Top 51+ Best Courier Brands of the World

In this era of globalization where we every day needs to connect with each other be It for your office work, or you need to send a gift to a friend who is just getting married there, Courier service plays a major role in it.

Courier is something that connects you not only materially but also emotionally. There are various courier services companies that are developing many are running for a long time. Some of these companies are even run by the Government itself. Here, we bring you a list of the top courier companies in the world.  

Top Courier Brands of the World


Country: German

Dalsey, Hillblom, and Lynn is the full form of DHL founded in the year 1969. They are a German brand which provides their customers with courier services. The company is available in over 220 countries at present and nearly 1.3 billion parcels are delivered in each annual year. Deutsche Post is the parent company for DHL.


Country: United States of America

FedEx also is known as federal express is an American based company with its headquarter in Memphis, Tennessee, US. The company is well known for its quick delivery services it is said that FedEx supplies you delivery within a night. US government special collaboration FedEx. They also provide the facility of real-time tracking of your delivery. 


Country: South African

Aerospeed Couriers provide their customers who are usually business clients with strategic, transportation arrangement and altered express dispatch. Their such strategy towards their customers symbolises that they are highly productive and great in areas where transportation is needed.

First Freight Couriers Limited

Country: India

Sharmeela Omprakash Sahoo, Omprakash Motilal Sahoo and Himmat Sing Lagad are the executive officers of First Freight Couriers. The last annual meeting of this company was held in the year 2017 in the month of September.

United Parcel Service

Country:  USA

UPS is the abbreviated form of united parcel service. They started their journey with a $100 loan as a messenger service. At present they are the world’s largest package delivery company and a  multi-billion-dollar company. Defense services in almost 220 countries a total of 44 95000 workers work under them just to deliver your parcel faster and quicker.

Sf Holding 

Country:  China

It is a Chinese best company with its headquarter in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. SF line is the subsidiary of this courier brand they provide SF express with airline service. The holds the record of transporting 2 million tonnes of cargo since its birth.

Yunda Corp

Country:  China

This company was founded in the year 1999 in August. The company runs with the tagline of “spreading love sending warm and more conveniences” provider services in more than 30 countries all around the globe. BrandZ selected Hyundai as the top hundred most valuable Chinese brand. The use of technology and science to promote there logistics system to a different level.

Yamato Holdings 

Country:  Japan

The courier service began its journey with four trucks in the year 1919. At present, the company owns around 54000 vehicles and has 4000 offices in which nearly 220000 employs work to provide you with a quick delivery service. This organization believes that their greatest resource is their employees and if they work as a team then Yamoto will be strengthened further.

YTO Express Group 

Country:  China

This organization was founded in the year 2000 in May. This brand is continuously looking for developing and exploring the system of express delivery and logistics not only in China but also abroad. They provide their customers with various options like next morning arrival by air, next afternoon arrival by air, cash on delivery, and also the return delivery policy. 

YRC Worldwide INC 

Country: United States of America

This brand is the most comprehensive and largest network in North America. The workers working under them have a lot of experience and are professional. They are also loyal to their customers regarding the shipment of industrial retail and commercial products, such loyalty has taken this company to a new height.

Blue Dart 

Country: India

This organization is well known for its on-time and excellent delivery services. At present they are South Asia’s largest express packers distributor and courier service provider. It is the most popular courier service provider in India. Presently they serve in more than 220 countries in around 33739 locations.  

Royal Mail

Country: United Kingdom

They are among the oldest delivery systems on this earth. At present, it is owned by the United Kingdom’s Government although there are chances of making it private which is also up to 90% shortly. This courier delivery service is well known for just repeated quality service and a guarantee of delivery.

Schenker AG 

Country: Germany

This Is a German-based company with its headquarter in Berlin. They have nearly 2400 offices around the globe in which 91000 employees work. They are recognized as a member of the top companies in Europe as far as logistic and delivery transport is concerned. They are well known for their accurate and high-quality service.


Country: German

They provide their customers with courier services in Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. This organization was formed after TNT N.V  demerged which previously used to work in more than 200 countries. FedEx beach royal mail are among the major competitors of Post NL. They are well known for their services which are accurate and excellent.  

Japan Post Group

Country:  Japan

In the year 2007 Japan post was privatized this gave birth to Japan Post  Group. The company is at present one of the largest postal service provider in the world. They have also contributed towards society by raising funds for earthquakes, nuclear disasters, and Tsunami. It is believed that Japan’s postal group will soon be one of the leaders in the postal service provider.


Country: India

It is an Indian based company with its headquarter in Bangalore. They provide their customers with postal and courier delivery services throughout the world. In India, it has the largest domestic network and it goes through nearly 10000 pin codes throughout the nation. It does nearly 11 million deliveries in a month Andes the most respectable courier service provider in India. 


Country: United Kingdom

They are specialists in 2 person home delivery service in the United Kingdom. Nearly two minion deliveries are done every year by this courier company. They are highly focused on continuous improvement at innovation with the help of technology, training, and new services. 

