Creating A Clothing Brand: A Step-By-Step Approach

Are you one of those people who have had a flair for playing smart with clothes from a very early age? Be it your Halloween costume or the school’s annual function dress, it always made a mark amongst the group, and everybody was fond of it.

If this happens to be the case, making your own clothing line or fashion brand is the next step you should definitely consider!

The main difference between knowing how to start your brand and wanting to start your own brand is how you execute your final plan.

Before moving into the details of starting your brand, these are the first major tips you need to keep in mind.

Most fashion entrepreneurs do not have any formal education when it comes to clothing. This is more of a reason why you should never shy away from starting your own clothing line if you wish to do so.

If you’re willing to dedicate one hundred percent of your effort and time to making the brand successful, nothing in this world will stop you.

Let’s begin with the stepwise journey of creating a fashion brand from scratch-“In this article; we bring you a detailed understanding of how to build a fashion brand from scratch along with identical examples. 

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Tips On How to Build Fashion Brand for Scratch

Draft your Fashion Business plan 

The first step towards your dream is to write down a business plan. You need to create a list of things that you would want to target with your business.

Right from the marketing strategy, economics, materials supply, and sales strategy, you have got to note down all of this in your business plan.

However, this business plan has got to be constantly evolving through the course of your business. It is because of the fact that fashion is an ever-changing industry that keeps following the trends.

This is why you have got to curtail and expand your business plan as per the requirement of the market.

For Example – Dabney, the owner of BIDA, keeps saying that the business plan was one of the first things they did on their way up, and they constantly keep changing it whenever needed. 

Find your Exact Niche

The most promising brands are the ones that have found a demand in the market and are produced specifically to meet that need.

For a fashion brand, you do not need to delve into such deeply, and you can only come up with unique designs with superior comfort to beat the best in the business.

When brands try and target everything, they miss out on the opportunity to capture a segment of the market and rake in more profits from it. Be it sports fashion, luxury wear, lingerie, or formal fashion, you need to choose a niche and then proceed. 

For Example,  the position of the brand Adidas as a sports fashion and accessory brand is so successful just because of the fact that it deals with exclusive sportswear only! 

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Know your Market Completely 

Now that you are ready with your niche, it’s high time to understand the demographics in which you will be dealing.

The kinds of fabric which are popular in the area, the price range which people prefer to purchase, and the fashion that rules the masses are something you need to keep in mind.

Firstly you need to understand the spending behavior of your target demographic group, and then you need to design your product accordingly so that it connects with them.

Blackberry, as a fashion brand, made its inroads to only the corporate world, and it’s a huge success because people at the corporates are ok with spending such money to buy blackberry suits, pants, or anything. 

Ask Yourself These Questions 

1. Who are my target customer group?
2. How do the products from my fashion brand stand different from the others in the market?
3. Does the market really need this product? 
4. Unique clothing experiences are a high and material and luxurious apparel business.
5. Why would customers come back to me for more business? 

Calculate the Numbers

Whenever you are starting your fashion brand, it is of at most importance that you calculate the amount of money that will be required to sustain the process.

Right from the cost of material, shipping, and packaging to hiring and paying employees, you have got to involve all these costs in your start-up budget.

Such calculations will allow you to think from a broader perspective to send prices that will end up earning you profits.

Now you need to consider your competitors’ prices in the same market and then set your own price so that the customers have one added reason to come to you for business. 

For Example – the pricing of Channel Brand is extremely high, and it has always been so because of the great material they provide and also the brand value on offer. A such high price has now become a USP of their products.


Web Presence

In today’s world of digitization, it is a must to have a website for your brand. In order to reach out to a wider set of audiences.

Consumers always go on the Internet and research the brand before they make any purchases which are why having a well-designed website is a boon for your business.

Designing the website will need you to work on your brand color and also prominently display a logo of your brand. You can also put up all your upcoming offers and new designs on the website for people to see!

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Understand the Customer Preference

Anticipating the needs of customers is an overlooked yet important part of brand building. Through market analysis, a company can adapt to customer preferences, thus allowing the brand to boost its product sales.

It is a form of customer service that allows your brand to be more aware of what customers want and how they want. 

Adopt Sales and Marketing Strategies 

Sales strategy 

Unless you sell your product, there’s no way your brand can climb up the ladder. For proper selling, you need to think of various strategies that can be used to sell it in the right manner.

You need to decide whether you will sell on the various e-commerce platforms such as amazon or maybe opt for a traditional offline physical store concept.

Businesses these days are planning to take both ways so that they can maximize their profit by reaching out to customers from all sides.

People these days are extremely active on the e-commerce platform, and hence for your startup fashion brand, going online can be the best idea to begin with. 

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Marketing Strategy

It doesn’t matter whether your fashion brand is small or independent, as every brand needs proper marketing plans and strategies to gain a foot in this saturated industry.

So when it comes to fashion brands, marketing plans should have a defined timeline and strategic goals to garner audiences.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, your brand’s marketing plans must involve multiple marketing channels, such as email and social media, that work simultaneously to achieve strategic goals.

marketing strategy example
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Brand Identity, Colours, Logo, Tagline

Brand Identity is what sets your brand apart from everybody else in the fashion industry. A proper brand identity for any company is a way to create a brand experience that can positively compel people to engage with your brand.

