 馃

路        I was drawn to the seaside life. 鈽锔

路        No big deal, just yet another twilight in Hawaii. 馃崅

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