205+ Catchy Grave Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Halloween is around the corner. We are here with some Halloween captions about graves that are best suited for your Instagram or Facebook, or Twitter pictures. Get spooky and read them all.

Halloween Grave Captions for Instagram

Now that I am no more, are you happy?

I would have liked to be at the restaurant, but it seems like God had some other plans.

So, what, I am dead? I can still follow you.

I so badly wish that you were here beside me. 

You should have paid attention to me when I said I was weak.

Hey stranger! Sit back, and we could talk about the stars.

Do not make war; make love.

To end with.

Until next time, brother.

Hope we meet again in some different world, my friend.

When I spoke, you didn’t have the time to hear me, now you want me to speak, but I can’t.

What are you laughing at, ma’am? Remember, you are the next!

I am happy about the fact that I won’t have to shower in Hell.

I didn’t die because I was sick but because I did not forward that message to ten other people.

Now I know where my husband is at night.

I am ready to share my tomb with you only if you agree to stay.

The benefit of living in a tomb is that no neighbors disturb you because everyone is dead.

Here rests my beautiful wife in peace, and so do I after she left.

I am ready to offer you eternal sleep in my bosom.

Could you just let me out from here?

I don’t need flowers, bring me pizza.

I would not have died if I had met you earlier.

It’s a completed mission.

Game over. Better luck next time.

The grave is actually a never-ending pit. You are finished if you fall in.

Remember, even the dead people can walk out from their graves on a Halloween night.

My heart is elated to see you lie in a box of wood.

Your coffin is prettier than your face.

There is no room for bad people in my tomb.

Hell is better than Heaven. I reign here.

Your unorganized room is no better than a spooky graveyard.

Don’t worry, people, I will be back very soon.

See you at supper, brother.

Your time will also come, Sir.

Yesterday I danced on the stage, today I am dancing six feet under the soil.

It is a regret we zigged instead of zagged.

Trust me, and I did whatever was possible.

Trust the dead. They do never lie.

Hello Sir! Could you just move because you are standing on my head?

Rest in peace. See you again.

No more lies from today. Only sheer honesty.

They buried me alive. I am not yet dead.

I may have died, but I still love you like I did when I was alive.

Do not worry, darling; I’ve only lost my body, not my soul.

Great empires fall because they start to act more human-like.

You can bury all your sadness, all your blemishes, with my body.

I am dead. But I died happily.

Please summon some spiders and three ugly witches for me.

I am the meanest dead in the graveyard.

The Roses are red. The sky is blue. Do not act smart. This could also be you.

I did not rot. I still smell pleasant.

The man was courageous and also cute. Alas! He forgot his parachute.

I am a victim of mean women and slow horses.

Everyone must pay their debt due to Mother Nature after they are dead.

Here lies my husband, decomposing under the sun.

Learn to let go of things before you die.

What is the use of making so many friends when they do not accompany you to the grave?

You are six feet under because of your great blunder.

Your hard-earned money is of no use. You’ll realize it when you lie in your grave.

I was also like you one day. Prepare yourself; death is nearer than you think.

I am here in my grave, waiting for my resurrection.

It is okay to be dead sometimes.

I cannot rest in peace as long as you are here.

Funny Halloween Grave Captions

No matter how much you are sober or brave, you should always try the grave.

When I see the country’s condition, I am happy to lie in a grave.

Not all dead people are dangerous; some are like me too.

The sky is the graveyard of the stars.

My graveyard is more peaceful than your living room.

Graveyards are not as grave as they seem.

In this graveyard, nothing happens without my permission.

If the stars made me a way to Heaven, I’d go there and bring you back home again.

I think I took you “go to hell” too seriously.

Do not weep at my grave; only smiles allowed here.

I wish I could dance with you one last time.

Get yourself ready to follow me.

Afterlife is not as great as they say.

Here lies one who hates lies.

I don’t need your fake sympathy; I need food.

Pass me your drink, please.

I grabbed the bull by the horns but forgot to let it go. The rest is history.

Enjoy every moment because you won’t know which one is the last.

I do not want to go in such a cheap coffin.

I need to be alive to fight them again.

Bring me my wedding suit.

I think I am a friendly ghost.

You should come here more often to see me.

I would love to feat on your blood and flesh.

You still smell like me.

All you have is now.

So, where are the people you posted pictures with?

Rest in pieces.

Do not agitate me; I am telling you I’ll come up there.

There are no droughts in a cemetery.

Lying always is so boring. Give me space to stand up.

I think I am immortally challenged.

I used to work here, and then one morning, I found myself lying in the grave I dug the night before.

Please plant sunflowers on my grave.

Barry M. Deep.

Yul B. Next.

Barry D’Alive.

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