List of 105+ Best Discovery Channel Brand Slogans

Discovery Channel is basically an American Channel or rather a television network. This was started in the year 1985. The name of its founder is John Hendricks.

Currently, David Zaslav is the CEO of this channel. It is a flagship channel of Discovery Inc., which is again a publicly run company. 


Discovery Channel Brand Slogans

When we left earth 

Walking the Amazon 

The world at your fingertips. 

Watch the world event Shark Week. 

Be good or be banished 

Naked and Afraid XL 

Josh Gates Tonight. 

Space Launch Live America Returns to space. 

All on the line. 

Fishing with family is not everything. It’s the only thing. 

Deadliest Catch. The Russians are coming. 

Fast n’ loud. 

Their builds are legends car kings. 

Gold Rush Parker’s Trail. 

Rob Riggle. Global Investigator. 

Expedition unknown  

Off the grid Thursdays. 

Man versus Bear. 

Out of hate into hope. 

River of No return. 

An epic family event Serengeti our story 

Hunt down the Truth Contact. 

Undercover Billionaire. 

So good you will scream. 

Savage builds. 

Diesel brothers Monster Jump Live 

Guardians of the Glades. 

The world is ours. 

Gold rush white water. 

Street outlaws Bristol. 

All new Border Live Wednesdays 

Above and beyond 

Alaskan Bush People. 

Hard to kill 

The new home of Battlebots. 

Motor mega week 

8 episode event. Man hunt Unabomber. 

Two great face off. Phelps vs. Shark tonight. 

Still a bad week to be a seal. 

Two crews. One crown. Mega race. Fast n loud vs. Street outlaws. 

Killing fields. New season. 

Harley and the Davidsons. Continues tonight 

Killing the Colorado. America’s water wake up call 

Some live to climb. They climb to live. Sherpa. 

Telescope. Part of science channel weekend. 

Killing fields. The investigation continues. 

7 huge nights that bring the heat mega week. 

Racing extinction. Encore presentation. 

Sharks all weekend long. Shweet. 

Bring nothing. Give everything. 

Elevation weekend concludes today. 

Eaten alive part of mega week. 

Skyscraper live with Nik Wallenda. 

The fighters. 

From executive producer Ridley Scott Klondike. 

Enter the go for Gold sweeps. Gold Rush. 

All new season. Amish Mafia. 

Sky wire live. 

No new. One amazing walk. Congratulations Nik. 

North America Series Finale. 

The big brain theory. Smarty smackdowns. 

The boys are back. 

The devils ride. 

Bering sea gold under the ice. 

Frozen planet. 

The world is just awesome. 

From the producers of planet earth. Life. 

Man vs. wild. 

Don’t just stare. Hear my story. 

Something just touched my leg week 

I hope that’s a dolphin week. 

What will be your greatest discovery. 

It might be here. 

Food for your mind. Discovery Channel. 

Look for discovery at your pay TV provider’s network. 

The world is ours. 

Go on an epic voyage of experiences and emotions to. 

Wild Karnataka. 

Ed Stafford First man out Season 2 

The Great Indian Factory. 

Expedition Asia with Ryan Pyle. 

The lion queens of India. 

Into the wild. 

Running wild Bear Grylls 

Stay home. Discover more. 

Jeremy Wade’s Mighty Rivers. 

Man vs. Tribe. 

Expedition with Steve Backshall 

Arabia with Levison Wood 

Man vs. Bear 

Expedition Unknown Treasure Hunt. 

How do they do it. 

Dirty mudder truckers. 

The very edge of China 

Watch Celebrities off the big screen and into the wilderness on Running Wild with Bear Grylls. 

India 2050 

India on Film. 

Do the impossible 

Enroute to Everest. 

Bridge the gap 

Emission Impossible 

Go anywhere. 

Pushing limits one dream at a time. 

Off road haven. 

A dream turns into a mission. 

You deserve what you preserve. 

India Start up stories. 

Disaster Decoded. 

Spirit of India. 

Island with Bear Grylls. 

Find a shortcut to happiness before taking the scenic route there. 

Myth busters. Truth Detectors.

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