100+ Catchy Fondue Captions to Make Your Own

For your posts to get across a wide audience the best platform to opt for is social media. And to get noticed faster it is always good to let your posts be accompanied by catchy captions. So here’s a list of captions we have created for you to use with your posts on fondue. Use these freely and watch your posts get the popularity that they deserve.

Here are Fondue Captions for Social Media. 

Fondue Captions for Facebook

This isn’t meant for the intellectually challenged. #intellectual

Can’t do without some fondue. That’s how fondue has done to me.

The cheesier the more enjoyable. #cheesier

A fondue treat is the best treat ever. Nothing beats it.

And foodie will recommend this fondue. #foodie

Oh, fondue. I love you so much. I just can’t live without you.

Truly authentic. That’s the fondue that they serve here. #authentic

No number of words can explain my love for fondue.

I wish that I die by drowning in fondue. #drowning

Try the fondue. You will love it a lot. I guarantee it. #guarantee

Love comes in many forms. The best one is when it comes melted, and it melts your heart too.

The fondue here is what they are famous for.

The secret to fondue is the cheese alone. #cheese

I come to this fondue restaurant as often as I can. #restaurant

Tracking me is easy. Look for any fondue party in town.

The best fondue joint in town. #bestfondue

I am wherever the fondue is. #wherever

A gourmet’s delight surely.

I will elect fondue always. Over anything else. #elect

It is so exciting a delicacy here. Everyone loves it.

Count me in, if there is fondue. #countme

Give me more. I want more. Give me more. I want more. #more

Take my number. Invite me over whenever you make fondue.

I came flitting away from home, just for a drop of your fondue. #flitting

Whether hot or cold it doesn’t matter. Fondue is good for me anyway it comes.

It will stick with you for life. That’s the taste of fondue. #taste

I am the second mouse who gets the fondue always.

If it doesn’t spill, you haven’t had it well. #spill

Fondue is an adventure anyone will enjoy. Always.

Everyone has spilled some fondue some time or the other.

A portion of food that is meant for the intellectually adventurous. #adventurous

Fondue Captions for Instagram

Fondue can stick us back together again. #stick

If I am having my fondue with you, you must be really important to me.

Stick it in. bring it out. Suck it up. Then chew it all. That’s the way to enjoy your fondue.

Fondue is actually a fun-do food. #food

An exemplary eatery that serves the only fondue. #exemplary

Such a huge cauldron of fondue. #cauldron

I may sound cheesy, but this is simply so gouda dish. #gouda

Wow! I have never seen so much fondue at any party.

This is my fondue time. Never disturb me at these times. #disturb

So excited to be invited to this party of fondue. #party

Please stand aside. I am enjoying my time with fondue. #fonduetime

I miss you and that fantastic fondue that you make. #fantastic

The flavor itself is so intoxicating. #intoxicating

I just cannot live without you – and the fondue that you make, of course.

Fondue and I make a very interesting combination. #interesting

It is food that will take away all your worries.

Cannot afford to lose my love for fondue. #love

I like how cheesy you are. #cheesy

Call me selfish, but the taste of fondue can make me do anything.

You make me melt so easily. #easily

I do not share my fondue with anyone.

It is an extravagant party with fondue sticking onto everyone.

If you love fondue we can be friends. #friends

The sensuous tones of the fondue are ever so lusty.

This fondue will definitely become my heart and soul.

I love it when it gets cheesier. #cheesy

So beautifully aromatic. It is simply so sexy.

The taste that you will get addicted to. #addicted

You can experiment so much with fondue.

Queso: do you love me? #queso

Be innovative when making fondue.

I am simply so fondue of her. #fondue

Fondue Captions for Twitter

She is one of the best cooks I have ever come across.

Try out all types of things with fondue. #types

The elasticity is inversely proportional to the temperature.

Bacon in fondue is the ultimate dish. #bacon

The cheddar can be masked by parmesan or simple cottage – just so long as they have been melted.

My life’s flavor lies in fondue. #flavor

Cheese is to fondue just as our heart is to love. Both melt with warmth.

Some fondue a day will keep all sorrow away. #sorrow

Anything fondue will win me over. #fondue

Why not try some and see whether we are correct or not.

One of the best main course meals you can have. #maincourse

I am so fond of fondue I can leave anything for it.

Sometimes instead of bread, veggies and meat pieces go better with the fondue.

The flavor itself will keep you enthralled. #flavor

So inviting this fondue is. #inviting

White wine, seasoning, and garlic to taste are what make any fondue so beautiful.

When all else fails, just say ‘molten cheese’ and everything will change. #moltencheese

A bottle of kirsch goes so well with fondue. #kirsch

The cheesier it is the better a fondue feels.

The flavor is so exhilarating it will entrap your senses. #exhilerating

Fondue bourguignonne is the best fondue ever.

The Swiss are masters of fondue. #swissfondue

This chocolate fondue is as mesmerizing as any ethereal beauty.

That’s fondue mania for you. #fonduemania

Thanks to Konrad Egli for this beautiful concoction.

I just cannot imagine a life without fondue. #imagine

This Swiss melted cheese is so ravishing with those beautiful crostini. #crostini

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