Top 26 French brands ruling the world

Today France is the crossroad for the world’s most demanding brands. Those brands started as a small independent enterprises and now they rule the entire world. The pick is that the commodities and goods that the French brand offer is of varied spectra. 

Top French brands ruling the world

Louis Vuitton

The French brand Louis Vuitton rules the fashion realm in the entire world. The brand founded in 1854, has never failed to control the luxury market. It includes fashionable handbags, satchel, leather products, footwear, cologne, watches, and other ornamental accessories. The brand earns around 35% profit from around the world.

L’oréal Paris 

Founded in 1909, by Eugene Schueller of France, Loreal Paris has been influencing the cosmetic domain of the entire world. The brand has been dominating the cosmetic market, from shampoo to concealer, it has the best maquillage products. The main headquarters of the brand is based on Clichy and France.

Orange S.A

The French-based telecom brand took over the market in 2006. It serves the whole world with excellent mobile, IPTV assistance, landlines and super speed internet connection. Ever since 2006, the brand has been financing many national basketball teams, formula one teams and etc.


Cartier is one of the best producers of jewellery and watches. It was listed among the top ten companies eliciting exotic watches. Established in the year 1847, Cartier never lost control of the luxury market. With exclusive artisanal jewellery and watches, the company monopolizes the market.


Founded in 1909, Channel is a fashion brand satisfying the fad demands for women extravaganza. The worldwide celebrated brand has an elegant and unique collection of ready-made clothes like western tops, jeans, blouses and etc and is also rich in the collection of exquisite accessories.


Established in 1816 AXA provides financial services and is earning a net income worth of €3.8 billion. It furnishes the world with financial aid, insurances, Investment Management and other means of monetary help to the industries and companies. The name was changed in 1985.


The brand Kronenbourg was first established in 1664 by the Carlsberg group.  Under the company, best-brewed beers are made with fine ripe grapes. It has its headquarters in Strasbourg, France. They started as a local winemaking factory but now it enjoys the stardom of being the best wine producer over the globe.


Famous SFR is a telephone broadcast business in France. Established in 1987, SFR serves the best quality of telecom services across the board. Vodafone was a part of SFR until 2011.


The Dior brand was first established in 1946 by Christian Dior. With a refined collection of clothes, perfumes and shoes the company has been flourishing globally. With a net income of € 2.56 billion, Dior continues to survive as a luxury brand in spite of the tough market competitions.


Richard Hennesey along with a small group started making cognac distiller locally in 1765, after getting enough recognition within the country, they started expanding their business. Today Hennessey is recognised as one of the world’s best beer producers.


Renault is an international automobile producer. Established in 1899, the company has been flourishing ever since its first successful manufacturing of Renault Voiturette 1CV. The company manufactures cars, vans, autos, trucks, tanks and other wide range of vehicles. It controls 30% of the world’s automobile manufacturing and selling market.


Auchan is a private International commercial company, established in 1961 in France. The headquarters are housed in France. The company regulates many supermarkets, theatres, clubs, and restaurants. Auchan started as a local company, now serves the entire world.

JM Weston

The world-famous shoe brand, JM Weston was established in 1891 by Édouard Blanchard. The brand manufactures best quality leather products, shoes and sneakers for men. The quality of the shoes is always kept as the priority of the team. They came into limelight after the first successful manufacturing of hand made leather shoes.


Carrefour is a transnational association specifically in the commercial. The first local mart for Carrefour inaugurated in 1960 in France which later expanded and became an international brand. Under the brand many supermarkets, Cash&Carry, clubs and etc functions. Their approach is to always give the top to customers.


Hermes is a hub for the most demanded luxury items. By the year 2008, the national company turned into a global brand producing awe-inspiring scarves, gloves, perfumes, ties for both men and women.

Crédit Agricole 

Crédit Agricole is a French-based financial cooperative. Originally, they started as an agent, funding the agricultural sector within the country and then gradually they expanded their enterprise and became a global economic association. 

Groupe Casino

Groupe Casino, popularly known as Casino is a commercial company. Geoffrey Guichard established the company in 1898. It was the first brand and self-service store in France, which with time turned to be a global retailer company. Jean- Charles has been the majority shareholder of the Casino company.

Nina Ricci 

The brand Nina Ricci was founded by Nina Ricci and her son in 1932. The brand is globally known for its fine collections of cologne. Initially, they started as a fashion designer but now they conquer the world of fragrance. 


Lancôme is a brand for cosmetic products and fragrances. The French-oriented company came into existence in1935. The manufacturers take care of the different skin tones, Varied colours, along with the quality of the product.

Ligne Roset

Searching for the best French furniture brand? Founded in 1860, the brand manufactures the best quality furnished furniture for housing. The company has an exclusive collection of sofa, cupboard, bed, dining table and other things. 

Yves Saint Laurent

Famous for its tuxedos, quintessential collection of shoes, and accessories, the brand Yves Saint Laurent was established in 1961. In 2016 the brand earned 32% profit by its ready-made products. The brand has been giving tough competition in the fashion domain.


This is a cycle manufacturing company that is famous around the world. The company was launched in 1902, with lots of struggle and year’s hard work they have been able to make the company a global brand.


Citroën is the brand name of the automobile company in France. With a motive of improving the quality of vehicles and innovative designs of automobiles, they rule the world. Citroën A 8CV Torpedo was launched in 1919 and got much recognition and appreciation across the globe.


Perrier is a brand name of French mineral water bottles manufactured and sold across the globe. The green bottled water is on high demand from the class conscious society. According to the reports, around 13 billion bottles were made and sold in 2013.

Groupe Lactalis

The French dairy company, Lactalis is famous around the globe. Founded in 1933, the company produces excellent qualities of butter, cheese, milk, and milk powder. This is the trusted brand for consumption. 


Famous for Haute couture, clothes, and ornamental accessories, the bran gives a tough competition to all the luxury companies in the world. The company produces traditional attires with an ethnic spark.

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