11 Importance of Different Colors in Branding (Examples)

Color is a very dominant matter in the world of branding. Colors have different psychologies attached to the. While on one hand, while few colors are there to work as an eye soother, other colors are used to attract the attention of the audience/ customers.

Other colors are used by different brands in order to match up with their taglines, in order to showcase particular psychology that goes behind it. Colors are also used to yield more profits for the company, no matter what the field of the company is.

Colors bring forth emotions, feelings and also a good strategy that goes in the making of them. 

Effects Of Color On An Individual.

Relationtion Between Color And Brain:

The visual perception of an individual plays a very important role in the choosing of a brand by the individual. When the eye falls on a color, there is a chemical reaction that goes on, due to which, the color is either perceived to be soothing or perceived to be eye- hurting.

These colors, when perceived, brings about a lot of memories and thoughts to the individual. The colors may also lead to one relate to past memories about a place or some other individual. This triggers the person to either step forth or a step backward, which brings about a huge change in the company. 

Colors have been a prime factor that plays a role ever since the evolution of humans. One-color may be soothing and attractive for an individual but may prove to be unattractive to others. Colors are nothing but the reaction formed when the optic nerve takes on a few color waves.  Colors are just a reflection. But it plays the most important role in an individuals’ life.

For example, the color black may be soothing for you but may bring bad memories back to someone. It can also prove to be attractive to others. Thus, the function of the brain regarding colors are never the same for two individuals.

Colors Define  A Mental State:

Colors turn out to be one of the most dominant factors in regulating ones’ mood. If experienced, an individual who is suffering from depression and goes on to visit a psychiatrist, he or she will generally, be asked to look at the color green or blue.

Wondering why? Well, because, the color green is both, relaxing and it gives out energy. Blue is a color that soothes down ones’ mood and helps them relax, to a greater extent. Thus, you see how colors make a huge difference to the mind?

The colors red and orange, on the other hand, are considered to be the colors of depression, anxiety, anger and loneliness. If you look around, many artists end up drawing a tree without any leaves, against a red or orange background.

This points towards the fact that he or she has either of the following disorders: sad, depressed, lonely, anxious or of anger. 

Factors Color Used By Different Brands:

The process of selecting colors for a brand or a company is very long as well as an essential task. A few factors should be considered while picking out a color for your company.

The color that you choose, can not be random. Rather, it has some significance related to the process. 

A) Audience:

Different colors evoke different feelings and emotions in individuals. Thus, keeping the target audience in mind, during selecting a color for your company is very necessary, as it will make you stand out from all the other competitors in the market.

You should think about how to engage your audience, so they do not go out of hand. A strong grip on the audience will help you flourish and have an immense good name in the market. 

B) The Archetype:

This is another key factor that needs to be considered when the choice of color for the brand comes to question. The color of your company should have a direct relation to the archetypes of the company.

For example, if you have a newspaper agency, the color red would be a wise choice, as, it puts more emphasis on the name of the company. On the other hand, it also comes up with the idea of bringing in dreadful news, regarding rape, murder or theft. 

C) Cultural Effects To Be Kept In Mind:

For instance, if we consider the color white. The color symbolizes purity in a few cultures and the color of mourning in others.

Thus, one has to have a clear vision about its’ target audience and the market that it is setting up the business in.

Colors determine, to a large extent, the profit and loss of your company.  Thus, keeping in mind, the demography and the ethnicity along with the culture that prevails in the area of your business, is very important, for the short term as well as the long term.

D) Brands’ Personality:

The personality of the company is emitted by the use of colors. For example, Café Coffee Day. It has its roots, all over the world. It has a huge crowd, whenever you enter the café. Ever wondered why?

It is solely because of the color, ambiance, and aroma of the place. The brown color of the café, allures one to get in and sip the coffee offered by CCD. It is also very attractive, due to the aroma of fresh coffee beans.

Even though the coffee or all other products that are offered by CCD, are over-priced, people die to have a sip of fresh coffee, in those luxurious sofas, getting the aroma of fresh coffee beans and the relaxing brown environment. 

Thus, the color of the company matters a lot, in attracting the customers towards your shop or store, physical, or virtual.

E) Gender Bias Color:

No, pink is not what every girl likes. And no, blue is not what every boy likes. But, as it is a preconceived notion that these genders are attributed to, the color pink or any other color that is quite close to the color, are generally used by companies, that solely manufacture items for girls.

