100+ Catchy Cancer Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Any caption if good enough can make a great impact on the viewers and thus hold immense importance. People have started respecting great captions and are trying to come up with the best ones. Here is a list of captions relevant to your social media posts.

Cancer captions for Facebook

As a Cancer, I am very caring and always help people. #caring

I have diehard loyalty in me and that will never be compromised.

Belonging to the cancer zodiac I am known for being very sensitive.

I always put my family first in every situation. #family

I am always overprotective and caring for the people I love.

My intuitions are great and I can sense things very well.

My past always eats me up and it is very difficult for me to let it go. #past

I am very intuitive and my intuitions become true.

If you are my friend then you are everything to me.

If I hate you then you are my worst enemy.

As I am a Cancer, I am over-sensitive and emotional than others. #emotional

If loyalty is the requirement, a Cancerian is a solution.

People belonging to the cancer zodiac are very artistic and are very creative.

Creativity is something in which cancer people are great. #creative

I am highly imaginative and have my own imaginary world.

I am very moody and my mood fluctuates continuously.

I am very determined in whatever I do.

People belonging to the Cancer zodiac are super sensitive. #sensitive

I have an excellent memory and can remember everything fully.

Reverse psychology is something that I often use a lot.

Most people find Cancer people weird and we are okay with it. #weird

A Cancer is always very possessive and thus faces many emotional rides.

Being a Cancer, I am very secretive about my real life. #real

I can read people and their minds better than most other people.

I might interact with the whole world but I need my alone time for sure.

I might be talking to you but deep down I am in a different world. #world

Cancer Captions for Instagram

If you are in the good book of Cancer, then they will do anything for you. #good

Insecurity is filled in me and I cannot help but be insecure.

Belonging to the Cancer family I am very sensitive and curious.

Being sentimental and emotional is in my vein. #sentimental

A Cancer never gives up on the people they truly love.

If I want, I can manipulate people very easily without even trying. #manipulate

If you want to know about my personal life, then surely you have to earn my trust.

Entering a Cancer’s comfort Zone is very difficult.

I can read your mind without even talking to you for a long span.

A Cancerian should always be proud of their nature and personality.

A Cancerian has a very expressive personality. #expressive

A Cancerian can be very sweet from the outside and hate you from the inside.

Diplomacy is something that a Cancer possesses very effortlessly. #diplomacy

A Cancerian would always guide you in the best way possible.

As a lover, I am a very passionate and dedicated lover.

I can be the lone wolf and need no one to be by my side. #lone

I enjoy the feeling of being complimented very much.

Late-night talks are something which I like the most.

If you compliment me, then you instantly become my favorite. # favorite

I do not prefer people who are stubborn and aggressive. #stubborn

I hate dealing with two faces people.

A Cancerian will hate people who always come up with unnecessary drama.

I like to be consistent and people who are not do not impress me. #consistent

You make the first move and then leave it on me.

Being a backup plan is not my cup of tea.

If I am your priority, you will be my priority.

I can be very pretentious. #pretentious

Cancer Captions for Twitter

Cancer people are real softy and are very lovely as well.

People belonging to the cancer zodiac can be super classy.

Being confused is not my thing as I have everything figured out beforehand. #confuse

I always go through an emotional rollercoaster ride.

We are the angriest as well the most chill person you will ever meet. #angry

Be nice to me and I will be nice to you.

If you yell at me, I will start ignoring you.

I have curiosity issues and wish to know everything.

I crave bondings and real relationships with others. #relationship

I like gathering knowledge about many things and that makes me more impressed.

I am like a magnet, people get attracted very easily to me. #magnet

I might forgive someone but never forget their deeds ever.

I might seem to be rude at first but that is just me being shy.

I can pretend to be a whole different person than I am. #pretend

I have my priorities clear to me.

I give the best advice to the people in need.

I am an expert in delaying every plan with ease.

If you are kind to me I will be forever grateful. #kind

Cancer people love healing people who are broken from the inside.

I can manipulate but cannot be easily manipulated.

I might be nagging but I am very understanding from within. #understanding

If you want loyalty, then cancer people are the best choice.

I can offer comfort to everyone very easily.

People start enjoying my company very easily.

I do not believe anything at one time and look for reassurance. #believe

People who belong to the cancer zodiac are extremists and find it difficult to balance.

I can be aggressive but do not like people who are just the same.

I might be nice to you but if you mess with me, get ready to see the scariest temper.

I can miss someone and still never call because of ego.

People who are full of sympathy are well respected by cancer people.

I do not crave attention and being ignored is something that I hate a lot.

If you are grateful for my gestures, then you have my respect.

I do not crave fame or stardom.

You will receive love differently when a Cancerian starts loving you.

I do believe in love because I love intensely.

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