List of 35+ Best Kodak Brand Slogans

The brand name Kodak is synonymous with photography since 1888 when the company was launched in Rochester, New York. The company is in the business of graphic arts, rolls of films required for shooting, camera and imaging technology. Apart from these,  the company also is into inkjet systems. 

Kodak Brand Slogans

You press the button we do the rest

Kodak moment

Say goodbye to middle tones

Whether good bad or ugly,  we are with you every step of the way

Prints charming

Life  less complicated

Everyday technology made simple

1935 is at her fingertips

After making the world’s best film, we’re still finding new ways to save the day

Helping doctors diagnose faster

Kodak pix pro brings you closer

Look what wonderful choice of Kodak cameras

Electric eye camera by Kodak

Little camera big pictures

Snapshots help your heart remember

All outdoors invites your Kodak

Ready aim flash

From preschool to grad school and every moment in between

You shoot with precision when you shoot with  a Kodak

Kodak simplicity

Let Kodak tell the story

Helping see clearly in low light is just one of the things we do

It takes all kinds

It’s here the Kodak instant

Its Kodak for colour

The stamp of quality on every Kodak print

It only takes one press to impress

The film that sees you naturally

Changes slides by itself

No one colours Christmas like Kodak in an instant

Now zoom your movies

Action action and action

For those closest to your heart

Let the children Kodak

The simplest folding camera ever devised

The great snapshots are Made on Kodak film

Get action


Share moments share life

Capture the beautiful print the amazing

Keep a Kodak story for the children

Action and only  a movie camera can get it all

Kodak presents sound movies you present your self

At home with the Kodak

Good pictures cost less in the parking lot

Kodak knows no dark days

Modern miniature photography at lowest cost

Just a minute – have you enough verichrome film?

Action comes out best on Kodak film

Kodak makes your pictures count

It’s so good you don’t have to be

Meet the sharper shooter

Get action

Colour snapshots say its something special

Capture your grand moments

Hunting big game with gun and with Kodak

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