List of 51+ Best Levis Brand Slogans

One of the most popular and the best-known brands of jeans universally, Levis was formed in 1853 at San Francisco with their global headquarters at Levis Plaza.

The company has more than 3000+ own operated stores globally. Celebrities like Albert Einstein and Marlon Brando were fans of Levis. 

Levis Brand Slogans

Live in Levi’s

Next change kya

Right for school

Your best shape ever

Levis tapered

Jeans that fits everyone

Fit — for action

Style from ground up

No ordinary flight of fashion

Cling fits stuck on you

Levis engineered jeans — freedom to move

Levis button fly jeans —- live unbuttoned

Tough is your spirit

Go Forth

All asses are not created equal

Come and get ‘em

Style however you define it

Have you had a bad time in Levi’s?

As Western as the West itself

Levis 501 – the original shrink to fit jeans

Play up your style 

Let the average man be divine

501 — jeans with anti-fit

For everybody who is not just anybody

Denim retail and fashion

Feel good in them< feel good about them

I will not sit at home collecting dust

Some things about school will never change 

Made and crafted

The birth of the blues

Mind your Levi’s curve ID in 3 ways

What’s your fit

Follow the leader

Levi’s Denim family

Levi’s worn jeans — rub yourself

Solve the water crisis — don’t wash your jeans

Quality never goes out of style

“ I am having a fit”

Playing it cool by the bay

Do the best you can and don’t look back

America’s finest overall since 1850

Live unbuttoned

Ready to work

When there’s no work to be done, wear Levis

Style for every story

First name in Denims

Suit for self 

Jeans for life

The original denim jacket since 1967

All I need is all I got

The search is over — your perfect fit is  waiting

The country was not, made by men in suits

The high rise jeans —- old classic new again

I may look fresh and green but I am ready to eat dirt

The uniform of progress

We invented the blue jeans 

# Shape my world

One day soon we will dance together again

# Stick to denim

# Live in Levis

Rugged as all —- for outdoors

Fit for action

—- for solid comfort

A world of wear in every pair

For rugged wear, it has always been Levis

No substitute for Levis’

Fit for the range

First for fit and wear

Levis jeans — an American tradition

Timeless fit matchless wear

Go for Levis — tough as your spirit

Strong as your wings

Levis for the seat of learning

A story in every pair

The West grew up in Levis

Easier fittin’ —– workin’ or sittin’

Let the body do the talking

Part evolution part revolution

Water < less — jeans that save water

Levis are strong

The stronger the better

For solid comfort —– it has always been Levi’s 

You don’t have to be a Jew to love Levi’s 

Specially cut for women with curves

Hotness comes in all shapes and sizes

# Equipped to be true

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