100+ Fishing Captions for Instagram that Will Reel in The Likes!

Enjoy this wonderful selection of Instagram captions for fishing pics! Could there be anything cooler than taking part in this amazing pastime while having the sunlight on your back? This post contains something for everyone, whether you’re swimming in ponds, rivers, or the ocean.

Funny Fishing Captions

You’ve got to be joking, right?

The vista is unmatched from behind my fishing pole.😃

Too many fish, not enough time.

Celebrate like a rock star.😂

Fishing mode is on.❤


Get up and shine. Time to go fishing.

I feel content when I am fishing.

The fishing season has begun.

This is not just a pastime. It allows me to escape reality.😇

Fishing keeps the anxieties at bay for the entire day.

till the sun sets, fishing.

I often think about you, dear fish.

Life is brief. Catch fish.😇

I apologize for not listening. I was considering going fishing.

My happiest place is here.🫠

Set up shop and stay a while.

I have to go because the fish are calling.😉

I only recall big #fishing. 

Fish away.

Should I fish or not? It is a stupid query.😎

Several fish stories that are told are true.

Fishing days are the greatest.

I’d rather go fishing.🥳

Director of fishing.

Rather than emotion, catch fish.

a fishing trip.🫡

Simply said, life is a series of impediments that keep you from going fishing.

Reeling it in.🫡

Going fishing is a terrific idea at any time.

A trip to the river is what makes you happy.

Fishing is enjoyable, but catching is better.🤪

This fish was marked with my name.

Fishing is the daily plan.😛

It’s how you twist your worm, not how deep you fish.

Some people seek therapy. My fishing trip.🙃

Less worry, more fishing.🙂

Can’t converse; a fish is on the other end of the line.

Stress is brought on by insufficient fishing.

When I’m not fishing, I’m contemplating it.🥰

My arm is in a cast today, therefore I’m unable to work.

Avoid becoming koi.

For those who bait, good things arrive.🤤

Desperate Catch.🫡

gone fishing and never coming back. I wonder whether you were here.

You are free to go fishing as often as you choose.🫣

Spending the day fishing is the finest. You describe me as an obsessive fisherman like it’s a bad thing!😑

You are not as much fun as I am.

Who would like to set a bait?😎

There is a lot at stake.

This fish was calling my name!

Not only is fishing a sport. That is an attitude.

Why is there a catch?🤨

I am a reel guru #fishing. 😜

Is anybody interested in sushi this evening?🤪

It’s time to go fishing; move aside!🥳

Some of the fish stories here are factual.

I suppose you could say I’m addicted to fishing.🙃

Get rid of your problems #fishing. 

Fishing days are the greatest days.🫠

Get up and shine Time to go fishing

I would rather go fishing.🤗

Life as a fisher😘

early bedtime..early risers…every day long…😂

One extra hook can always be added.🫣

Don’t try to find me; I’m lost fishing.😎

The fishing was excellent. The catching was the problematic part.😂

What transpires during fishing? remains at the fishing location.😒

Stress is a result of insufficient fishing! 🫡

I am a reel guru. Any challenge I can handle #fishing. 

The last cast of a man is equivalent to the “I’ll be five minutes” of a lady.🙃

Killah Ghost-fish.😄

I’m a sturgeon, so believe me.😶‍🌫️

This crab is delicious. I won’t share a bite and will instead be a shellfish.😏

We’ve got our hake in the hole #fishing. 

Ice fishing.🫠

Holy crap!😉

You’ve got to be joking, right?

Celebrate like a prawn star.😊

She is a multi-talented jackfish.🤭

Arctic Char can display the Northern Lights!🥸

Solid goldfish.🙃

Pipefish down!😁

Never trout yourself.😍

 Life is simple; just go fishing. 

Heavem – fishing in the morning.😇 

If I go fishing I am happy

Hooked on fishing🤨

Gone fishing.😁

Not to get away from my life, I fish. To sustain myself, I fish.

Fishing is a way of life, not just a sport.😇

In my free time, I think about fishing.🙃

I would rather go fishing.🫠

I believe I should cut back #fishing. fishermen are sincere by nature, but they mature.

A little time spent fishing can improve a terrible day.😌

Whoever passes away having fished the most days wins.😁

I traded something for my wife’s fishing pole.🤪

I don’t speak much; I just say, “Let’s fish.”😊

He has such swordfish tication.

Love, Guppy.

Better if done sooner #fishing. 

Love the sun in the morning #fishing. 

A new day, a new sunrise, a new fishing trip🫠. 

You may as well go fishing if you’re going to rise🙃

Go outside before dawn #fishing❤ 

Sunset, boat, and fishing perfect life.

Enjoying my days.🙃

Big fish=big enjoyment. 🫡

Recalling the good days at Lake #fishing. 

No call, only fishing. 🤭

Catching the fish of the year.😁

Going to find my peace #fishing 

A moray 🙃

Because I Fish, I Am

Stress is a result of insufficient fishing!

I made a decent bargain and got my wife a fishing rod.

Just to pay for my fishing, do I make videos.😇

The only meal that becomes ruined once it begins to smell like fish is fish.😁

Tonight, I’ll be tuning in to my favorite program.

Addicted to fishing😋

If you can, try to catch me.😝

Anglers use long rods.

Down, pipefish!😅

A long rod will work.😄

This crab is delicious. I won’t share a bite and will instead be a shellfish.😂

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