186+ Catchy Carol Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Christmas carols can never get old. All over the world, people of all cultures love to swing and sway to Christmas carols, and they bring the charm of the festival every year. Here are some Christmas carol captions to make your social media posts all the more Christmassy! 

Carol Captions for Instagram

Everything seems calm and bright. So sing these carols and spread the light. #carols

I simply cannot imagine a Christmas without carols.

You can see mistletoe hanging everywhere. 

Why be part of the carol when I can be a part of the hope it brings.

A merry Christmas calls for you to sing all the carols you can.

You aren’t my carol. You are a hymn of my life.

As they say, the stars looked as Baby Jesus lay. #stars

There is so much happiness and love in all the carols we sing.

Come all ye faithful, may everyone be joyful and triumphant.

My mind and soul become calm and patient after hearing Christmas carols.

No one knows which carol I really love!

Let us all sing carols of love and peace and joy.

In the little town of Bethlehem, how still we see the lie.

Here’s wishing you a joyful Christmas and Feliz Navidad. #wish

Pray for peace, people everywhere. And let everyone else be at peace.

I can never get bored of Christmas carols.

Rocking and rolling around the Christmas Tree.

Carols are meant to be all about Jesus and Christmas.

Hark! The herald angels always sing about the baby Jesus.

Merry Christmas is sung in so many carols.

Baby Jesus in his manger, sweet as ever.. #crib

How lucky I am to be named Carol.

Frosty the Snowman knows about the sun that day.

Is there anyone here who doesn’t love carols?

Now we sing Joy to the World. You should join in too.

Angels sing carols on the day that Christ was born.

Silent night, holy night. Everything seems so nice and bright. #night

Jingle bells rock, and so do I. #bells

We can become good friends only if you adore singing carols.

Good King Wenceslas brought me to the Feast of Stephen.

Singing carols symbolizes our faith and belief in the Lord Jesus.

In the meadow, we can become snowmen.

All I want for Christmas is a whole day of carols.

The little Lord Jesus soulfully resting while we sing Carols. #jesus

It is fascinating how Christmas carols can pacify us so easily.

O come to Emmanuel, and ransom captive Israel.

Carols help to renew our hopes and aspirations.

Oh, it really was fun to ride in the one-horse open sleigh.

Sing carols to let everyone know that it is the little king’s birthday.

With a corncob pipe, and a button nose, and two eyes made of coal.

The carols ring soft bells in our hearts in praise of the little lord. #hearts

I played the drum for Him. Am I Little Drummer Boy?

Carols are the best gifts that we have with us all the time.

Santa Claus wants you to be good, and you will get a great gift.

The carols in December sound so different than at other times.

In the bleak midwinter, it’s way too frosty. 😛

You are my Christmas carol. Am I yours?

Jingle all along and spread the love. #jinglebells

Carols unite us as a single soul. And they keep us bound in love.

Carols and Christmas trees are enough to make me happy.

With snow all around and carols sung by all……

The spirit of Christmas lies in carols as well.

Deck the halls, open that wine, and cherish these moments. #holly

Funny Carol Captions

It’s the right time to rock and sing carols all along. #rock

Let the prayers begin, and the singing, too.

Let it snow, and let there be love and happiness.

Come, let us sing in sync those odes to Him.

All I want for Christmas is us. Nothing else will ever do.

I twinkle when I sing your Christmas carol. So please let me keep twinkling always.

Here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Lane. #santa

Cakes and carols, merriment and joy. That’s a Christmas for all to enjoy.

Lullabies for my Baby Jesus and yours!

Carols are actually hymns of love sung more colloquially.

Snowing and blowing up is what Christmas fun is all about.

I am lost in the carols that they sing on Christmas.

Walking in a winter wonderland. It is then that I realize it’s actually Christmas.

When my heart beats to the tune of those carols. #tune

Let’s go and deck the halls. And keep singing all the carols.

My heart adores your soul because of the carol it wrote.

Have a holy Christmas and keep singing Christmas carols.

Love to love all of you and the carols that you sing.

The stars are brightly shining, and there is a light shining within my soul.

Wishing you all an amazingly awesome Christmas carol season.

Let your heart be light. And let your soul shine bright. #heart

God bless us, everyone. And let us sing carols in his praise.

Oh, the weather outside is intimidating. But singing carols is truly beautiful.

I love Christmas carols playing softly in the background.

May all your Christmases be white. And red. And green. And fantastic.

Let’s break into Christmas carols. And share our joy with everyone else.

It’s beginning to look like the best time of the year. 

It’s time to begin singing those carols again. #carols

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