181+ Catchy Jerusalem Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Jerusalem is often touted as the birth city of Christ and is one of the holiest places on the planet. If you are planning to post anything relating to the city of Jerusalem this Christmas on social media, we have curated some captions to increase your reach and make your posts look more soulful!

Jerusalem Captions for Instagram

When you’re in Jerusalem, you are one with people from every other religion and country.

Whenever I go, whatever I do, I just have to visit Jerusalem sometime.

Whether or not Jesus was born or lived in Jerusalem, it is a beautiful city.

You forget all divisions, all differences, and just what’s the city and its splendor.

I always regard everyone to have been born in Jerusalem.

Whether you are Palestinian or Israeli, you are fast a human being.

Why seek refuge in religion when Jerusalem existed well before Christ? #christ

I’d rather have people of all religions come together and pray together.

Let us all make Jerusalem what the Lord had always wanted it to be.

This is one city never seen a lot of turmoil and yet has given birth to too many great souls.

Jerusalem has always been the capital of Israel; I need to remain so forever.

You’re only victorious if you can come into Jerusalem and embrace what it stands for.

Whichever flag may rise above Jerusalem, its history has never been changed.

Even with so much turmoil, hatred, wars, and battles, the city of Jerusalem still stands strong.

Many cities across the world have learned from that one eternal city of Jerusalem.

It doesn’t matter whether you know about Jerusalem or you don’t. Just visit it.

Jerusalem is one of the antiques on the world map. #map

I just cannot understand why other cities are compared to Jerusalem.

Whether Jerusalem or any other city, the sky is the same blue everywhere.

Why a man cannot live with his brethren has always beaten me.

Everything becomes so clear once you visit Jerusalem.

It is here in Jerusalem that so many historical events have taken place.

Architects need to look into the situation in Jerusalem.

Every old city is claimed by all, but only a few feel about them.

If you live in Jerusalem, you don’t need to be a Muslim or Christian.

Whenever I lose control, I just think about Jerusalem, and everything becomes OK. #control

Well, Jerusalem is not beautiful or comfortable. It is both as well.

I find it intriguing not in a holy city like Jerusalem, so much blood has been shed.

Jerusalem is a celebration. It is a celebration of all things great.

Let the Jews, the Christians, and the Muslims live together in harmony in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem must belong to all peoples, not just a particular community or religion.

Making any city the center of religious turmoil shows how uneducated we are.

Let Jerusalem be an example for mankind. Do you understand tolerance and love?

I always retreat to just cities with a great past – like Jerusalem.

We ought to be proud to have a city like Jerusalem house Christians, Muslims, and Jews.

Some people just get to Jerusalem and snap. It’s called the Jerusalem syndrome. #jerusalem

One doesn’t need to be in Jerusalem to be filled with love. You can be anywhere.

Jerusalem, Nazareth, Galilee are all symbolic. Christ had done something miraculous in all of these cities.

If you have to visit Jerusalem, make sure your host does not carry any bias.

Jerusalem should be a city of pilgrimage, not a city of differences.

Why don’t we try to make ourselves whole in Jerusalem rather than criticize others?

Make Jerusalem the port two eternity and the heaven above.

The fate of Jerusalem lies in our hands.

Preventing Jerusalem blesses us we’re being more tolerant and accepting.

A weekend in Jerusalem means six months of prayer.

I would rather have a little time for something wonderful than a lifetime of nothing at all. #wonderful

God must be fed up with what is happening in Jerusalem.

Be the bread of God that feeds every soul.

Let’s make the new Jerusalem under the laws of God.

Funny Jerusalem Captions

In today’s world, I just cannot see us going to that one Jerusalem that was promised.

I guess the new Jerusalem will come only when we awake from the inside.

For the new Jerusalem to come alive, there’s a great price we need to pay.

In Jerusalem, the Jewish calendar bears witness to a lot.

Only if we’re willing to pay the price shall we ever achieve the new Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is old and new. Three primary religions exist there. What about man? #man

Let us all try to create heaven on earth. And let us begin with Jerusalem.

It is only true in Ramallah and Jerusalem that we can believe in coexisting.

It is the season of Christmas. It is the season of love. Let’s love our brethren.

Religious stigma is what we need to cut out from our lives.

We talk of religion. Can we talk off prayer, but do we practice it at all?

Rebuilding Jerusalem in our hearts is more important than rebuilding the new Jerusalem.

Let us rebuild God’s way. Let us rebuild Jerusalem.

Let not the project of building the new Jerusalem go in vain.

Care not anything at all. This is God’s will. Jerusalem is what he promised us.

Let us rebuild the temple such that all religions may worship there. #worship

If you’re selfish, you are an atheist. Be unselfish and serve in the name of God.

I’ve traveled far and wide to Jerusalem and Rome and a lot many other places. All aren’t the same.

Let’s not make Jerusalem the ground for monsters.

May the stars shine bright over cities like Jerusalem.

When you go to Jerusalem, it becomes a part of you.

I have fallen in love. The name is Jerusalem.

There is no time to be bored with atheism. Just do what you were born to do.

Magnus of the city is what makes it so different from others.

May Jerusalem become the city of stars. Next to none other.

In the end, may Jerusalem be the city that we have always dreamed of? #dreamcity

Let us make heaven on earth at Jerusalem.

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