List of 21+ Best Lacoste Brand Slogans

The French retail giant Lacoste was founded in 1933 by the renowned tennis player Rene Lacoste and his partner in Troyes.

The company is into apparel, footwear, leather items, watches, and other accessories, perfume, and eyewear. The company logo, green crocodile grinning,  is recognizable the world over. 

Lacoste Brand Slogans

Life is a beautiful sport

The crocodile is back

Lacoste essentials

Welcome back croc

Missed you, babe

Tell me about it

Be a predator among prey

Unconventional chic

The new fragrance for women

Love of pink

Free your energy

Apparel for him and her

Attention crocodile 

Cool play

Lacoste — an endless agent

It’s a Lacoste thing you wouldn’t understand.

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