51+ Civil Service Day Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Every year on April 21 we celebrate civil service day in honor of those who dedicate their entire life in service of a nation. They devote themselves in public service and help us to get a better nation and better society. This is not only celebration to give them honor but also a day to celebrate our safe society. 

Civil Service Day Captions for Social Media

-The respect they deserve give them on this civil service day – celebrate civil service day happily. #happy

-They are the civil servants – they give us service all year long – happy civil service day. 

-Public service is not an easy thing – respect those who gives us service throughout the year – have a happy civil service day. #respect

-Civil servants are very important for our country and our society – show them respect on this civil service day. #important

-They make us satisfied with their public service but they will never get any satisfaction in back until we show them some respect – celebrate this civil service day with respect. 

-They are wise – they are kind hearted – they are civil servants – show them love on this civil service day. 

-Their dedication makes a nation happy – they are the precious civil servants – celebrate this civil service day for them. #happy

-Keep civil servants a day away from nation – the nation will collapse – understand their worth – have a happy civil service day.

-Humanism and patriotism are in their blood – they are civil servants – they are precious – happy civil service day. #precious

-Without the public servants a government will stand nowhere near success – respect them – have a happy civil service day. 

-They bring the revolution to a society – they bring the knowledge to a society – they build a safe society – happy public service day. 

-Let’s show some respect to those loyal civil servants on this civil service day who made our country safer. #safe

-Loyal civil servants are the most important part of every successful nation – show them some love on this civil service day. #respect

-They are the public servant – so they should work for public only by remembering their morals and duties – happy civil service day. 

-It is the duty of a civil servant to respect the law, follow it carefully and also make sure that people follow carefully – happy civil service day. #law

-A society cannot flourish without the loyal civil servants – show them gratitude on this civil service day. #gratitude

-It is their duty to protect the society – it is our humanity to show them respect – happy civil service day. 

-Don’t disrespect all the civil servants for few disloyal people – without them we stand nowhere – happy civil service day. 

-Remember that civil servants are for civilians not for the government – have a great civil service day. #great

-It is the duty of civil servants to protect the civilians – to protect the society – happy civil service day. #duty

-Every civil servant should be honest and dutiful – celebrate this civil service day happily. 

-A person cannot be a civil servant if he has no sense of duty – happy civil service day. #duty

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