List of 65+ Best Danone Brand Slogans

Danone is basically food products brand. This multinational company was started in Barcelona, in Spain. This giant European company was established in the year 1919. The name of its founder is Isaac Carasso.

This company is headquartered in the capital city of France, Paris. Emmanuel Faber is currently the CEO of this company. 


Taglines of Danone brand 

Some things are hard to digest. That’s why we suggest Activia every day. 

Control your eating vices with the junk food patches and corpus light. 

Danone. Dare to feel good. 

Young bones for ever. 

Make the healthy choices. 

Let’s reclaim goodness. Danone. 

Evian. From the heart of the French Alps. 

In Font Vella, we have always believed in impulse of women. 

Aqua. Goodness in life. 

3, 2, 1,… Oikos 

Enjoy as a part of balanced breakfast. 

Actimel is a delicious yoghurt drink which contains different cultures. 

New Activia Breakfast Pots Rise and shine 

It’s revolutionary for yoghurt 

High quality ingredients create a high quality product 

Brand sparkling new 

Only good gets in 

Together, we are all kinds of better 

Danone activation studio 

Feeling good inside out 

One planet. One health. 

It’s worth the sacrifice. 

Got a toddler in your crew 

Journey to your dream. 

The winter is milder 

Women led 65% of all families, but only 3% of companies. 

Men earn 30% more than women who do the same job. 

Women do the cooking in 80% of house holds. But 90% of TV chefs are men. 

Accumulation is never good. 

The irresistible taste of chocolate 

The love behind food 

World premiere, Evian gets undressed. 

Evian. Living young. 

New organic drinking yoghurt with almost a quarter of organic fruit. 

Yogur Ecologico. 

#1 Dairy Brand for kids. 

#Danone Origins 

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. 

Evian. Summer limited edition. 

Choose a flavour. 

Puedes Elegir fruta O Danonino de postre 

World tour of local flavours designed by Danone 

Your little one deserves the right growth. 

Power of prebiotic gos and fos 

Building immunity for your bundle of joy. 

If the baby has started eating solids they can be given probiotics rich foods. 

Discover the power of probiotics for your baby. 

We are happy to assist you with your pregnancy issues 

This Diwali be a smart chEATER, by snacking healthy. 

This Diwali be a smart chEATER, by choosing RIGHT. 

This weekend make tikki your go-to snack. 

Good health requires healthy food 

Nurturing the health of your little ones. 

Healthier choice then, now and always. 

Let’s adopt good habit. 

Let’s fight for a healthier world. 

Let’s fight against poor muscle health. 

Strengthen the bond of friendship with healthy lifestyle 

Give the gift of good health. 

Remember to shop for nutrient rich food regularly. 

Pass on the goodness for the foundation of life. Baby needs it. 

Right start for the right foundation. Baby needs it. 

It’s important to keep trying for their right foundation. Baby needs it. 

Let’s fight against deficiency. 

Providing right nutrition for every person at every age. 

Take your toddler on a healthy ride 

Have a healthy and happy monsoon. 

With you for ever. 

Blissful bites 

We will make sure that we are their for each other 

When a toothy smile is your flaunting style. 

Out the lap. On the feet. 

No more unhealthy snacking. Switch to protinex bytes instead. 

A bite of protein any time, any where. 

Bringing health through food to as many people as possible. 

Forget about mundane Mondays. 

Give your life a new meaning. 

Quality you can trust. 62 quality tests. 

It’s never too late to start living healthy. 

Nothing but the best for moms. 

Look right. Look left. Hide. Eat.

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