185+ Catchy Caramel apple Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Caramel apples are the perfect blend of sweetness and comfort that everyone enjoys during the season of fall and especially characterize Thanksgiving in many parts of the western world. Here are some captions that will further sweeten your social media posts relating to caramel apples. 

Caramel apple Captions for Instagram

Let me be the caramel, and you be the apple. 

Let us make this the sweetest relationship.

Your caramel apples simply open up our imagination. 

And also a yearning for more.

I am genuinely in love with your caramel apples, darling.

All our caramel apples are freshly made. That’s why they are so unique and popular.

These caramel apples will make all your worries go away. #worries

Bites of happiness in caramel apples. Great for Thanksgiving and Christmas too.

Whatever the question is, the answer is always caramel apples.

Those caramel apples are just simply too irresistible.

These caramel apples are simply majestic in taste and feel.

Caramel apples can be your best friends when you are lonely. #friends

I am bobbing for these caramel apples each and every day.

I eat caramel apples just like that. I don’t need a festival to savor them.

Caramel apples are the source of every solution, whatever the problem.

After Thanksgiving, let’s make more caramel apples for Christmas as well. #christmas

Even after the witches of Halloween are gone, we continue making caramel apples on our own.

Capturing the fun, everyone has to eat my caramel apples on Thanksgiving.

Caramel apples definitely come in candy and red-y to be eaten.

Let us enter the future with these traditional caramel apples.

My daily serving of fruit is caramel apples. What more can a man ask for?

The major ingredient in caramel apples is love. 

And love is what you experience in each bite. #ingredient

Why try to be like an apple when you can be more like a caramel apple?

It brings us great joy to see the joy you all have in eating our caramel apples.

The best things in life are sweet – just like caramel apples. And you.

These caramel apples take me on a journey into happiness. And a pleasant adventure.

I am a hardcore fan of caramel apples. They live in my core as I reach theirs. #fan

I just can’t seem to get enough of caramel apples.

Let caramel apples be your true love. Enjoy them always.

We are enjoying every caramel apple that has come our way.

Opt for caramel apples – just because they are different.

Caramel apples are sweet, fruity, healthy, and nice. #healthy

Caption those photos of me making caramel apples.

No one can eat just one caramel apple. Try it to find out.

Enter into the adventure of caramel apples. It is the most fantastic and sweetest journey of all.

Of course, I am enjoying the sweet life. I keep eating caramel apples only.

A life without caramel apples is a life completely wasted. #life

Why have a plain apple when you can cover it with caramel?

Make your life as delicious as caramel apples.

Every apple needs to be coated with sugar, but it would be better if coated with caramel.

Every bite of these caramel apples is a sweet surprise.

Experience love at first bite with these caramel apples. #bite

Let these caramel apples become your partners in sweetness.

Can’t you think of anything other than caramel apples?

Why not have some caramel apples and let the kid in you come out in the open?

Caramel apples are one sweet addiction that I will never try to quit.

Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving with caramel apples. #thanksgiving

I just love caramel apples to the core. And I am sure they love me to mine too.

Only the best apples and the best caramel for us.

How do you like your apples? With caramel, of course.

You can never be too old to have caramel apples.

We actually go together, just like caramel and apples. #together

Funny Caramel apple Captions

The Roses are red. The Apples are too. Here is a caramel apple just for you.

These caramel apples will help you relive all your good moments.

First, we eat caramel apples. Then we talk of other things.

It seems caramel apples will never lose their charm, love, and popularity.

I am sorry that I cannot share my caramel apples with you. #caramelapple

Caramel apples always help create great memories in our lives.

Come and join the caramel apple squad. And then enjoy a sweet experience.

For a positive life packed with everything nice, have some of those caramel apples every day.

Look at those apples all red-y and glistening in caramel.

A bad day eating caramel apples is still better than any good day with them. #apples

A caramel apple a day keeps all the negative things away.

Caramel apples are sweet in every way – be it in taste, feelings, or memories.

Do you know that you are the caramel apple of my eye?

A family that eats caramel apples together will stick together.

You are the caramel to my apples. You sweeten my life. #caramel

Share caramel apples with everyone. Make their day sweet.

Let us have caramel apples and live apple-y ever after.

Caramel apples are one of those beautiful things that bring back those childhood memories.

Never expect me to share my caramel apples with you.

Thanksgiving with caramel apples makes it so much sweeter. #sweet

I apple-ogize for not coming to dinner last night. 

I was red-ying my caramel apples.

Give thanks to everyone and everything. 

Then eat all the caramel apples you can.

I just love caramel apples too much and miss trying to think of anything else.

To reminisce the most special days of your life, have some caramel apples.

One of the most a-peeling combos I have had is apples and caramel. #combination

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