The company is providing this service for nearly 25 years now.

Central Courier

Country- United States of America

They are In the field of these courier services for almost 38 years now. If you need an immediate shipment of your goods then the Central courier is the right choice. Provide their same-day delivery services in areas of Saint Louis County, Ventura Santa Barbara also on Central coast California. Delivery services start from small packages to large cargoes.

Lone Star 

Country – United States of America

This courier service provider was founded by Ellis Short in the year 1995 with its headquarter in Dallas, Texas, United States. They are most loyal to their clients who are doing the delivery throughout Texas as they are most dependable and always on time in Texas. They also come up with same-day delivery options to their customers whenever needed. 


Country -United States of America

They believe the relationship that they have with their customers comes before the delivery of the shipment. They always stand up to their promise and are never late to deliver the courier. They come up with options like tracking, cash on delivery for their customers. They always make sure that their service is completely private. 


Country -United States of America

Zipment is powered by Deliiv and they provide same-day delivery to various retailers and businessman especially in Chicago and New York City. They provide their customers with options like a suitable time for them to receive the courier and cash on delivery service. Once you receive the delivery you need to confirm that it is safely delivered. 

Ecom Express Pvt Ltd

Country: India

This is an Indian based company with its headquarter in New Delhi founded in the year 2012. The company is available in almost every state of the country delivering couriers to nearly 2400 towns to 25000 pins all over India. This company is ranked among the top 10 courier companies in the nation. They provide speedy inaccurate courier deliveries throughout India. 

Indian Postal Service 

Country: India

It is a Government-owned postal service company founded in the year 1854 with its headquarter located in New Delhi. Apart from offering courier services they also provide their customers with deposit accounts. They deliver their service not only in the cities but also inside the core villages of India. They are the most trusted brand for courier delivery service in India.


Country:  China

In the year 1980, the organization was founded and they took up domestic shipping service in 1984. Almost 45000 offices are presently under EMS in which nearly 100000 employees work to provide you with perfect and safe courier delivery services. They work in almost 200 different countries and also in every town and city in China.

DPD Local 

Country: United Kingdom

They will support and fulfill your want of distribution of couriers wherever you want them to be it the UK or anywhere else in the world. They use the service of air Express to send your couriers to the rest of the world. The company believes that they can be a loyal partner to communities, businesses, and people.

Collect +

Country: Australia

They allow their customers to send and receive their parcel whenever and wherever they want be it late 7 days a week or within a night. They have nearly 7000 areas where you can deposit and receive your parcel, this makes it more comfortable for the customers as they can send their parcel by walking maybe just a few meters from their home. 


Country: Australia

When it comes to parcel logistic and fried services in Australia StarTrack comes first. They deliver parcels not only within Australia but also overseas at present they have delivered in more than 190 countries around the globe. They have collaborated with Qantas freighter flight to provide their customers with quick and accurate delivery. 


Country: New Zealand

In the year 1983 in New Zealand this courier service company was born. They are cheap mod to transfer your parcel to almost any part of the world. The use the most supportive technologies that allow their customers to keep track of where the parcel is at present. Is the company can be a trusted partner for all types of business wherever courier service is required. 


Country:  United Arab Emirates

They are a Dubai based courier service provider. Brand Hazrat Ali has grown in the past few years and is now recognized throughout the globe. They provide their customers with supply chain management, record management services, Express courier delivery services, and logistic supplies.  The company is well known for or executing last-mile delivery solutions and respond quickly to changing demand of customers. 

Sagawa Express

Country:  Japan

The company was founded in the year 2006 by Kiyoshi Sagawa with its headquarter in Minami-ku, Kyoto, Japan.  the company has a total of 85888 employees working under them which provides the company with 728000000000 Yayan. company has collaborated with galaxy airlines for their international and quick courier delivery system service. Amway, Amazon, are some of the major customers of this company.

Nippon Express

Country:  Japan

It is a Japan-based company providing logistic services for almost 80 years. The company runs with the tagline of “on time, every time”. They aim to make the world together with the help of transportation. They have been a leader in courier delivery service not only in Japan but also throughout the world. 

Ecom Express 

Country: India

They provide the customers with high-quality end to end logistics services. They are dedicated to providing a safe, speedy, and reliable facility of courier transportation throughout the nation and also in some parts of the globe. They have 19000 workers working under them who are experienced and are responsible for providing this brand with major achievements in the field of courier delivery services. 


Country: India

Gati, is India’s pioneer in Express Distribution and Supply Chain Solutions, with a solid nearness in Asia Pacific locale and SAARC nations, alongside a broad system across Gati’s incorporated and IT upheld the multi-modular system of air, street, and rail combined with Pan India warehousing offices across India, permits them to give redid Supply Chain Solutions to clients.


Country: South African

BEX was propelled from our MD’s carport in the South of Johannesburg on 1 July 1994. Much to their dismay then that 20 years of messenger greatness would unfold. At BEX, their motto is “we convey”. A solid accentuation has consistently been put on giving clients superb help levels at serious costs with each shipment depended on us.

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