100+ Hand and Foot Mask Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

These masks actually remove dead skin and also help keep both the hands and feet moisturized.  It is a great way to do your own spa treatment at home.

Here are some great captions to use on social media for your hand and foot masks.

Hand and Foot Mask Captions

Keep your hands and feet moisturized all day long. #selfcare

No more hygiene problems in your hands or feet. #handfootmask

Beautify your appendages and also the tips. #loveyourself

Now nourishment for your hands and feet. #smoothskin

Never again will you feel let down. #selfcare

Be more ravishing than ever. #loveyourself

Use our masks for both your hands and feet. #smoothskin

Walk and gesture in style. #selfcare

For that ultimate confidence. #loveyourself

The gentle treatment for those cracks. #handfootmask

Hydrate your feet together with your hands.

Fell cleaner than ever before. #selfcare

For those really soft and buttery hands and feet. #loveyourself

Even your feet need care as do your hands. #selfcare

Sensational combo that your hands will love, and so will your feet. #smoothskin

No more rough skin. #selfcare

Begin your beautification with your hands and feet. #feelbeautiful

Only the best for you, the special one. #loveyourself

Mineralized food for your feet and hands. #perfectskin

Exfoliating hand and foot mask. #selfcare

Different masks for different seasons. #handfootmask

Our masks are made from natural ingredients only. #loveyourself

Your complete manicure and pedicure with our masks. #flawlessskin

Peeling and exfoliating hand and foot mask. #exfoliated

Cracked heel mask. #selfcare

We bring remedies to your home. #loveyourself

A holistic mask to revitalize. #revitalize

Soft care hand and foot mask. #selfcare

Special care for the special woman. #smoothskin

Our hand and foot masks are for both men and women. #loveyourself

With added glycolic acid for that natural young skin hiding below. #clearsmoothskin

Now nourish your hands and feet together. #selfcare

One mask for both your hands and feet.

We even have your hands and feet covered. #selfcare

With added shea butter to nourish both the hands and feet.

Essential oils for the essential mask you need.

Liquid peel off mask for shining feet and hands. #selfcare

 You are a natural beauty; you need to be treated naturally. #loveyourself

Rich in vitamins to revitalize the feet and the hands #feelbetter

Peel off the rough skin and show off the younger smoothness below.

For that deep moisturizing treatment. #selfcare

Hydrating the parts which we usually overlook. #hydratedskin

Get silkier feet and also softer hands. #selfcare

Peppermint soak and mask for stronger feet and hands. #loveyourself

Orange and lime to cleanse and rejuvenate. #loveyourself

With added fragrances to freshen you up. #handfootmask

Get baby soft feet and hands in 3 days. #softskin

Original lavender. #loveyourself

Brighten up your life. #handfootmask

Feel like a Goddess. #loveyourself

Get noticed. #selfcare

Treat those calluses. #loveyourself

The hard skin removal treatment.

Revitalize your hands and feet. #loveyourself

Exfoliating mask to remove calluses, roughness and dead skin. #nomorecracks

Naturally made. #selfcare

Made from nature fresh minerals. #loveyourself

Now get mother nature’s soothing touch at home.

For that baby soft smoothness which has eluded you so long. #smoothskin

Peel and remoisturizing mask for men. #loveyourself

You will feel so good after using this mask.

For those soft and strong feet and hands. #feelflawless

Walk and touch the world freely. #selfcare

Your hands and feet need your love. #loveyourself 

We really do take care of your hands and feet.

Because you are so active. #activelifestyle

For today’s hectic lifestyle. #selfcare

hand foot mask captions

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