101+ Funny Quarantine Captions For Instagram to Make Your Own

With the attack of this new virus and isolation and social distancing, we are mostly stuck at home. You are creating posts and pics to lift everyone’s spirits.

Use these carefully curated captions in your posts and pics across social media and keep every visitor in good spirits. These optimistic captions will also get you a lot more likes and followers, surely.

Funny Quarantine Instagram Captions

Finally, I have all the time in the world to finish reading those books. #quarantine

Only two places to visit this year. Imagination and dreams. #newnormal

Be happy you aren’t suffering. #positivity

Now we can only hope for better times to come. #covid

Why not experiment on yourself now. #difficulttimes

Try to help others settle into this temporary situation. #toughtimes

The unpredictability of life is what makes it so much an adventure. #togetherness

To learn you go backward. To live you must go forward. #motivation

The more you learn the more you understand, and the less you fear. #ig_quotes

Tomorrow will always begin better than how today ends. #quotestoliveby

I never thought chilling was so stressful. #newnormal

Read and you would have traveled beyond your imagination.

Be grateful to life that this will be over someday, sometime. #quarantine

This isn’t anything new for me. I’ve been distancing myself socially for many years now.

What you say about life says how you perceived it. #positivity

This is the period in which you rediscover so much more. #difficulttimes

The more you understand the less you fear. #newnormal

If you don’t have control now is the time to work your way toward it. #covid

Live life before you write it. #positivity

This opportunity to spend so much time with your loved ones comes to the lucky. #motivation

Time to enjoy the drinks with the family. #difficulttimes

This is only a passing phase. Get ready for the action after this. #ig_quotes

Learn socializing in the virtual world. #quarantine

After it opens up, the world will move at a feverish pace. Gear up for that.

Keep the faith. Spread the love. Believe and hope. #newnormal

Time for self-analysis. #covid

Can’t pick up the phone whoever is calling. #quarantine

No use cribbing. Everyone’s affected. #difficulttimes

Increase your awareness. Study more. #positivity

Lockdown. Shut down. Break down. No time for down-downs.

Almost a year to spend with family. #motivation

Keep telling your heart that all is well. And you will see that all is well. #ig_quotes

Keep up the hope and this will pass over. #quarantine

Do not fear this day. Look toward the beautiful tomorrow. #covid

Even darkness has an element of light in it. #newnormal

Don’t look for a beautiful place. Make it beautiful. #difficulttimes

Now’s when you understand how badly the tiniest things can harm you.

Rediscover your family when you have the opportunity now. #positivity

If it hasn’t killed you, it will make you stronger. #quarantine

Now is the time for your hand at that thing you always wanted to do. #covid#covid

Times such as this come once in a while. Make the maximum of this opportunity.

One law for all. Licensed to chill – indefinitely. #newnormal

Be an optimist and look for all positives in this isolation. #difficulttimes

However difficult the question the answer is always simple, but only if you have realized it.

The time is coming for you to live life king size again. #positivity

What’s happening is only 10 percent. How you respond is ninety percent. #covid

Time to be frugal in socializing. #quarantine

Remember that a little of the positives tomorrow can cover so much of the negatives from yesterday.

Going to sleep. Wake me only when it is over. #difficulttimes

Be grateful you are not afflicted. #newnormal

When life seems hard keep your calm and locate more powers. #motivation

Funny Quarantine Captions

Go through each day one at a time. #newnormal

Good times are coming. #covid

Let your coming days be happier. #quarantine

Time flies by and so will this situation.

Never fear. Just try to understand. #positivity

There are only two types of lives, the tragic and the comedic. You decide which one yours is.

Use this lockdown to try out all the dresses. #newnormal

Being ready to enjoy any situation is a sign of a healthy and strong mind. #motivation

Just carry on and all will be well. #quarantine

How you will live through this is your choice. #covid

An elongated happy hour. #positivity

Don’t limit yourself to fear. Outgrow into bravery. #difficulttimes

We have been stopped in our tracks to appreciate and grateful for what the world has offered us.

Isolation seems the destination for so many. #ig_quotes

Counseling helps. So counsel others and make them stronger. #motivation

Rest now. Action time is coming soon. #newnormal

Have someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.

Never be scared of any situation you are in. #quarantine

First be happy, because that is all that matters now. #covid

Funny how we call this daily routine ‘quarantine’. #positivity

Look within and search for deeper powers in you. #difficulttimes

Do your best now and then later you will get the best. #newnormal

When responding to life do it with joy and laughter. #covid

Let this loneliness make you stronger than ever. #quarantine

Only faith, hope, and love will see us through this. #positivity

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