Top 35+ Best Food Truck Brands in the World

Food truck companies offer services such as airstreams conversions, catering trailer conversions, Horsebox conversions, and food truck builders. With so many food truck brands in the world, it is difficult to choose one. Here is a list of top food truck brands.

Food Truck Brands in the World

Prestige Food Trucks

Country: United States 

Since 2001, this food truck has been popular as a trusted company of food trucks. With the head department in Florida and Pennsylvania, this corporation produces food trucks in Indiana. It also offers trusted trademark tools and top-of-the-line producing quality. Their business also includes wrapping into deals, and food truck design. 


Country: United States 

This company has been manufacturing food trucks for nearly 10 years. The company has best name customers including George Brazil Heating, Arizona Cardinals, Cousins Maine Lobster, Samaritan’s Purse, and The Salvation Army. This corporation is a household acquired and manages an organization created on Christian conceptions. 

ADG Custom Food Trucks and Food

Country: United States 

Florida-based food truck corporation has and can manufacture mobile retailing departments for individuals in the United States. Recently, the corporation has only been specializing in food truck manufacturing.

Custom Concessions

Country: United States 

Pennsylvania-based this corporation of the food truck is famous for manufacturing trucks out of a beautiful modern 30,000 square foot production capability with state of the design capabilities, giving outstanding quality. With this company food trucks launching at $75k and settlement trailers begin at nearly $29k.

M&R Trailers

Country: United States 

Florida-based this another corporation of a food truck with a credible report of achievement specializes in a variety of industries across the nation. The corporation has an enticing 15 years’ background in the vehicle and trailer industry. M&R Trailers are mainly popular for their BBQ smokers! 

Sizemore Ultimate Food Trucks

Country: United States 

It was begun around good fresh industry values. The corporation has begun to offer the best stock and services. They often explore for clients to become a component of the household. 

Mobile Kitchen Solutions

Country: United States 

This New York-based corporation provides provisional kitchen installations on-the-go. The corporation hires Skid Kitchens, Mobile Trailers, and other convenient kitchen settings. Upgrading of donkey years of background offers huge tent kitchens for food festivals and notable occasions. They also provide extensive tools and set up assistance, consultation, and operation training.

Cart Concepts International

Country: United States 

With more than a decades of food truck manufacturing background, this company’s diverse faculty has had more than 40 years of incorporated knowledge with design, metalwork, and stainless steel fabrication. The forms and retails the best quality Catering Trucks, Vending Trailers, Hot Dog Carts, and more.

RPM Truck & Trailer Sales & Service

Country: United States 

Georgia-based this corporation is the exclusive merchant of Race Trailers in America. The corporation has manufactured and retailed thousands of new campers. They include aluminum, cargo, motorcycle, and utility. However it’s not the primary concentration of this company, they also produce and retail trailers.

WYSS Catering Trucks

Country: United States 

This brand has been producing Catering Trucks for more than 50 years; Mike Wyss has operated in the business for more than 30 years. The corporation’s record of pleased clients is long and includes business giants, for example, Ben & Jerry’s, and In – N – Out.

Schantz Mfg. Inc.

Country: United States 

The Schantz household has been managing tailored solvents for more than 60 years for the mobile food business. The corporation was begun with Trailers and State Fair Concession Stands.

LA Custom Food Trucks

Country: United States 

This corporation upgrade of a division of highly qualified experts that take commitment and pride in manufacturing food trucks for the International market. Every component of the company brings in the knowledge from various corporations of food trucks and with cooperative proficiency the corporation aims to manufacture the supreme food truck at a reasonable expense.

Experiential Food Truck Rental and EFTR

Country: United States 

This corporation launched in 2005, as a nationwide convention retailing truck trade and dealing network. DreamWorks Catering Inc., acquires this company. The global production catering chain Luis Chavez and Tony Nelson incorporated their federal production and catering systems to develop into (EFTR) Experiential Food Truck Rental.

