185+ Catchy Candy corn Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Almost all of us have a child living inside of us, and candy corn is one of those dishes that almost all of us love to have once in a while during the season of Thanksgiving. Here are some captions that will help you promote your posts on social media. 

Candy corn Captions for Instagram

Candy corn is the source of every ounce of happiness that we wish to have.

Colors of the season and corn on the cob are represented by candy corn.

It feels so nice to have friends and family having candy corn together on Thanksgiving.

Why not eat candy and corn separately instead of candy corn?

I think all the candy corn that we make is better off this way anyway. #make

Believe it or not, candy corn was first known as chicken feed.

I love eating candy corn. I love doing a lot of things. I guess the best is eating candy corn.

Candy corn can be crack cocaine of the candy world.

Never take candy from strangers. But share your candy corn with them.

Feeling really sweet and corny after all that candy corn. #sweet

Have some candy corn, give thanks, then have some more candy corn.

I never any vegetable unless it is candy corn.

A little candy corn can change the whole world.

Let all that candy corn melt in your mouth. Then let it melt your heart.

If you don’t love candy corn, we just cannot become good friends. #friends

Feed me some candy corn, and you will find it to be the softest one in the room.

Thanksgiving wishes, and candy corn kisses to everyone this year.

Candy corn is one addiction I love and will never quit.

And all the time, I thought candy corn was actually a sweet vegetable.

The vegetable I love most is candy corn. #candycorn

Have you ever seen a sad person have candy corn?

I am always so popular at this time of the year for my candy corn.

How can I give thanks to anything at all when I don’t have candy corn in my mouth?

The sweetest and corniest thing is candy corn.

The freaking candy corn is the source of my happiness. #happiness

Many a tension has vanished while eating candy corn.

Let’s give thanks now. Then we eat some candy corn before dinner.

Candy corn will make you smile all the time. 

Thank god for candy corn. It is the source of my sustenance.

Whenever you want peace and love, share some candy corn. #share

Candy corn is simply too innocent to be corrupted and spoiled by the adult world.

I thought candy corn was all about the candy. My thought changed soon.

After a whole year, candy corn at last. I eat and gobble them up real fast.

I just love candy corn. But why, I don’t know.

No one can eat just one candy corn. That’s the candy corn challenge. #challenge

Beware! Candy corn can make you give a lot of thanks to a lot of things.

Have one candy corn, and try stopping yourself from having any more of them.

Let’s have some candy corn and feel pretty nice about it.

Candy corn is the best sweet and the best Thanksgiving treat.

You know that I love candy corn the most; I just love you a little more than that. #love

Candy corn is now here, never to come back till next year.

We look our cutest after we’ve had candy corn.

Candy corn is good for you just as long as you don’t eat too many of them.

Whenever I eat candy corn, I seem to see everyone else as elves.

Fill your mouth with candy corn, and then try to speak. You will be amazed by your accent. #accent

For me, it is only candy corn, syrup, and candy canes.

Candy corn could melt away any other candy only if it were more readily available all year.

Having candy corn as our main course at Thanksgiving dinner.

These late nights in winter are ever more enjoyable with candy corn.

Some people think eating candy corn is the same as eating vegetables. #vegetables

Funny Candy corn Captions

That’s the candy corn outfit that I plan to wear to Thanksgiving this year.

Why not have some candy corn and forgive everyone who has hurt you?

I eat so much candy corn that I have begun to look like it too.

Candy, candy apples, and candy corn are three of the best things one could ask for.

When you are super full with food, just have candy corn. #food

Of course, I am disciplined. I just eat a little candy corn every day.

Why despise candy corn on Thanksgiving? Love this one day only.

I just keep eating candy corn whenever I am depressed. Then, all my depression vanishes.

Candy corn can make you look and feel funny.

Everything changes the moment you put candy corn in your mouth. #change

Eating candy corn is the same as throwing it in the trash. I guess that makes me trash as well.

Have candy corn, and you will talk the sweetest way you ever can.

I can trade my sibling for some candy corn. I mean it. And on Thanksgiving too.

My head just doesn’t function unless there is candy corn in my mouth.

Never take candy from strangers. Candy corn is a different story altogether, though. #strangers

Candy corn season begins in autumn and lasts till spring.

Candy corn is not always around. That’s what makes it even more special.

Why hate candy corn when you can have it in moderation?

I am so fixated on candy corn that I just cannot think of anything else at all.

Candy in its best form is also called candy corn. #candycorn

Candy corn comes in a multitude of colors, but the most popular are brown, orange, yellow, and white. 

It is called candy corn because it looks like an ear of corn when you stack it all up.

Candy corn is one candy that is hardly ever advertised.

Munching on candy corn is so much better than a whole lot of other things.

There’s simply too much candy corn leftovers after every Thanksgiving. #thanksgiving

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