101+ Lip Scrub Captions to Make Your Own

A lip scrub is a soft solid (and sometimes even a fluid base) exfoliator that helps remove the dead, uneven, and dry portions to highlight the smooth skin of the lips.

Here are some marvelous captions that may help promote your lip scrub brand on social media.

Lip Scrub Captions For Social Media

Lip Scrub Captions for Facebook

For those ravishing and smooth lips. #smoothiliciouslips

Lips so luscious even you will keep looking at them in the mirror.

The volume of your lips shows after using our lip scrub. #lipvolume

Show of those beautiful lips.

Now a scrub for your lips, too. #lipscrubforbeautifullips

A scrub that you will carry everywhere.

Scrub to bring out the real beauty that your lips are. #scrubscrub

Make your lips the talk of the town.

Rough lips? What’s that? #saynotoroughlips

Say goodbye to rough lips.

A smile that is so fresh. #freshsmile

For those forever-young lips. #forever-young

Your kiss will be yearned for always. #kissablelips

Lips that make you look even more beautiful.

Forever young.

Recommended by millions.

Satisfying millions of lips. #satisfyyourlips

Your lips, our care. #careforlips

Gentle exfoliation for your gentle lips.

Bring out those baby lips again. #babylips

Beautify your lips naturally.

The beauty underlying in your lips. #beautyinlips

For that refreshing smile.

Lip Scrub Captions for Instagram

Your confidence shows in your smile. #confidentsmile

For that pretty smile that sweeps the world off its feet.

Lip care couldn’t be better than this. #lipcare

You won’t be able to replace this.

Removes all smudges as well. #smudge-free

What a little care can do. 

Essentially only for your lips.

Dry lips no more. #nodrylips

Chaffed lips are a thing of the past.

No more irritation in your lips.

Remove the chaffed lips. #goodbyechaffedlips

For that soft scrubbing you always wanted. #softscrub

Lips so elegant they will win over everyone.

A miraculous makeover for you. #topmakeover

We had you in mind.

Always taking care of you.

Because your lips need special care, too. #specialyouspecialcare

Makes you love yourself more.

Our lip scrub is so popular we don’t even need to advertise.

See your lips get that fresh new look.#freshlips

For men and women.

Even good for children.

You will be far more gorgeous. #gorgeouslips

The secret to your beauty. #beautysecrets

Get that new look.

For the new you.

Your skincare should begin with this scrub. #toughscrub

All handpicked ingredients. #naturalingredients

Lip Scrub Captions for Twitter

Softness couldn’t be softer. #softness

This is the gentlest love you could ever desire.

So sensuous, so natural. #naturalandsensuous

The change in you will show through your lips.

Your lips alone will say so much.

Helps to nurture your lips. #nuturethoselips

Because your lips are the softest.

Sweep them off their feet.

Scrubbing is also pampering. #lippampering

This isn’t just any lip scrub.

Only for the discerning you.

Because we think you are elite. #elitelipcare

Royalty will show through your lips. #royallips

So regal, yet so natural.

Apt for any type of lips.

Come get redefined. #redefineyourlips

Your beauty is enhanced by our products.

For those perfect lips, you always desired. #desirablelips

Make yourself come alive again.

Fall in love all over again.

Good looks come from using these. #goodlooks #goodlips

Style unmatched.

For that unsurpassed beautiful lips. #unsurpassedbeauty

Your lips are so adorable.

Perfection achieved. #perfectyourlips

Liven up your looks.

None can look away from your lips. #liplook

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