List of 22+ Best JBL Brand Slogans

The Los Angeles based JBL derives its name from its founder, James Bullough Lansing in 1946. The company produces various types of audio equipment like headphones, tour sound, loudspeakers, and amplifiers. Currently, JBL is owned by Harman International Industries, a subsidiary of the pioneering South Korean electronics giant, Samsung. 

JBL Brand Slogans

Hear the truth

Be loud be proud be ready to party

Take your cinema audio to the next level

Get #High On music with JBL

Let your music resonate freely

Nation’s true sound

# Play celebrate repeat

Let’s make it the festival of sound

New thunder for the bird

Rugged and waterproof to survive any adventure

Powerful portable professional

Connect+wrelessly+ 100 speakers together

A portable fusion of light and sound

Sound you can see

Rugged and waterproof to survive any adventure

Listen wirelessly charge endlessly

Live louder

The king of loudspeakers

Escape to a different beat

Portable speaker that rocks

Dynamic immersive vivid

A top portable Bluetooth speaker for the money

Music sounds better, loud

Discover more headphones

Xtra durable splashproof exterior

JBL brings the best of car audio in India

Bring your magic back from the road 

Sound set loose

Live it real live it raw

Ultimate car audio by JBL

Unleash powerful sound

Add music to life

We’re tuning again

Dare to listen dare to drive

Experience JBL legendary sound with high powered portable blue tooth speaker

How A R Rahman listens to A R Rahman

Sound richer than a whole army of celebrities

Your music never sounded so good

Go with the glow

Light up your listening experience

Take your music where your soul take to

Speakers that blend in

Style your JBL

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