100+ Catchy FMX Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Freestyle Motocross, popularly known as FMX is one of the most awesome adventure sports. It attracts millions of viewers throughout the world and also has a lot of aspiring youngsters willing to master the art of FMX.

With all the great stunts, one needs the best captions to amplify the reach of their social media post. Hence, here we have curated some captions for you to take inspiration from!

FMX Captions for Facebook

Does it matter how fast you ride? Shouldn’t the enjoyment matter more?

The smell of exhaust and dirt in my nails is what tells me I am doing right.

FMX is the life that shows you what freedom really feels like. #fmx

We are all different riders – but that’s what makes us a family too.

Beating myself to becoming better every moment is my source of sustenance.

Just one ride will hook you up for life.

I am always trying my hardest to be someone everyone can be proud of.

See those scars? Each has a story to it. #scars

You wouldn’t find a smiling me if there wasn’t FMX.

Three speeds – Fast, Very Fast, and Oh My God!

The adrenaline rush. The cheers and applauses. Those keep pushing us bikers through.

If you have the passion and the will, you will bet back up and do it again till you’ve got it right.

The place I am happiest is on the racetrack. The thing happiest with is my bike.

There is no giving up in FMX. #fmx

Unless you try you just cannot expect to achieve anything.

Each time I crash, I get better and ride again. #crash

I knew life is great the day I rode as usual, and my little son rode alongside on his little bike.

Whatever the path, there must be some dirt and some obstacle for me to freely showcase my abilities.

God decided that the dirt track needed an ace. So he created me and made me toil to be the best.

Sometimes I am somewhere. At other times I am nowhere. But that’s what they call time and place.

I always keep thanking the Lord for giving us FMX and having made me a rider on the track.

FMX is not a hobby. It is my passion. #passion

Whenever there is a curve, I always lean into it. And then I jump over all obstacles. That’s the fun of life.

FMX is what helps me find peace within myself.

You just need a dirt track. And a whole dose of passion and love to do it.

When you started riding isn’t as important as your continuing to ride. #riding

FMX Captions for Instagram

I am so proud of who I am. It makes me freer than ever.

Beginner to expert. Amateur to pro. It happens with extreme practice and perseverance.

Cool your engine mate. Don’t let them know we were out doing those stunts. #stunts

Dream big, aspire for greatness. But for all that to become a reality, begin now.

This riding isn’t just a phase. It is my life. My soul. My spirit lies in it.

If you wish to succeed, you should fear failure less, and desire success most.

FMX isn’t for everyone. Only for people like me. You need the correct attitude for it.

Pain is only temporary. Participation is long-term. Victory is eternal.

Riding my dirt bike makes me feel free. FMX makes me strong. #dirtbike

Give up what you are. Be only what you can imagine becoming.

I love FMX as it helps me escape from this world.

Paradise is the sound of all those dirt bike engines running, and all the FMX happening all around.

When I asked my bike to behave only then did it perform. #bike

Why should anyone tell you what to do? Just go do what you want to do.

The throttle is what my life lives on.

Me safe? Sure. But there’s no fun in that.

It doesn’t matter what you ride. What matters is that you ride.

Lunging up in the air and then back – with my bike. #lunging

I’m never distracted till I hear the word BIKE.

Lots of high airs. Now it’s time for deep dives.

There is nothing badass about FMX. In fact, it builds a really strong and pleasing character.

FMX is where you achieve two things for sure – happiness and that thrill of an adventure.

FMX will make you so much more disciplined.

Just believe in yourself and let go. That’s FMX for you. #fmx

Unless you have done FMX you won’t know the feeling it generates in you.

FMX Captions for Twitter

It takes the right attitude to be able to be a good rider. #attitude

I am a rider, who gives happiness as much as he rides.

It’s not just the speed. It is more art. #art

FMX is where you get to showcase your true talent.

Just being who I am. It’s a great way to express the real me.

FMX forever. In every other sport, you must follow rules.

Do the FMX to see and feel for yourself. #fmx

I just want a friend to be there at the motocross.

What you get in a car is so apart from what you get in motorcycling.

The best days are the ones on which I ride my bike.

Come and enter my world. It is a dream that is real as well.

FMX isn’t just a sport. It’s an art to reckon with.

Freestyle Motocross is what it says – there just isn’t any particular style to moto crossing.

Unless you risk it, you will never know how far you could have gone.

Charging up my soul when I charge up my bike. #chargedup

I just ride the way I want. I just live the way I ride.

Yes, it is a bit of stress, just in the body. The soul gets so happy, it rejuvenates the body anyway.

When I let you ride my bike, it means I said I Love You!

It isn’t the jumps or stunts, it’s the feeling of absolute happiness.

The throttle in my hand and moto in my soul are what I was born for.

Where man and machine combine to become one whole.

All those dust and dirt on that dreamy track are what keeps me awake.

My senses are so different when I get into FMX. #fmx

I just chase something. And till I achieve it, my heart remains restless.

FMX is the kind of freedom you don’t get in anything else.

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