List of 28+ Best Herbal Essences Brand Slogans

The hair care major Herbal Essences was launched in 1971 by a company called Clairol. Later on, in 2001, the FMCG major Proctor and Gamble acquired the company. Currently, there are twenty-nine products in its portfolio of brands, but the flagship brand remains the shampoo to this date. 

Herbal Essences Brand Slogans

Take your hair to paradise

Superfood for hair

Our new moisture-rich lather turns H2O into HEOHHHH

You will want to do it in the morning sometimes twice a day

Until now you have only fantasized of being this intense

Scents you can’t forget

Here’s to great hair

Say yes to naturally irresistible hair

Be everyone you are

I love a happy ending, all 100000 of them

Next time you shower, let your hair be naked too

Scratch, sniff and be totally luscious

The experience just got fruity

Big hair holds big secrets

Work yourself into a lather

Colour that roars condition that purrs

Arouse the sleeping beauty of your hair

Nature-inspired – science approved

Experience a new world of shampoos and conditioners

You’re gonna swear you got more hair

Your hair your pleasure

Pump up the volume

May your hair get straight As

Refreshes to reveal hair’s natural radiance

Over 99% natural and plant-derived

Keep Moroccan and rollin’

I am nutty about Herbal Essences Bio renew

Gentle is the new strong

This is the look of a totally satisfied woman

A totally organic experience

The most beautiful shampoo experience on earth

Discover pure botanical bliss

Let life in

Repairs hair for smoothness

Instantly cleanses between washes

Wake up and smell the coffee

Match made in hair heaven

Gorgeous giveaway

Gentle purification

Cleanses to repair and smooth

The scent experience 

When was the last time you had a totally organic experience

pH balanced — colour safe

Sharing the essence of little joys in life

Beauty boasted by botanicals

Made with no parabens no colourants

Send a honeygram

Your hair deserves real botanicals

I have got the urge to herbal

Peace love and voluminous hair

Reduce manufacturing waste

Pick a leaf and power the planet

Unleash Mama Nature’s secrets

Life in every bottle

Stop and smell the grapefruit

Home tree home

Lightweight conditioning

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