There are other contributing factors that help the brand to create an identity of its own such as:

  • Color – It is an important part of brand identity as colors convey feelings, experiences and emotions.
  • Logo – A consistent form of strategic branding that adds value to the brand’s advertising efforts.
  • Tagline – A phrase that has the potential to create a brand presence amidst other fashion brands.

Brand Story & Brand Messages 

A close-knit narrative that encircles the facts and feelings that a brand creates is what the brand story is all about.

Brand storytelling is a form of communication that inspires people as well as invokes an emotional reaction towards your brand other than just showing and telling about your brand.

For example – Mouthfoods is a renowned beverage maker that tells interesting Brand stories through their social media ages. 

In terms of fashion brand, a brand message is what your brand resonates with your target audience through the clothes and verbal and nonverbal communication hence implementing the difference your brand posses from others.

For example, people opt for Walmart because it “Saves money, Lives better,” which it truly does.

brand story brand messages

Online Store Branding Tips

In this digital age, branding your online store is nothing but a step ahead in the right direction. So here are some online store branding tips-

  1. Have a branded email signature– The brand’s authenticity lies in the signature.
  2. Social media– keeps the brand relevant in the market by consistently marketing and promoting itself. More FOcus on Pinterest and Facebook
  3. Slogans and taglines– can be used in your brand’s collaterals in order to attract attention. 
  4. Blogging– Establishes a great online presence.
  5. Testimonial– Adds credibility and boosts brand power.
  6. Photography– Creates a portal for the audience to get a glimpse.

Social Media Branding tips

There is no hiding away that social media has helped many brands succeed at what they do. So let’s get straight into the social media branding tips that are listed below-

  1. Smart Goals- Set Goals that are achievable, specific, relevant, measurable, and time-bound.
  2. Audience Identification– Run a competitive analysis on people’s personas to understand what they love.
  3. Be Human- Respond to your followers as a friend would.
  4. Helping over Selling– Answering the queries of your followers is more important.
  5. Visual presence– Photo and video content works great on every social media platform.
  6. Appropriate content– From granny to kids, make the content appropriate for everyone.
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Products Messages, Packaging, Label

Product messages are used to convey the benefits of a product in a way that differs from general brand-building messages. Product messaging is usually leveraged by big companies ahead of their new product launch.

Product packaging is a way to establish a brand’s presence in people’s minds by glamorizing the product, as most customers judge a product by its packaging.

Labeling is a designing part of product packaging through which brands can deliver sales messages right from the self. A marketer uses labeling with eye-catching design to impart product information.

Inside Store Marketing (if Going Retail)

In-store marketing is a strategy used in the store’s physical location to promote a product by verbally communicating with the customers at the time of purchase. Some of the marketing strategies used in in-store marketing are

  • Advertisements on aisles, shelves, and carts
  • Live demonstrations
  • Food sampling events
  • Discount Coupons
  • synergy in Brand Messages
  • Use Catchy Slogans related to your Brand

Pricing Strategy

Pricing strategy emphasizes the management of proportionate pricing of products so that the brand can garner consumers with discounts without undergoing any financial loss.

The strategy is first to set the price lower than that of your competitors, and once the customer base is developed, you can alter it accordingly. 

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Graphics & Images related to Products or Business

Graphic design is a pivotal part of businesses wanting to create a lasting impression on consumers’ minds.

Graphics plays its business cards, website, sales page, online ad, or product packaging. The first time a visitor interacts with your brand, make sure the graphics tell your brand’s story.

The images used by a brand should be simple enough to invoke an emotion in viewers as it represents a brand’s identity. These images that make up your brand imagery can appear in numerous such as print ads, billboards, websites, and social media profiles.

graphic image related to products business

Advertisement plays a central role in enhancing the brand image irrespective of the level being corporate, retail, or product.

Many businesses have used this method to spread their brand’s popularity, thus selling products and services to a larger crowd. Companies try to tell their brands’ stories through advertising, whether a televised ad, social media ads, or YouTube.

build fashion brand examples
source: Facebook

Let the world know

Now that you have got your business plan, website, manufacturing unit, and every other legal aspect ready, it’s time to let the world know.

Your fashion brand can only be successful if people come to know about it from one or the other source. Promoting your business is as important as developing your business and starting it.

Unless you have customers, there is no value for the brand. You need to start advertising your brand on various social media platforms by creating pages and accounts.

Upload pictures and stories of your brand along with offers and discount coupons so that people can reach out to you. 

The Path to Growing Big as Fashion Brand

Now that your business is set and you have started to make some money out of it with regular sales, it is suggested that you do not hurry toward the next step.

Brand extensions and new additions to your fashion brand are imperative in the long run, but you need to wait for the right time to come.

Being in a hurry and launching clothing lines or product extensions soon after you start your fashion brand from scratch can lead to losses for your business.

Evaluate the company, check if all your finances are recovered or not, and consult with your finances before you decide to extend.

Keeping your focus on one particular niche is suggested, at least for the first couple of years of your fashion brand launch. After that, you can take your brand to the next level and grow your wings to fly higher. 

With these brand-building measures, your fashion brand will surely reach to the peak of success. However, it is suggested that you put forward your best foot and always remain patient because success takes time to come.

There is nothing that beats the idea of having your own business and making money from it. Think of a good name for your business so that when it becomes popular, it is easy for all to remember and rocks with all alike!

If you have more brand-building ideas, use them to your advantage, but these will be your basics, so always abide by them for assured success. 

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