List of 85+ Best Chivas Regal Brand Slogans

Chivas Regal is basically a brand of Blended Scotch. This Scotch whiskey is made by the Chivas Brothers. This huge brand was established in the year 1786.

And this distillery is also the oldest one in its continuous operations for so many long years. The first Scotch was introduced in the market in the year 1801. 


Taglines of Chivas Regal Scotch Brand 

What idiot changed the Chivas Regal Bottle again? 

Drinking less? Then drink better!

Your friends won’t think less of you if you don’t serve Chivas Regal. 

An appeal to the person who drinks Chivas Regal at everyone’s house but his own? 

If not now, when? 

It’s not just how long you age it. It’s what you age. 

The most carefully poured Scotch in the world. 

Liquor store on the West Coast. 

To the host it’s half empty. To the guest it’s half full. 

Give dad an expensive belt. 

Of course it’s expensive. It took twelve years to make. 

We should behave to friends as we would wish them to behave to us 

I didn’t know you were a Chivas Drinker 

Truth in advertising 

Mixes well with stars, statues, red carpets and a dash of water. 

The true meaning of wealth. 

This festive season, find gold with Chivas. 

Live with Chivalry 

Win the right way with Chivas. 

It’s better to give than receive. With certain possible exceptions. 

Are your friends living beyond your means? 

Every taste a new experience. 

If one of your guests brings Chivas for the party, then remember….. it’s for the party. 

Pouring your first Chivas can be an unnerving experience 

Can you think of anything that gives you better return on your investment? 

Loin Des Yeux, Pres Du Coeur 

There’s a nice way to say almost every thing. 

What other outrageous luxury costs $12.00? 

Because we understand what it means to mature with age. 

Get in the Chivas spirit. 

Meet Chivas Collins 

Today we toast to freedom. 

Success tastes better when shared. 

Five Single malts, five master Blenders, our ultimate whiskey 

Chivas Regal Ultis. The essence of who we are. 

It always tastes best when you pour your own glass last. 

When you know Chivas Regal. 

America’s most wanted premium scotch whiskey 

Scotland’s prince of Whiskey 

Did you know that the average income of the readers of this magazine is in the country’s top 20% bracket! 

Less work for father. 

Go ahead, spend the extra few dollars. It’s Christmas isn’t it? 

Really. If your father isn’t worth an extra few dollars, who is? 

The Regal Flavour of Scotland….. 

No other scotch makes you wonder what you did to deserve it. 

Success is a blend 

Unleash your gold celebrate with XV Lancement Officiel. 

Chivas Regal. Complainers versus Entrepreneurs. 

The legend of Cannes 

Because I have known you all my life. 

A new member of the family coming soon. October 2014. 

Because I know it off by heart 

What’s the occasion? 

The Chivas Regal of Scotches. 

It’s not just how long you age it. It’s what you age. 

Of course you can afford it. Think of all the money you have saved drinking ordinary Scotch. 


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