100+ Egg Captions For All Social Media

Eggs are an essential ingredient during the Spring season as it is a part of multiple dishes. The festival of Easter is almost incomplete without Eggs. Here are some egg captions for your social media posts that will make them unbeatable! 😉

Short Eggs Captions

Spring brings happiness and warmth with it.

Easter is about removing all doubts and rekindling New Hope.

Every winter has to be followed by a spring and Easter.

Easter is the time when you should let your light from within shine.

Come and let us all forgive someone on Easter.

Peace, family, and love are what truly make Easter magical.

Easter is not just the Bunny, the eggs, and the candy. It’s a lot more. #eggs

Your joy and flowers are alike. They both Bloom in spring.

This Easter, let us thank all the love and joy we are blessed with.

May your Easter be all about chocolate-filled bunnies and eggs.

Hope and new life are what Easter symbolizes.

Your love and happiness can make every day and Easter for someone.

Can you think of anything better than Easter right now?

Chocolate eggs are a specialty during Easter.

The eggs on Easter are truly an exciting option.

These are the eggs I wait for every year.

Easter eggs, candy, and a whole lot of love and wishes for you. #candy

I’ve always enjoyed Easter with my friends and family.

Easter is something really special, especially the eggs.

Funny Eggs Captions

Have every year, I compete with the children and hide the Easter eggs in my tummy.

No one’s ever too old for an egg hunt.

Just remove the T and add an I to make Easter Easier.

I’m a glutton for those Easter eggs.

I seem to be magnetically attracted to eggs.

Change water into wine, and I’ll become your follower forever.

Easter is fantastic for all the chocolate that you get to eat. #fantastic

I’ll give you a carrot only if you give me a chocolate egg.

Do you love my eggs? My chocolate eggs, I mean.

Easter egg hunt proves that the child can find what it wants to.

Whatever be the question, my answer is only chocolate eggs.

When life gives you lemons, exchanged them for chocolate eggs.

Easter is no joke. It’s all fun and revelry.

I love Easter because I can eat as much chocolate as I want.

Honey Bunny, eggs and chocolate, and me to eat it all.

I just can’t seem to have enough eggs.

If you don’t love eggs, I can’t be your friend. #friend

It’s your exam after. It’s Easter remember?

Eggs Captions for Facebook

There is simply no other Bunny rabbit like you.

This money eats only chocolate eggs.

I only wish that the world is filled with chocolate eggs.

Easter makes me feel egg-static.

I am always so egg-cited on Easter.

Easter is simply great.no egg jams at this time.

I wish you all happy thoughts all your life.

Here’s to chocolate eggs, bunnies, and spring. #spring

I balanced my diet by holding a chocolate egg in each hand.

Happy Easter and a great chocolate egg treat, do you all.

A friend with chocolate eggs is the best thing to have in life.

Follow the Bunny and take the chocolate eggs.

I’m hopping into spring with all the chocolate eggs I can.

Everybody has to love chocolate eggs and candy.

Eggs are simply nutritious.

Even chocolate eggs can make my day.

Chocolate eggs and I have a beautiful affair going on.

I just cannot get enough chocolate eggs. #chocolate

These are exactly my favorite kind of Eggs.

If you love chocolate eggs, we can be best of friends.

Chocolate eggs are my addiction. I’ll never quit it.

Wishing you all a very happy Easter.

What I love more than chocolate eggs is a large chocolate Easter Bunny.

Eggs Captions for Instagram

Easter Sunday is the day I live only on chocolates and eggs.

Easter eggs put the spring in my step.

Have you seen my chocolate eggs?

That’s the largest chocolate egg I have ever seen in my life.

I’ve just stopped putting all the eggs in the same basket. #basket

Here’s me decorating my eggs.

Which eggs do I like? All those that are chocolate.

Are you joking about my chocolate eggs?

Wow! This truly is one egg-licious Easter celebration.

Easter is the time I have an excuse to eat chocolate eggs all through the day.

Spring brings many good things, especially chocolate eggs.

These chocolate eggs remind me of spring and Easter.

Today’s just an eggs-tra special Easter.

Easter is all about festivities and eggs.

Letting the eggs roll all the way it’s a great game on Easter. #easter

I wish the world was dominated by chocolate eggs.

Be glad that life threw you lemons and not eggs.

Just crack your chocolate eggs open.

Every egg is meant to be cracked, just like jokes.

Chocolate eggs and wine is a great combo.

These chocolate eggs were definitely not laid by hens.

Eggs Captions for Twitter

Chocolate eggs are equally healthy and filling.

Be healthy and eat chocolate eggs.

It is almost impossible to find a rotten chocolate egg. #rotten

I only have the best chocolate eggs for you.

These chocolate eggs are your source of nutrients.

Bulk up with these chocolate eggs.

Chocolate cakes and definitely not junk food.

These chocolate eggs are yummy.

I’d love to eat a chocolate egg every day.

A perfect meal is completed with the chocolate egg.

Easter is all about eggs and candy.

I’ll give those chocolate eggs a thumbs-up any day.

Even I have an egg production company. Chocolate eggs, of course. #eggs

We supplied the best possible eggs in the city. Only chocolate eggs.

These eggs are all about sweet health and are choco-licious.

These chocolate eggs will make your life far better.

Easter is absolutely incomplete without chocolate eggs.

If there are no chocolate eggs at the party, I am not coming.

You can find me whenever there are chocolate eggs.

There are enough eggs to go around for everyone.

These are definitely unbeatable eggs.

If you love me, you’ll give me chocolate bunnies and eggs.

Today is practically chocolate egg day, not just Easter. #easter

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