100+ Catchy Eye Palette Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Every post or a story should have a caption that helps your audience to understand you better. Always remember to put a caption while putting anything up on social media sites. This will always help you to connect better with your audience! 

Below mentioned is a list of specially curated captions for ‘eye palette’! Scroll through and pick your best!

Eye Palette Captions for Facebook 

A little eyeshadow for the soul. #forthesoul

Eyeshadows are food for the soul and makeup for the eyes! #foodforthought

If you do not own an eyeshadow palette, then it’s high time, you get one! #hightime

Lastly, the eyeshadow. #lastly

I sometimes like to act as a make-up artist on a TV set and brush my brothers’ eyebrows! #acting

Did my eye today! #yay

Glitter to the eyes. #glitter

Glitter for the eyes. Eyeshadow is essential. #essentials

Wing it with an eyeshadow! #wingit

Buy an eye shadow palette today to try different shades! #buytoday

Wear makeup and rule the world! #ruletheworld

Nothing like an eyeshadow. #nothing

Eyeshadow gives me all the confidence, I need! #confidence

I am just a girl, standing in front of the mirror, putting on makeup! #nottinghill

Only my eyes smoke! #smoking

Smoky hot and not chicken wings. #smokyhoteyes

My eyes are the only drama that I can handle! #onlydrama

Eyeshadow judges how dramatic you can be! #dramatic

Who needs drama in life, when you got your eyes? #eyemakeup

Perfect eyeshadow doesn’t exist! #perfect

What is perfect in makeup? #nothingis

If your eyeshadow is doomed, so is your life! #doomed

I have never been perfect about anything in life but my eyeshadow! #only

My life may not be perfect, but my eyeshadow is! #eyeshadow

Keep calm and let me do your eyes! #keepcalm

Keep calm and put on some eyeshadow! #putonsome

I only do eyes. #ionlydoeyes

It doesn’t help if you start crying. #wastage

Rain is my only enemy! Until of course, I become a star. #rainisbadformyeyes

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! #beauty

Eye Palette Captions for Instagram 

Black is not the only eyeshadow available! Try out the different shades today! #differentshades

What’s your favorite shade? #blue

Eyeshadow makes the world a better place to live in! #betterplace

Thank God for eyeshadows! #thanktheLord

Life would have been very dull and boring without some eyeshadow in it. #dull&boring

Eyeshadow always saves my day! #savingtheday

Eyeshadow for life! #forlife

If not for eyeshadows, I would have been a geeky first bencher all my life! #geeky

If a woman wants to wear makeup, then help her wear it. If a woman doesn’t want to wear makeup, then let her be. #letherbe

Never bully someone if she/he is not wearing makeup! #neverbully

Be party-ready always with some eyeshadow! #partyready

Eyeshadows and eyeliners always make me late. #always

Eyeshadow on point. #oxymoron 

Look me in the eyes and tell me, if my eyeshadow is good to go! #tellme

Look fierce and fabulous always! #fierce&fabulous

Wing everything! Life, makeup, shoes, pretty much everything in life. #wingeverything

Beneath the made-up face, there’s a little girl who wishes the best for the world! #wishes

Whenever in doubt, put on some makeup! #whenindoubt

Add some glitter to your face. #addsomeglitter

Beauty starts with yourself. #startwithyourself

You better be beautiful within because you can’t eat makeup! #betterbe

Makeup only helps if you are beautiful within. #sorrynotsorry

All you need is some, lipstick, blush, and some eyeshadow! #lipstickblush&eyeshadow

Put on some eye shadow and slay men! #slaymen

Slaying men since 1999. #slaying

Put on some eyeshadow and heels and slay like a boss! #slaylikeaboss

Heal the world and make it a better place for all of us but first, put on some eyeshadow. #healtheworld

Eye Palette Captions for Twitter

Never ask a well-made-up woman, why she is late! #neverask

Makeup is all about expressing your inner self. #express

The more you express, the easier you become! #lesscomplicated

Makeup is an extension of your personality. #extension

Everything is not about the destination but about the climb and how the road was. #yesyesyes

Natural makeup is all I asked for! #natural

Natural makeup is the best! #bethebest

Gave me a makeover today and here is me, presenting to you, my version of eye makeup! #makeover

How do you like your eyes to be? #smokyhot

I simply use some kohl for my eyes. #basic

How much makeup is too much makeup? #idk

Who said money can’t buy you happiness? Money can buy you lots of eyeshadow! #moneycan

Money is the secret to happiness! #secret

Who needs God when you have Mac by your side? #mac

Mac for life! What’s your favorite? #macmacmac

Give or take 3 hours. Yep, that’s how long I invested for this beautiful do-over! #doover

Time spent doing eye makeup is time well spent. #timewellspent

An eyeshadow palette is a woman’s best kept secret. #bestkeptsecret

If my eyeshadow is on point, then my life is too. #lifetoo

Blue eye shadow and some coffee are enough to get my day started. #eyeshadowandsomecoffee

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