List of 65+ Best Havells Brand Slogans

One of the most prominent fast-moving consumer durable companies dealing in a variety of consumer electrical items like fans, appliances, lighting, wires and MCBs, Havells is also a key player in water heaters, industrial cables,  Led lighting and induction motors. Havells is based at Noida. 


Havells Brand Slogans

Committed to save energy

Bijli bachayein roshni phelayen

The new face of trust

Havells Brand Slogans

Touching every aspect of your home life

Fans so beautiful, they inspire art

Introducing India’s 40 watts, energy-efficient fan

Havells ho saath to fikr ki chhoro baat

It’s not just a fan, it’s ceiling art

Designs you cannot look away from

Dust and mark resistance coating

Style redefined

Jazz up your home with young energy

Switch on water heaters – switch on savings

Grooming essentials

This Diwali give your home a makeover

High-performance fan with long-lasting finish

Worries disappear

More water less electricity

Turn on the heat with standard water heaters

Better light better life

Beard kyon ho weird

In pursuit of excellence 

Bright lighting solutions for lively cities

Make your home safe

Join the conversation# winds of change 

Be on the safe side with Havells

All eyes on you

Relax yourself

See your workspaces come alive with impressions

Safety inside safety outside

Havells fan fans forever

Stunningly beautiful

A work of art for your homes

Havells – Hawa badlegi

Brighter and better

Get the best in class air delivery

It’s not just a fan its cooling art

Tech inside art outside 

Fans that attract a fan following

Always a step ahead

Havells Brand Slogans

# Respect for women

Get the greatest grooming guides and tips

Cool air clean air

Let the celebration never stop this Durga Puja

Experience the latest and safest in building circuit protection

To some its a fan, for others, it is an inspiration

The colour reflects its mood

Experience the power of intelligent heating

World’s biggest source of energy at your home

Tired of cold shower – now no more with Havells water heater

Tough on hard  water: better for a longer life

Largest range of water heaters

Your ceiling is the fifth wall

Samajhdaar ko isharaa hi kaafi hai

Let your business shine brighter under the sun

The energy-efficient super performance domestic pumps

Professional luminaires – lighting solutions

A power pack performer now in style

A rare match of safety and aesthetics

Yeh uparwalaa zaroor bachayega bijlii

Trusted switchgear technology

Shield your business against fault current

Building circuit protection

Havells nahi lagaogey to shock lagegaa

Wires that don’t catch fire

Choose from the widest range of 5-star water heaters

Wires that can carry more load just like young energy

Brings you the first-ever

A shockproof life begins with Havells MCCB

The compact reliable performer

Lights that are a delight

Your complete kitchen kit with Havells appliances

Prepare to ward off those envious stares

Spend less time preparing more time celebrating

Easy to clean no pangaa

Cool daylight, normal daylight, normal white

Hamari pehli Deepawali

Perfect Valentine gift for your loved one

Blow it in style 

Cool air clean air

Widest range of circuit protection device

Makes head turn

Pro hygienic appliances

Voted Product of the year

The silent treatment liked by all

It cools, it purifies, it protects, it is the smart air cooler

A cooler with less noise

Havells Brand Slogans

The guardian against threat – Havells RCCB

The quietest one at home

Switch to intelligent protection

Buy local, make India global

The Festival of light – shines brightest with Havells LED

Lights that are right – for home and commercial spaces

Havells LED – Happy lighting

With LED lamps get Fevikwick FREE

Havells LED – Saves more as you use more

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