List of 75+ Best Converse Brand Slogans

Converse is basically a shoe company which is based in Boston, Massachusetts, in United States. This shoe company is held by its parent organisation Nike since 2003.

This brand was started back in the year 1908. This company was founded by Marquis Mills Converse. This company manufactured shoes for military during time of Second World War. 


Taglines of Converse Brand 

Let’s converse in colours. 

Art is never limited in the canvas. 

Choose your weapon. 

Shoes turn it down. Sneakers make it loud. 

Designed to help push the boundaries 

Shoes are boring wear sneakers 

The right to be real 

Where ever you go 

More attitude than Crocs. Converse. 

It’s a classic. All star. 

What’s your style. 

Orange you glad to see me ? 

Your line for your feet

Now basketball shoes are more colourful than ever. 

Your foot gives you a hand 

Where ever you are. Be all converse. 

Converse. All her stories are true. 

Converse. Spark progress. 

Converse. One star hotel pop up. 

Converse. For ever Chuck. For every you. 

Chuck hack – weather. Converse. 

Converse – Spotify. 

Donate your shadow. Converse. 

Get loud Paris. Converse. 

Bride collection. Converse. 

Garage door Converse. 

Start from the Bottom. 

#Chucks First. 

Wear it with any thing. Converse. 

There is only one All star. Only Converse makes it. Only sporting goods dealers sell it. 

Every ace has a story. Since 1908 

Shoes keep it clean. Sneakers get dirty. 

When you watch Chris Evert play tennis, notice her Converse Shoes. 

Out of the clear Blue sky. More than just a shoe. Express you. 

Welcome to the Converse Century 

Converse. Stand out. 

Sears calls it The Winner for 6 great reasons. 

It’s like a jungle out there. 

The big shoe. Converse. 

A tennis star for 55 years….. Converse. 

Step in to Converse. The pros do. 

Be a new color every day. Converse. 

For the better fit comfort and traction specify All Stars. 

America’s no. 1 Basketball shoes. 

The winner. Converse. 

First choice for tournaments, too. 

Built by Converse. Just for Sears. 

Still Number one. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star. 

What else but All Stars for those tournament games? 

For a world of wear and comfort insist on Converse All Star. 

First in fit, quality in sales. 

Now basketball shoes are more colourful than ever 

For the newest ideas in Basketball equipment 

You can measure the difference. 

Everything we want in basketball shoes we get in All Stars. 

All stars. All colours. 

Construct a shoe that defines you. 

Get chucked. Converse. 

Limousines for your feet. 

Relationships are developed. Converse. 

Only one part of you can handle a big day out. 

Show your support and add some red to your black. Show who you are. 

Some things never go out of style. 

Add some colour to your comfort. 

The shoes with a story. 

Converse makes them. But sears gives them soul. 

Don’t wade into the main stream. Converse. 

A blank canvas primed and ready for you. 

Shoes buy a ticket. Sneakers put on the show. 

Colour your world. Converse. 

Shoes follow directions. Sneakers get lost. 

Older than the queen of England. 

High Class. Converse. 

Converse. Express yourself. 

Fun favourite of the family. Converse. Play time foot wear. 

Talk about fun. 

50 years of Champion. Converse All stars. 

The Original All Star. 

Specified by more coaches. Worn by more players than any other Basketball Shoe. All Stars.

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