201+ Chewing Gum Slogans and Taglines

Chewing gums are the favorite candies for children the world over. Even adults love chewing gums, especially the ones that act as mouth fresheners. Compared to the earlier variety of chewing gums, the latest ones have become softer and tastier. They are highly circulated in the market, and there is always scope for more unique flavors.

Since there is high competition for candy production in the market, especially chewing gums, a lot needs to be done to effectively sell a new brand. Here is a list of some marketing slogans to help you sell your own brand of chewing gum.

Chewing Gum Slogans

Chew on for health.

The candy that adds taste to health.

Keeps you on the go.

Fruity and bubbly.

Chew on for hours.

Refreshment for every occasion.

The taste of fresh mint.

Leaves a freshness in the mouth.

Smell like a gem.

The beauty of chewing it right.

The gum that makes a whole lot of difference.

No flavors come close to it.

Your everyday companion.

Superior in every way to the others.

Make chewing a healthy way for your gums.

The taste of strawberry redefined.

Flavored to keep you satisfied.

Makes you yearn for more.

Nothing but the best chewing gums for you.

All the flavors that you can think of.

Take a pack of two for double the chew.

You’re with the best companion.

A great way to pass your time.

For double the fun.

Keeps you busy and productive.

The perfect exercise for your jaw muscles.

Making bubbles in the relaxation.

Fun to use.

Tasty and juicy.

Comes in your favorite flavors.

Chew your way to growth.

Adds up to a scented personality.

Keeps your teeth fresh and clean.

Bring back the favorite flavors of your childhood.

Chew only what’s good for you.

A bite to get yourself in a tastier world.

A better version of gums.

It acts like a pill and you’re all chilled.

Minty with a twist.

Be in the situation.

Feels like a boss.

Keeps you ready for the moment.

Always a lot of fun when you’re chewing a gum.

For the times when you want to read and chew.

When you chew, you know it is meant for you.

Changes your outlook.

Feel relaxed.

Chill out young man!

Keep it with you. Always.

Carry it wherever you go.

Available in a store that loves you.

Never get bored chewing it.

For a long lasting chew.

Chewing is good for growing.

You deserve a break today.

Relax and let the gum take over.

A lighter way to enjoy.

From the land of sweets.

Flavors you can’t resist.

Gives you the smile you need.

Blow a bubble to chill.

Chew on to refreshment.

The flavors that change as you chew on.

Getting your taste buds delighted in every chew.

The love for your gums, shared by a chewing gum.

For stronger and healthier gums.

A fresher breath for a fresh new start.

Blowing the biggest bubbles.

The flavor to savor.

Only the best chewing gums around.

Nothing tastes better.

Your after meal freshener.

Keeps you alert and fresh.

Gives you the boost you need.

Uplift your mood today.

Chewing Gum Taglines

Sweet that speaks.

As chewy as it gets.

Feel the freshness within.

Don’t let the hunger take control.

The chewing gum that is safe to swallow.

Pack a power punch.

If you’re looking for something more, here it is.

There’s never a wrong way to chew.

Juicy for as long as you chew.

Get the sensational difference in taste.

Fruit filled center for the explosion waiting to happen.

Just too good.

Too good to believe.

Try it and never go back again.

Nothing else satisfies the way it does.

Extraordinary from the very first chew.

If juicy had a definition, this would be it.

The secret lies in the love we shower.

Only made for you.

Taste that speaks for itself.

The brand that brings you the best quality.

Your most prized possession.

Never part with it.

Flavors that stay forever unique.

Unparalleled in every way.

Break out of the monotony.

The true specialty of chewing gums.

Distinctive tastes.

What’s in a name?

Nothing but the best has to do the trick.

Take a chew today.

Carve a better mood for yourself.

We know you’ll like nothing else.

Chewing gums that have lasted the test of time.

Make some room for flavor.

Let the flavors digest.

Give yourself an excellent option for the taking.

Just buy it already.

The delight for your taste buds.

Inspired by your imagination.

From the house of best candies in town.

Flavors that stay unique.

Indulge in luxury.

The pure taste of happiness.

Life is sweet and simple.

Chew on that.

Turning into an ever growing favorite.

Make a sweeter choice for yourself.

Made with passion.

Here is a bite of delicious.

Make time for chewing.

It remains your one and only.

You’ll be back for more.

Chewing gums has never been so much fun.

A sweeter way to pass your time.

Healthy teeth means a happier you.

The classical taste of chewing gums.

Get into the stride of what’s tasty.

Keeping you in the loop.

A choice for your pleasure.

The comfort of chewing delicious.

Taste of divinity.

Feed on to the finest flavors in town.

The kid in you always wants it.

How sweet can a gum possibly get?

Intensely refreshing.

Grab a piece of it.

Happiness for your mouth.

It’s just a bite away.

Can’t chew enough of it.

Get a bang out of life.

When taste matters, this chewing gum counts.

An instant mood changer.

The world’s favorite.

Fall in love with it.

Delightfully yours.

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