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25+ Successful Brand Extensions with Examples

A brand extension parents leveraging the ideas to upgrade the value of the brand into many aspects. The brand extension can be defined as the new source of ideas, accumulation ideas and generating new ways established as a brand.

The method involves many steps including brand modifications, brand enhancement, brand economics to build the brand as pinner in the relevant field.

The major kea step to identify the product categories and the product special to do a robust observance.

 How To Strengthen Your Brand In A Larger Context: 

The key success of the brands come only the brand optimizes their best specifications to the customers.  Maximum brands such as Microsoft, apple, Google, are the master of marketing.

They have more focused on the associations and brainstorming the audiences they want to convince in the whole world. Thus they have captured the market of the whole world. A systematic observance can easily guide any product builder to project a very valuable brand in society.

List of Successful Brand Extensions With Examples

A Complete Shift:  

The word shift is vertical in marketing includes many proponents of growth. The change can be in different patterns. Transformation can be shape, size, and ethnicity. A physical transformation can change many things in the bands.

There are many brands that actually have changed their shape and the size, and thus they have acquired a huge amount of profit in the long run.

Ice Cream Bars, Black & Decker Role Play Tool Toys, Starbucks Frappuccino, Snickers, Clorox Bleach Pen, Dial Hand Wash have changed a lot.

Transformation To The Ingredients: 

Several organizations is existing in the world which is earlier under the loss. After some time when they have completely changed their ingredients and the product is most popular in the consumer’s hand.

Moreover, a lot of brands has done a tremendous modification in their brand’s evolution. Even the old techniques they were following are often avoided by the people. Fresh Baked” Candles, Ghirardelli Brownie Mix, Crayola soap paints (creative color), Entenmann’s “Dr Scholl’s shoes, these brands have many aspects of the branding in the world.

Promoting The Benefits To Common Customers:

Very frequently, the concentration the profit generation of the company rather giving benefits to the customers. Sometimes this behavioral aspect moves the customers always form the product and the brand. 

After understanding the problem, many companies have changed their projection and marketing style. They stared to empower the customers to give benefit so that they can able to gain the trust of the organization in the long run.

Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bars, Arm & Hammer Car Litter Deodorizer, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, Ziploc Food Containers, are the brands changed their profit level, with a huge profit.

Authority To The Expertise: 

Every product has some unique features, which they are committed to providing to the customers. At the time launching the product, it comes with many promises in the consumers to benefit the service value out of the cost. 

However, if the products fail to give all those specifications the products become useless for the customers in the future.

Mayo Clinic Diet, Reebok Sports Club Food Network cookware, Honda lawnmowers, Body Building system, Gold’s Gym 7-in-1 are the brands which have to change the product.

Partner Products: 

End number of companies done their marketing through the branding by making the tie-up with the other brands. Special marketing strategies, gifting your products a sample of other reputed items. This trend has been accepted by many organizations.

In the return of using the brand value of the other organization. The patron organizations taking monetary or the other benefits in exchange of the betterment of the brand, are Coleman Sleeping bags, Coppertone Sunglasses, Harley Davidson Apparel, Mr. Coffee Premium Coffee, Steinway Furniture Polish, and Weber Seasonings.

Competitive Advantage: 

It’s one of the supreme aspects of branding taking a competitive advantage. In these days’ people, are aware of the brand value of the organization.

Now, if an organization with the same brand value offers the more high-quality products people will lean towards the brand which is offering more benefits with the same amount of the money.

Harley Davidson Apparel, Weber Seasonings, Coleman Sleeping bags, Steinway Furniture Polish, Coppertone Sunglasses, Mr. Coffee Premium Coffee are the examples which re more powerful

Strategically Using The Cost Estimates:

Every company has the limited cost estimate in the initial phase, they need to invest the cost in the various spectrums which are wisely to gain more profit in the long run.

Instead of taking a huge investment recurring platforms one can go for the platforms which re comparatively more affordable.

The marketing campaign like human factors, jokers in from of the shopping mall which involves more gatherings. And it also creates a visual impact on the mind of the people.

Smith & Wesson Tactical Police Mountain Bikes, Tricks Yogurt, same Street Toys, Barbie Scooter, S Adidas Watches, Fisher-Price Diapers.

Analytics Of Products: 

When it comes to the matter of the brand extension, the companies should give more value on the upliftment of the inner analytic department.

The analytics will justifiably understand the features, especially the plus points of the products. If your products are input is not absolutely good, then even the highest marketing invest cannot even save your product.

A strong analytics analyses the lacking of the product.

Diversify Your Products: 

If you want to unique in the market, you have to diversify your product into the market. A solid production model based on the educated researchers, engineers, and designer’s c creates a diversification to the product, which is equally important to build the product’s metrics.

Google, Apple, Amazon. Microsoft, Facebook, Visa, AT&T., McDonald’s and more items are the brands which have focused on their production partner at first and they marketed the products in the market.

People able to increase the purchase order if they floor the outline of the products significantly.

