List of 38+ Best Lee Brand Slogans

Founded in 1889 by Henry David Lee at Kansas, the USA,  Lee is a famous denim apparel brand extensively used in that country as well as internationally. Originally the brand was owned by the VF Corporation but as of last year, Kontor brands are owning Lee.

Lee Brand Slogans

A lee is you

A Lee don’t lie

Own the moment

Let’s celebrate

Body optix

A brand that fits

A Lee never ages

Are you skinny; are you tapered: are you straight?

Move your Lee

A Lee is washed with your sweat

Guys don’t wear jeans

Everyone looks good in Lee jeans

Move your Lee

Look for the W

Barely legal sales

Riders by Lee. They instantly slim you

Get a leg up with Lee

Live with passion

I don’t wear pants but i buy ‘em and Lee

Lee skinny jeans not for the masses

Let’s celebrate your curves

A brand that fits

Riders of fame

Work and play clothes

Lees are Saturday night every day of the week

Contemporary legends

Rediscover work life

Lee is the leader

Breakthrough comfort and limitless style

New styles new slimming new life

Show your best profile 

There’s a Lee for every job

One true fit

The ultimate jeans

More men wear work clothes bearing a Lee label than any other brand

Wear your mix

Separate loads mutual interest Lee jeans

Stay curious

Never stop chilling

Frontier lady stretch denims by Lee

Make every side your good side

What’s riveting this fall?

Lee freestyle – have you participated yet?

Two in the afternoon  breakfast  Lee jeans

Go West with Lee

Lee cowboy pants look better fit better

Amazing — Lee felt denim has more yarn per square inch

Put your can in our pants

Own the moment 

Back to school in Leed riders and Lee overalls

You work better in Lee you look better in Lee

It takes a fashionable pack to reach new heights

You look better in Lee

Let’s celebrate ourself

The jeans that built America

Baby Lee jean is so safe

Finish the fight

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