100+ Catchy Libra Zodiac Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

When you post anything online, your aim is to make people know your message. The best helping hand there will be suitable Captions that will make the post look better and will create an impact on the viewers. Here is given a list of captions relevant to your social media posts.

Libra captions for Facebook

Don’t try to mess with a libra as they will always bring a better idea to fight back. #libra

Libras are super diplomatic and can behave as the situation demands. #diplomatic

If a libra is messing with you, that person has prepared for this for quite a long time.

I found it very difficult to decide anything because everything seems better to me. #decide

I am confused the whole time and cannot come to a conclusion very easily.

I am a Libra and I always crave attention.

Being a Libra I have a severe fear of missing out. #fear

If Libra is debating with you, they will confuse you to a whole new level.

I am a Libra and I don’t prefer to be confronted.

Being a Libra I always try to find peace and a solution to every problem. #peace

I always try to bring out the best in people with my talent.

As a Libra, I am fair and neutral and have a strong sense of Justice.

I find great happiness in meeting people and getting people’s attention. #happiness

If you are looking for people who are always up for making friends, it is me.

A Libra will always give you the best advice no matter what. #best

People who belong to the Libra zodiac are smart, witty, and super funny.

Libra always enjoys being around a group of people.

I find happiness when anyone compliments me. #compliment

I am an unreliable person who is very fickle-minded.

If I like something now, I might not like it a few days later.

If Libra is your enemy, then they are bound to play mind games. #enemy

People who are libra are very cunning and very maturely take every decision.

The best trait in Libra is that they are fair and funny.

Compliments are the favorite thing for any libra. #libra

If Libra is your friend, they will do everything to make your life easier.

Libras are often very desperate and forget to maintain themselves.

Libra captions for Instagram

I am always in a dilemma about what to do and what not to do. #dilemma

I am very smart as I belong to the zodiac Libra.

Libras are very helpful and will do anything for their loved ones.

In some matters, I am very selfless and in some matters, I am selfish as well. #selfless

I can connect very easily and people are bound to like me because of my nature.

Libra is selfless from the core, I can go to any extent to help you. #selfless

In critical situations, I prefer not to make an important decision.

I get confused even while selecting the menu. 

A Libra is a very good friend but a very bad partner. #partner

Taking a stand is not something we Libras are very good at.

I, being a Libra, enjoy the company of unknown people very much.

Getting to know new people is something that I love very much. #love

If you are coming across a Libra, get ready for some sure amusement.

I can conquer the world with my charm and my wit.

Libras don’t care about maintaining a personality when it comes to doing their favorite thing. # favorite

You can call me nagging as I continuously annoy everyone to do what I want.

I am not very demanding but I have big desires which I want to fulfill.

My aim is to be very famous by earning it. #earnings

Libras are very generous and helpful. 

Libra captions for Twitter

I will always be just one call away from the people I really care about.

Diplomacy is something most of the Libras carry naturally. #diplomacy

If escaping a situation is an art, I am the real artist then.

I contradict my own statements and get confused all the time.

I am indecisive and also an idealist which seems weird but is true. #indecisive

As a Libra, I always enjoy my private space and I don’t prefer anyone interfering there. #space

As a Libra, I can very well balance my emotions and have good control over them.

My weakness is that I am kind-hearted.

I regret a lot about many things but do not get the urge to work upon them. #regret

I lack dedication in anything I’m doing.

I am basically a jack of all trades and master of none.

Libras are very well-mannered and intellectuals and their ideologies can win people’s hearts very easily. #intellectuals

A Libra can conquer the world with his/ her charm.

If impressing someone with words is a taka, Libras will always be the front-runners. #forerunners

I am peace-loving and totally against confrontation.

If there is a confrontation going on, I will sneak through the window and escape. #sneak

I am very proud of the fact that I am a Libra.

Libra is very mature with a touch of innocence.

A Libra can entertain you anytime anywhere. #entertain

I hate being alone and if I have good company, I enjoy every bit of it.

A Libra can blow you away with their intellect.

My ideas are my strength. #strength

I can instantly take a stand for the people I love without hesitating.

I always give neutral judgment and unfairness is not my cup of tea. 

Libra people are crazy as they are fun-loving and enjoy every bit of their lives. #enjoy

When Libra dislikes you, they simply start ignoring you.

If you are a little good to Libra, they will make you their favorite buddy.

If you give me any compliment, you are bound to become my favorite. # favorite

A Libra will always be confused and will make you confused with their words.

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