Grasp On The Customer:  

Every customer has the authority to give buy anything in the many places and from any brand. However, customers prefer some brands by heredity.

Just for example, if the parent of the customer prefers a particular brand, the consumer gives the first priority to that brand. To build this segment of loyal customers, the brand managers have to add the cultural value to precede which they get from their ancestors.

Caswell-Massey (1752) .,The Hartford Courant (1764) ,Baker’s Chocolate (1765),Ames (1774),King Arthur Flour (1790) ,Cigna (1792) ,Dixon Ticonderoga (1795) ,Jim Beam (1795) are such examples.

Gorilla Marketing: 

Gorilla marketing strikes the customer attention with more personalized advertising and it is moreover designed to create to take the hold over the mind of the customers.

This type o to marketing techniques includes all the unconventional approaches to marketing. Which includes the maximum strategies which include, restaurants, shopping malls, and coffee shop.

Jay Conrad Levinson is the legend who actually developed the concept of guerilla marketing. Bounty is one of the brands which extensively used the technique

Leveraging Unique Features

In the same market doing thing things different means a lot. Here, bumble is a classic example. It is quite obvious that the brands brand expands into the market of cosmetics. However, the difference of the ways working means a lot for the customers. 

Bumble has been appointed many dermatologists to give to identify the problems of the customer’s and according to the problem of giving the solution.  They asks their skin specialist to prepare the serums according to the convenience.

Additional Package: 

Additional packaging means combining the two products into one package, to make the offer more alluring so that the customers can enjoy it so that the customers run after the product. Tesla is the classic example, which brand is using the technique.

Although the test brings many new technologies in the market, still the features new to the customers.

It is said the profit of Tesla is actually raising, however, they are able not to make a profit at a higher level which was expected. 

Emerging The Originality:

The brands which produce the original production, the customers stay on their products for the long years.

In us, The Casper is one of the viable brands which the Casper is providing the original materials to the customers, now the company growing like anything, capers changed the market. This company is gunning to because unlike other mattress com.

Unlike other mattresses, the company launched many new products and dog mattress, pet mattress. This one the absolute type of brand extending examples which is totally unique.

Another type of brand extension strategy is adopted by that is induced in the brand technology that is, ‘glow- light’. This extension includes a method which is connected to the smartphone to enhance better and peaceful sleep.

The CEO of the company, explains that what whole food give us customers, what Nike have specialized products the sportsmen, the company want to provide the same amount of satisfaction to the sleep in your relaxing bad.

Bankroll Marketing:

 As above we have e clearly mentioned that the brands have extraordinary benefit if they offers the money with a very low cost. Here we will talk about amongst the successful brands that have created the major impacts in the mind of the customers by using this technique. 

7& eleven is the brand which has adopted the techniques. Although it is an old brand of cosmetic services, alongside with the old business it is now introducing 40 more than [products which are less than 4$ words in the bundle of package.

This technique is often flowed by the retail grocery shops, where the retailer adds many products into one combination. This simple technique is also followed by the super malls and departmental stores to drive the customer’s instinct or to the appeal, the customer’s ion a larger extent.

Similarly, the brand is also encouraging the impulsive behavior of the customers.

Entering Into New Geographical Market:

Another vital way to enhance the brand and to earn more is simply in the different markets in the whole world. As for instance, a company is running its business in the developed countries, while they can enter into the market of the developing

Countries. Shave butter and Gillette are the super American companies that have ideally expanded their, markets into the countries like India, Brazil.

Line Extensive Ideas:

Market exploration occurs when the new genre of business which is quite different from others. Imagine the company is already selling the home décor products, if they enter into the market of the Shampoo, then it will called the brand extension. 

Market extensions are not so easy but the strategic developments can give a solution. Tigi, their popularity in the pet market while they are were earlier serving only human beings.

Proper Imaging: 

Armani is one of the greatest company that has exclusive branding with the diversification of the brand image.

Earlier it was an apparel company which was simply serving the special segment of the people, now they have potentially grown the business in hotel sectors.  While leaving the old sphere business, they enter into a new genre and them completely able to capture the new market very easily.

Inclusiveness Of The New Generations:

In the early twentieth century, we have seen that Cadbury is the company used to target only the younger population mostly the children.

But after that they able to understand,. With the base made of the children, they will sustain in the, long run. Due to the fact, in the early twentieth century, they have entered the child market so that they gain the market beyond the ages.

They started implementing many marvelous ads, where the adults, teenagers and the age-old person are celebrating their festivals by the chocolates of the Cadbury, which definitely can be allured as a major success in the chocolate market.

Shift To The New Market

Coalgate is the day to day products, who are serving since the centuries. However, they wished to enter into a new market of frozen foods. Although as the policy was not successful for them they quit that business. 

Successfully running a new business unit means you are accepting many challenges. Brand extension is the way to enter into many new areas. Coordinated plan can enforce the solid branding strategies with meticulous growth and goal setting.

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