List of 65+ Best D’ Décor Brand Slogans

D’ Décor Home Fabrics Pvt. Ltd. is a company that manufactures curtains as well as upholstery fabrics. The founder of this company is Sanjay Arora. This renowned brand was established in the year 1999 and it is headquartered in Mumbai, India.

This Indian brand also exports its manufactures to European countries and also to USA. 


Taglines of D’ Décor Brand 

Beautiful homes tell beautiful stories 

D’ Décor. Live beautiful. 

Setting the mood is everything 

This festive season gift your loved ones. 

#Touch of love. 

#Gift better with D’ Décor. 

Introducing bedding as soft as touch of love. 

No more ish….. get exactly what you imagine. 

No more suedish, linenish, velvetish. 

No matter what you choose it’s always the right choice. 

The gift of a Merry Christmas comes with a home filled with happiness and peace of mind. 

Turn sun light into a piece of art. 

Like plains? Like abstracts? Like sub tilt? Like colours? Like textures? Like bold? 

Fabrics touch more than your home, they touch your life. 

The world’s third largest producer of curtain and upholstery fabrics. 

As you like it. 

The home couture destination 

What’s in? 

Fabrics that touch your life. 

Designs for every space. 

Bedding by D’ Décor. 

It’s not just a store. It’s an experience. 

Rediscover yourself every time you fall asleep. 

Home Fashion comes to Palladium, Chennai 

How do you want to style your décor? 

Do beautiful

Your beautiful old curtains can be someone’s beautiful new curtains 

D’ Décor Innovating homes. 

D’ décor Your room next? 

Finesse, a beautiful texture in a cut out loop loop velvet texture, blending luxury with minimalism. 

Impasto, an expressive mix of fresh, floral prints having a hand painted delicacy. 

Style expert. Home styling service. 

Citronelle. #color trends. 

Silver Birch. #color trends. 

Roasted Taupe. #color trends. 

Surf Spray. #color trends. 

Symphony sheers 2. Luxurious Embroideries. 

Trophee. Decorative Curtains. 

Zephyr, a divine compilation of sheers featuring distressed damasks, abstract textures, large scale geometrics, plains and embroidery. 

Novara Fr. Fire Retardant Fabrics. 

Jardin, an ensemble of floral prints, an embroidered trellis and checks and stripe pattern, evoking a country charm. 

Charming Glamorous Drapes. 

Belga Linen – Collection Two. Luxurious Embroideries. 

Grandeur, stylised vintage florals and paisleys in an exquisite upholstery collection. 

Artesia. Opulent embroideries 

Samara, a melange of multiple qualities in satin jacquard for elegant, understated, yet opulent interiors. 

Favourite timeless textures. 

Metallica, an ensemble of abstract, linear, foil printed patterns textures and geometric shapes in metallic tones. 

Burn out sheers. Wide width sheers. 

Opulence, a collection of enchanting curtain fabrics detailed with finesse in texture and color. 

Jazz, a vivacious upholstery collection meant to add a dash of style and jazz to any space that needs livening up. 

Urban Tribe 2, a distinguished compilation of patterns and textures for upholstery. 

Constance, an elegant curtain collection infused with stately damasks and lively springs accentuated with a distressed texture. 

Why renovate just rugnovate! 

Flamboyant and fabulous Seniorita 2 an extravagant air and glamour of joy to any setting. 

The Blinds collection. 

The Red Earth Collection. 

Anoushka, a multipurpose ensemble of digital prints featuring intricate peacock motifs and decorous damask patterns. 

The Black and white collection. 

Abstracts collection. A beautiful blend of patterns, textures and colours giving your home a modern elegant touch. 

Into the blue collection. 

The wonder years collection. 

The fable collection. 

Luxury club, an urban statement, with bonded and durable soft textures upholstery weaves in an earthy palette 

Usher in warmth and coziness with elegant and versatile collection of D’ Décor Rugs. 

It takes more than beautiful fabrics to make a beautiful home. It takes an expert. 

A vivacious upholstery collection, to add a touch of style to any space.  

Contemporary. Vibrant. Fun. And did we mention soft? 

A beautiful gift says what words cannot 

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