But, green, as used by MUMUSE, a mostly ‘girl store’, is a breaking stereotype. Companies like U.S. Polo uses the color black (darker shade of blue) or even blue, thus, fanning the gender bias that is going about for a long time now.

F) Color Helps Distinguish Your Brand:

Even if you are coming up with the products that already exist in society, the color that you choose for your company, is very important.

For example, Starbucks. It came up with coffees, just as CCD. But, the attractive green color, soothes the customers, giving them a push to go to Starbucks and sip their different types of coffee along with something to eat. Thus, color is a key ingredient, while cooking up a good business for yourself. 

G) Gives Out The Field Of Your Company:

Sounds weird? But if we see, when it comes to a particular field in which you are opening a company, colors play a major role.

For example, if you are coming up with a content writing business, the color yellow would yield a lot of customers, thus, profit, to the company. Whereas, a red cross is used in pharmacies or hospitals, in order to show the importance and the emergency of the patients, who come for treatment. 

Colors And Their Effects On Individuals.


When red is used as a color for a brand, it denotes the psychology behind the color. Red as a color is the indication of passion, action, work and excitement. Thus, for example, the coca-cola industry uses the color red.

The significance of it is excitement. Coca-cola, comes in with the tagline, ‘feel the thunder’. Thus, the color exactly goes out with the tagline and defines the brand with much precision. 


Orange is the color of excitement, happiness, balance and joy. For example, Nickelodeon uses the color orange, in its’ name for that matter.

It is a children’s’ channel, using the color orange is because it comes up with the tuity- fruity entertainment channel. Being both, an attractive color as well as a soothing color, it makes the children excited, thus, leads to an increase in the number of individuals watching the channel.


Yellow is a color of happiness, calmness, relaxation, enjoyment, and positivity.

For instance, MacDonalds’ uses the color yellow. There are many reasons to use a particular color, yellow. A few of the reasons being, it shouts out to individuals that, they can enter the store, and feel a sense of relaxation.

After a long, tiring day, going to a peaceful colored store and having your favorite meal, is one of the best things that can ever happen.

It the same way, after a day of hard work, going towards an eye-soothing colored car to sit back in and drive. Ah! That is something you would enjoy. It is bought for you, by Ferrari. 


Love, feminine features, playfulness and extreme love, all of these being the indicators of the color pink, brings a lot of such companies to use the color for its’ branding.

For example, the brand of ‘Barbie’, uses the color pink, predominantly. It resembles the joyfulness of a little child playing with her Barbie or the immense love she has for her ‘Dora- The Princess’.

It also resembles the femininity that the child has just from her childhood, of taking care of a child, dressing her up, cooking food and sending her Dora, to school. 


The color green indicates fertility, growth and success. Thus, companies like ‘Roots’, the fashion brand, uses green in its’ logo. It resembles the growth of the brand, over time. Roots come forward with better success and more yielding profits.

The color on the other hand, gives the individuals a sense of success when they carry the items from this very famous and established company. 

The color green also moves forward to show one, how successful they already are and how successful they are planning to become.

The color green succeeds in giving the customers a positive vibe, that attracts them even more, in order to buy the products from the company/ brand.


The characteristics attached to this color are that of peace, calmness, purity and relaxation. Thus, Facebook and twitter having the color blue, attributed to them, makes one feel better, by letting them know that they are at a place where they can find relaxation and calmness of the mind.

Thus, when its’ a ‘me time’ or a time to relax, most people turn their heads towards Facebook or Twitter, in order to spend their leisure time. 


Knowledge, wisdom, superiority and virtue, are the key features that are attributed to the Color Purple.

Thus, Yahoo, one of the most commonly used search engines all over the world, uses the color purple, in order to denote the knowledge and wisdom, that it imparts to its’ users. The search engine also depicts the fact that it is superior to almost all search engines, based on the use, worldwide. 


Happiness, purity, innocence and goodness, are few of the things that are attributed to the color, white.

Thus, companies like Adidas, use white, in order to showcase the purity and innocence of the individual manufacturing it, selling it and wearing it. Adidas, through its’ white colored logo, brings about an aura and positive vibe, to the ones related to the products, right from the production stage to the selling of these products. 


As we see through the blog, all the established companies have strategically, used colors in their branding as well as marketing, which gave a boost to their company, which brought it to the present-day position in the market.

The use of colors with insight has brought about a huge difference to the companies. Thus, you are all set to make your branding, once you go through the blog!

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