173+ Catchy Beloved Captions for All Social Media

We always refer to someone we love deeply and romantically, and this valentine’s day, you must want to share pics with your beloved on social media. Here are some captions that will perfectly suit the mood and help your posts increase their reach. 

Beloved Captions for Instagram

I just can’t keep back my feelings. I have to tell you how much I admire and love you.

I keep struggling to tell you how much I love you, but I can’t hold myself back.

Saying that I love you is simply not enough. There is so much more I need to do.

How much ever I plan for other ways to tell you, I always lined up saying that I love you.

My love for you has made me stuck on with you and at one place for so long.

My love for you has made me ever so better as a human being.

You have always brought out the best in me. You’ve taught me what love is. #valentine

There is less fear in my heart since the time you entered it.

Your presence pacifies me in the strangest possible ways.

I wish I could love you even more than I actually do.

It always seems like our souls are like two faces of the same entity.

I wish I could see what your soul is made of. You’re so different and unique.

Love has taught me to love you, not to judge you.

I never asked you to be perfect. I just love you the way you are.

The fact that you’re not perfect makes me love you even more.

If you know that I love you, can you ever believe that I’ll have a prejudice against you?

It is your love for me that makes me whole and happy. #beloved

If there is a heaven, I have found it in your heart.

You are everything to me. You mean everything to me.

You make me what I am – kind, strong, understanding, and a good human.

You are like the stars shining bright on me.

Without you, I was practically nonexistent.

I can never imagine a moment without you.

You give color to the canvas of my life.

Please be the sunshine in my life.

Oh, to be loved and to love back in return are the two most beautiful things in life. #beautiful

Just believe that I love you, and it’ll make it so much easier for me to love you even more.

I just could not see why I deserve love from someone so ethereal as yourself.

I loved you the moment I saw you. And I’ve loved you ever since.

Loving you has been the most important thing in my life.

It is that beautiful soft smile of yours that takes my heart away even after 50 years of being with you.

I love you just as you are. There is simply nothing new that I’d want to change.

If I love you, it’s because of who you are, not because of who I want you to be.

Break all the barriers within yourself, and you’ll have your love gushing in.

You will never have to seek love, for I am already here, ready and waiting for you.

It is truly fascinating to see how happy I am with your presence. #happy

What your presence does to me can never be done by anyone else at all.

Why should I treat you as ordinary when you are so special to me?

The fire of your love keeps me lit up in happiness.

It is my love for you that makes me keep trying to become better than I already am.

Ever since you came into my life, everything around me has become so much better.

The first time you said hello was the moment when I began loving you.

I’ve always wanted you so badly – even after you became mine.

There are times when I think that no one can love you more than I do.

The way I love you, they say, is the way of a mad man’s love. #mad

Whenever I think of you, there are millions of lines of poetry running through my mind.

Funny Beloved Captions

You are the poetess. Fine, but merely the poem you created.

After you came into my life, I really began to live.

I’ve always heard that you and I were meant to fall in love.

The only thing that will keep us going is our love for each other.

Whether long or short, every love story has to be packed with love.

Your smile was what began our love story.

You are the sweetest. You are the kindest. Without you, I’m simply nothing.

Forgiveness is only but a part of love. True love, that is.

I knew not any heart could hold so much, so much love.

My love loves to love my only love, and that’s you.

I want to spend every moment of my life with you, from here unto eternity.

I’m truly blessed do I have found you, the one who loves me so much.

We really need to let our love grow and outgrow us.

I love a beautiful love story. Our love is a beautiful love story.

I just love you the way you are. I don’t need you to change anything at all.

Love isn’t easy, and yet it is. I realized that when you came into my life.

Each time we kiss, it feels like the first time. And I want to kiss you even more. #beloved

I want to hold onto you for as long as I live. I simply love you too much.

You are truly annoying, and I love you so much for it.

Love has to be unconditional. Otherwise, it isn’t love at all.

I don’t expect anything from you. What matters most is that I love you.

I’d rather keep loving you even if you’re not mine than not love you at all. #love

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