100+ Catchy Lavender Oil Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

If you are looking for ‘Lavender Oil’ captions, then you are at the right place! We have put in this article a set of captions that would go well with your new lavender oil video or post! So, scroll away and select your best! 

Lavender Oil Captions for Facebook 

Enhance your lifestyle with lavender essential oils! #enhance

The sweet floral fragrance is now available in the range of essential oils! #sweetfloralfragrance

Available to mankind since ancient times! #available

The holy herb is at your disposal to better your ailments! #holyherb

The oil that purifies your soul, mind, and body! #purify

Multipurpose lavender essential oils are now available at your doorstep! Try it out to feel the magic! #multipurpose

Keep calm and if you cannot, put on some lavender oil. #keepcalm

Essentials for your stress relief! #essentials

A soothing effect so soothing that you might not recover from soothing. #soothingeffect

Lavender oils might help you treat insomnia as well. #treat

Sleep-slacked? Apply on some lavender oil and snore away! #snoreaway

With lavender essential oils, you shall snore all the way through. #snorealltheway

Feel the deep REM sleep cycle and reach the ultimate depth with our brand-new lavender essential oils! #feelit

A sleep so pleasant and pleasurable, you’d actually love to open your eyes, the next morning! #pleasant

Roses are red and violets are blue, I sleep at night ‘cause I use lavender oil! #isleepatnight

Treat your skin problems with our lavender essential oils! #treatyourskin

If the air smells of a thousand fragrances, I can only detect lavender! #onlydetect

Lavender Oil is my spirit oil! #spiritoil

Lavender essential oils – for stressful times! #stressfultimes

If lavender were a woman, I am sure to marry her. #surely

All the poetries have come from the aroma of lavenders, and one has come from daffodils. #aromalove

Always lock my lavender oils in my secret cupboard or my boyfriend uses it all! #lockedup

Inhale the aroma of lavender essential oils and exhale all of your stress. #inhalethearoma

Feel inspired by diffusing a drop of the lavender essential oil in the air. #diffuse

Put a drop or two in your tea and perceive the experience. #perceive

If therapy isn’t working for you, try aromatherapy! #aromatherapy

Aromatherapy with lavender oils has really helped me through my sad times. #helpsmethrough

Find your peace with essential oils as did Phoebe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S! #findyourpeace

Fight your depression with lavender essential oils! #fightyourdepression

The popular and the most versatile of all essential oils, here’s presenting to you – lavender essential oils! #lavender

Lavender Oil Captions for Instagram 

Treat your anxiety with lavender oils! #treatyouranxiety

Find your freedom with lavender oils. #findyourfreedom

Keep calm and keep yourself busy with essential oils. #keepbusy

I have an oil for your every mood. #oilforeverymood

Meditation is more effective with the aroma of lavender oils! #meditation

Lavender essential oils – solution to all your ailments. #solution

From menstrual cramps to fungal infections – lavender essential oil shall be your first first-aid kit! #firstaidkit

Purple – the color of royalty should be a mark on your kit. #purple

‘Relax’ with our range of lavender essential oils. #relax

Treat your wrinkles to natural lavender oils! #treatyourwrinkles

For better results use our lavender essential oils every day! #betterresults

Lavender essential oil helps your asthma too! #helpyourasthma

Keep calm and oil on! #oilon

Lavender essential oil helped my baldness go away! #bybyebaldness

An essential oil in hand is worth my mental stability. #worthit

Never blame your essential oil! #neverblame

With lavender essential oils, I have nine lives! #ihaveninelives

Lavender essential oils speak louder than the other oils! #speaklouder

A drowning man will clutch at a lavender essential oil. #willclutch

Money has always given me the gift of lavender oils! #givenmethegift

I and my lavender essential oil can never part. #meandmyoil

All good things come to an end but you can always buy new lavender essential oils! #alwaystry

All’s well that ends with lavender oils! #allswell

All that oil is not essential oil! #hahayes

Netflix with lavender essential oil is my newest jam! #newchill

Day ends with a little lavender oil bath to regain my energy! #regainenergy

Always put your best essential oil forward. #putyourbestfootforward

Do your research before you buy makeup but you can count on me for essential oils. #countonme

Lavender Oil Captions for Twitter

Lavender essential oils are the ultimate king of good times! #kingodgoodtimes

A drop or two keeps your anxiety away! #adroportwo

When you use lavender essential oil, it speaks a lot about your personality. #speaksalot

Appearances can be deceptive but lavender oils never fail. #neverfails

Aroma love is in the air! #notlove

Use our lavender essential oil daily and save your stitch in time. #saveyourstitch

 As you apply on your lavender oil, so shall you reap. #youreap

You too love lavender? But I love the oil! #loveit

You like butter but I love to oil. We are very different. #itsdifferent

You dig oils but I cultivate oil! We are not the same. #notthesame

Lavenders help you to look more beautiful! #bebeautiful

Be beautiful with lavender essential oils! #always

Try out our range of lavender essential oils because ‘better late than never’! #tryout

Lavender essential oil is thicker than your average oils. #thicker

Lavenders have the capacity to shape your thoughts and relax! #shapeyourthoughts

Be positive with our lavender oils! #bepositive

Rise and shine with lavender oils! #riseandshine

Rejuvenate and re-energize with lavender essential oils! #rejuvenate

I can’t help falling in love with my newest lavender essential oil! #canthelp

God helps those who help themselves with lavender essential oils. #helpyourselves

Never share your essential oil. They shall mooch off you until death. #nevershare

Good things come to those who use essential oils daily. #goodthings

Half an essential oil, better than none, at least. #betterthannone

Applying essential oils daily is the best policy! #bestpolicy

Essential oils shall not come to you but you should 

You can’t beat people who use essential oils. So better join them! #betterjointhem

If you apply essential oils, you’ll not get burned! #ifyoudontplaywithfire

Ignorance is bliss but better late than never! Buy a lavender essential oil today! #buytoday

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