84+ Best First Apartment Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

An apartment is another name for a flat or a residence made up of one or more rooms. Usually, there are a number of apartments in a building. Here are a few captions to go with the excitement of you moving into your first apartment.

First Apartment Captions for Instagram

The first step towards a grown-up life. #firstapartment

Welcome to adulthood. #adulthood

The size of your first apartment might not be big, but the emotions it exhibits are unmeasurable.

An apartment full of memories. #memories

A place of humble beginnings but lively memories.

Nothing feels cozier than your first apartment. #firstapartment

You are the boss of your apartment.

Keep the memories locked and spirit free.

You compromise on a few things when it comes to your first apartment, happiness is not one of them.

Living life a grown-up way. #myapartment

Nothing can teach you management better than in your first place.

You are the king of the world in your apartment.

With your first apartment comes freedom, with freedom arrives responsibilities.

The smaller the apartment, the easier to clean. #tightspaces

No one is asking you to do anything here, it is entirely your decision.

Treat your first apartment like your baby, keep it neat and clean all the time.

Your early days into adulthood prepare you for the real world.

Managing an apartment is a lot harder than it looks. #apartmentlove

The cooking, cleaning and supplies have become my life now.

First apartment, first adventure, many stories to tell. #newapartment

Apartment Captions for Instagram

You make a few mistakes when you move into your first apartment, by the second one you are an adult.

The quicker you settle, the faster you adapt. #apartments

It is tough being all by yourself, but only for a few days. #FirstApartmentMemories

You carry a backpack when you move into a new place, don’t make it too heavy.

Identical homes, distinct people, different memories. #MyFirstApartment

Your house makes you happy. #happyApartment

You might never want to part with your first apartment.

You totally invest in your first apartment, emotionally.

The feeling of moving out scares you, the feeling of moving into your first apartment balances it.

The smaller the apartment, the cozier the vibes. #ApartmentDesing 

The place where the people who are apart come closer.

We have all wanted an apartment like the FRIENDS cast. Haven’t we? #FRIENDS

A new apartment, a few friends, some drinks, a party like no other.

An apartment meant for parties. #PartPlace

My first apartment takes care of me more than I take care of it.

A place I call my actual first home. #MyApartmentMyHome

Your personal movie theatre, disco, or sometimes even a photo studio.

The more you stay, the more attached you feel. #MyPlace

After a point, the walls don’t just have years but also a mouth.

A parchment in an apartment just makes it seem cooler.

Your first apartment will always be like that friend in K.G.

Every place has a story to tell, your first apartment just has more than the normal places.

What you’ll miss more is not leaving your folks’ place but vacating your first apartment.

A roommate is always better only if it is a person you know. #roommatesForLife

Moving to your first apartment with a friend is like summer vacation every day of the year.

A part of you always stays back in your first apartment. #Myapartment

Your first apartment is basically a pizza hot spot.

New Apartment Instagram Captions

You can always flex about being independent.

The longer you wait, the harder it will get. #getyourapartment

The apartment might just be a place for someone else but for you, it’s your first achievement in life.

Your first apartment marks your arrival as an adult in the real world.

Get used to carrying your own weight around from now on.

The things in your apartment might be scattered but the emotions are always intact. #emotions

You are allowed to have friends over without asking anyone for permission.

A new apartment, a new adventure, a new life to life. #newlife

Your first apartment, your last day before growing up.

One apartment, uncountable memories, stories you have lived.

You design your apartment, you create a space in the world that’s just yours.

Nothing feels as comfortable as the bed in your apartment. #comfortapartment

I wish I could move into the FRIENDS’ apartment as my first place. #F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Looks like a building from the outside, feels like a palace from the inside.

Your first apartment plays a major part in shaping your future. #myfirstapartment

Take care of the walls, especially. 

The door to your first apartment is your door to the wonderland that you choose for yourself.

You can never stop wondering how it came to be. #wonderfulapartment

Every time I think about my first apartment, all that I feel is gratefulness.

I finally own my first apartment now! #firstapartment

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