10 Reasons Why Good Logo Color is Important

There is no doubt about the fact that color happens to be one of the essentials for conveying the meaning of your logo. Color has the ability to influence reactions, and thinking, and it can also stimulate our hormones.

It has got an assortment of meanings manifesting themselves in our natural world of ours. Color plays a significant role in human psychology which designers will be able to include in their designs.

Reasons Why Good Logo Color is Important

It has been shown by marketing research that the usage of visual cues is of prime importance since they are able to influence strongly how customers think and feel in such a way that particular color will be able to influence whether somebody is going to make a purchase or not.

It is for sure that factors like culture, personal preference, upbringing, context, and experiences likewise influence the effect of an individual color on a particular consumer. This has been confirmed by color psychology.

Why color matter?

Colors help to induce motions

Color influences the emotions that a logo evokes since human beings relate specific colors with specific emotions. All these emotions will be able to engage the audience while helping them to remember your brand easily as well. Before selecting the colors of your logo, make it a point to figure out the message that you’d like to convey with the logo.

1. Red

This particular color has the ability to increase the pulse rates of people once they look at it. This powerful shade is exciting, warm, sexy, as well as urgent. It is warm like blood and intense like fire. For this reason, there are many nations that incorporate red in their flags.

As a matter of fact, red is dynamic and will be definitely your go-to color in case you’d like to get the attention of people. For this reason, you will find that the “click here” and “buy now” buttons are all colored as red on the Internet. Red will almost automatically force you to respect the logo.

We have seen retailers such as Target and K-Mart which have used this color in their logos. The sense of urgency of red might compel individuals to purchase particularly when a sale is going to close.

2. Green

It is a fact that the majority of the plants in the forests and jungles happen to be green, and therefore, many individuals relate the green color with the qualities of health, peacefulness, and vitality.

Green is likewise a status symbol for banking, money, wealth, and ambition. It has got a healing effect on individuals and also helps to soothe the human vision. Green is an appropriate background for any type of design since one can see it everywhere. One good example will be the logo of Greenpeace.

3. Blue

Blue happens to be the favorite color of everybody since it represents peace, loyalty, calm, confidence, success, and trust. We find blue abundantly in nature, and it can help to minimize our heart rate as well as blood pressure.

Blue is prominent everywhere in the natural world from the ocean to the sky. For this reason, brands often make use of blue for conveying stability and trust. Being the color of heaven, blue happens to be a symbol of spirituality, divinity, and protection in quite a few religions.

At present, this color has been used extensively in financial institutions, government, law, and medicinal industries. One real-world example will be JP Morgan Chase.

4. Orange

This particular color is full of warmth, fun, and enthusiasm. Orange is a mixture of red and yellow and stands for a symbol of joy and creativity. Orange happens to be a color that you can hold on in case your life is full of frustrations and disappointments.

It has been shown by research that this color stimulates hunger and, for this reason, many restaurants patronize orange significantly. It enhances our mental activity, increases the oxygen supply of our brain, and so forth.

As a result, designers use orange extensively in logos at present. For instance, the orange color is used by the brand “Fanta” as the primary color of its logo which reflects an image that the drink happens to be fun and stimulating.

5. Yellow

We all know that yellow is actually the sun’s color and it is a source of life and energy. As a result, the usage of this color provides the viewers with optimistic and cheerful energy. Yellow embraces individuals with warmth, helps to make them cheerful, enhances mental activity, and also encourages the growth of muscles.

However, one must take care not to overuse this color since it might make people rather distracted. While too little yellow might evoke negative feelings, too much of this color might make people rather impatient. Therefore, it will be sensible to use yellow in a balanced manner in the logo designs.

However, one cannot deny the fact that yellow helps to inspire feelings of positivity and happiness. For example, the usage of the yellow arrow in the logo of “Amazon” actually resembles a smile. Also, we have seen companies like McDonald’s and Hertz to use yellow extensively in their logos.

6. Purple

It was quite difficult to obtain purple pigments in ancient cultures. In this way, purple turned out to be a widespread symbol of wealth, royalty, and power.

In contemporary Western culture, this color is related to the brain, mind, as well as creativity. Purple happens to be a combination of blue and red and including it in the logo design depicts glam as well as elegance.

At present, purple has been used by many notable companies like Cadbury, Hallmark, FedEx, and so on.

7. White

White has got some connectivity to purity, light, or cleanliness. It also signifies simplicity and truth. Making use of white in the logo design helps to make it appear clean and simple in the long run.

Interestingly, simplicity happens to be the innovative trend with logo design at present. One real-world example happens to be the World Wildlife Foundation logo.

8. Black

Black implies the absence of all the colors. However, instead of providing you with absent feelings, black implies authority, strength, elegance, as well as sophistication. It helps to enhance confidence and also induces a feeling related to emptiness.

As a result, you can definitely go for black in case you like to offer a sense of power and mystery to your logo design.

However, you must be careful since the excessive usage of black can be boring in the long run. One real-world example is the Nike logo which makes use of black as its primary color.

Color helps to attract attention

While observing any logo, the first thing one will see is going to be the color contained by it. This will help to reflect market research indicating that a vast majority of the visual information taken by the human brain is connected with color.

The first impressions of any particular brand typically last for approximately 90 seconds, and therefore, the brand requires its logo to stand out for making a lasting impression. This helps the brand to become memorable and also iconic. Several brands like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and KFC have logos that have attained icon status.

Apart from the fact that you will not come across more than 3 colors in the logos of each of these brands, one more thing is that they all make use of vibrant and attractive colors such as red.

Besides red, orange and bright yellow are the other colors which help to attract attention as well. These are particularly noticeable in the logos of different security agencies which require to be easily and quickly noticed.

Color conveys a message to the market segment

The values of your company are communicated to your target group by the color of your logo. Depending on their gender, age, interest, geographical area, and lifestyle, they are going to relate more with one particular color as compared to other colors.

As a result, every single market segment responds to different colors in different ways and the identical color comes with different meanings in various situations. For instance, the green color in Ireland is related to good luck whereas in many areas on the planet green is closely related to Islam.

Besides this, the impact of some specific colors on people is also influenced by the climate. For example, individuals in tropical nations have an affinity for warm colors while those in the northern climates like cooler colors.

Color becomes identical with the brand

During the initial phase of the lifecycle of any brand, nobody is aware of the brand’s name behind the logo; therefore, it is often essential for the company to spell out the name on the logo.

For example, despite the fact that the Nike logo is at present usually observed as a swoosh, the term “NIKE” had been included along with the swoosh for a major part of the history of the company starting in 1971.

However, once the brand is able to attend global recognition, the brand name usually drops out while leaving behind the design and the color of the logo. Once this happens, the consumers often start synonymizing the color along with the brand.

Avoid these mistakes while choosing colors

  • Make use of colors that are offensive in the culture and environment where your business is operating
  • Make the logo uninteresting and dull
  • Mismatch the personality of your company with the color of the logo

What should be done while choosing colors?

  • Make comprehensive market research such that the colors selected by you represent the personality for brand perfectly along with your niche
  • Identify who is going to use your products and also fine-tune your logo colors to the target audience
  • Perform split-tests on the color schemes frequently for evaluating the reactions of your audience to the logo


As you have seen above there is a wide array of colors to select from for your logo design and you should make it a point to discuss the options carefully with your logo designer. Bear in mind that the meaning of any color can vary significantly from one country to another and also from one culture to another.

Moreover, its meaning can be changed by different shades, hues, and tints. Therefore, it will be a prudent idea to be meticulous when choosing the color for your brand logo out there.

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