Advanced Concession Trailers

Country: United States 

This Georgia based corporation offers equipment for transferable retailing to all other commodities that are needed for customer trailer demands. The corporation designers can manufacture any cart or truck with the essential tool to fulfill customer requirements; they build BBQ Trailers, Shaved Ice, Coffee Carts, and Food Trucks.

Wilkinsons Mobile Catering Systems Ltd

Country: United Kingdom

It is one of the top factories of portable catering networks in the United Kingdom with nearly years of background. They have specialized with some of the best large corporations in the The UK. 

A & R Willis Catering Trailers

Country: United Kingdom, 

This top factory of catering conversions and mobile catering trailers in the United Kingdom have the background and proficiency to offer customers a trained service. This household-owned industry has more than 20 years of background in the formation of mobile catering conversations and trailers. 

Street Food Trailers

Country: United Kingdom

This British company manufactures gorgeous food trucks from vintage vehicles, trailers, and trucks. They like enabling customers to kick start their nutriment industry suggestions and offering authentic and quality food.

Excel Trailers Ltd

Country: United Kingdom

This corporation is delighted to provide its customers with affordable and cost-effective solvents mobile formation trailers. Their formation trailers can be an excellent result for customer’s on-site employment.


Country: United Kingdom

Alvington-based the objective of this company is to become the best distributor of Lightweight Trailer Pods to the retail and leisure enterprises and to fulfill this to produce a Professional and Quality Solution. 2 Business Partners operate this corporation. The corporation has a prosperity of knowledge compared to Procurement, Engineering, and Manufacturing.

Tudor Catering Trailers

Country: United Kingdom

This company specializes in custom bespoke vehicles and trailers. Created to provide service and produce customized mobile industry with kiosks, trailers, caravans, vans, and shepherd huts.

Towability Mobile Catering

Country: United Kingdom

Wellingborough, Northamptonshire-based this corporation has been specializing in assembling, fabricate, and designing mobile catering units and catering trailers since 1983. Appearance and Presentation are important to a profitable catering industry, street food scene, and mobile event catering.


Country: Canada

This food truck company manufactures food canteens, carts, mobile kitchens, concession trailers, and custom food trucks. They also use food trucks for trade. They provide shipping services in the United States and Canada. Their goal is to be the leading company in Business. They specialize in repairs, maintenance, mechanics, construction, and design.

Venture Food Trucks

Country: Canada

They refurbish and manufacture custom food trucks. They began this industry with one hot dog coach, constructed by hand, and Will Hodgkiss, the owner manages this company. Presently, they have food carts and trucks all over the globe. 

Apollo Custom Manufacturing Ltd

Country: Canada

This advanced manufacturing corporation working in the custom procurement of Concession Trailers, Food Truck, and Mobile Food Carts. With settings in Surrey, British Columbia, they operate in the United States and Canada. They have been encompassed in the production and distribution of mobile food coaches in North America. 

Kitchens On Wheels Canada

Country: Canada

This company offers exclusively readied rental units and custom units to large scale retail customers, Emergency Services, Colleges, Universities, Nursing Homes, Health Care Facilities, Hospitals, Engineering Firms, Commercial Builders, and Government Institutions.


Country: China

This quality operated association offers a broad expanse of mobile food trucks, food can, food trucks, food carts, and food trailers. Introduced in 2019, the company distributes mobile food trucks, food trucks, food can, and food trailers within the preset duration limit.

Shandong Jekeen Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd.

Country: China

It is the distributor and manufactory of mobile store business, specializes in the advancement and creation of mobile retail capabilities. Jekeen is particularly utilized for retail streets, tourist attractions, and urban society’s business projects, events, and similar industry organizations. 

Shandong Greenfist Industry Co., Ltd.

Country: China

Introduced in 2020, this company has earned a title for itself in the record of leading distributors in China. The distribution corporation is situated in Weifang, Shandong. It is recorded in retail India’s chart of verified dealers providing the ultimate quality.

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