List of 42+ Best Ballantine’s Brand Slogans

Ballantine is basically a company which was set up back in the year 1827. This heritage of selling a wide range of whiskies was actually started by George Ballantine, who himself was a farmer’s son. Slowly and gradually this became a huge manufacturer of the finest as well as superior quality whiskies. The flavours of the different flavours of Ballantine actually depends on the fingerprint malts. Ballantine is actually one of the most favourite of people which makes it the second highest selling blended Scotch whiskey.

This company began its trading under the name of George Ballantines and sons ltd. It was in the year 2005, that this company was actually acquired by an individual named Pernod Richard. 

Ballantine’s Brand Slogans

“Leave an impression”

“Ballantine’s. PAR DINNY, SCULPTEUR”





“The more you know about Scotch, the more you like Ballantine’s”


“Two more shots for the cause”

“Be a Ballantine’s Loyalist”

“Tis the season to be loyal”

“Jet-Set Loyalty”

“It was some party. Ballantine’s was there.”

“The Holiday Spirit”

“You’ll wish it lasted longer”

“How good is Ballantine’s Scotch? Ask any bartender.”

“Loyalty begins at home”

“BallanVine’s. Drink in 6 seconds”

“Ballantine’s. PAR YUSUKO, PEINTRE”

“Liberated Loyalists”

“Taste the scotch that was there”

“You may prefer ONE. Your friends may prefer THE OTHER. Buy both!”

“Mighty welcome Ballantine Ale, America’s largest selling Ale”

“Expect something wonderfully different”

“Ballantine’s. damn good scotch.”

“Sit down and be counted”

“Good taste is why you give it.”

“Ballantine’s Scotch. The taste is extravagant. The price isn’t.”

“I’ve found the perfect little stocking stuffer. But getting her out of the stockings is going to cost me plenty. At least Ballantine’s is still a good value.”

“The apple never falls far from the tree.”

“Ballantine’s in the famous square bottle inherits its great taste, and its blend of 44 great whiskies, from our 30 years-old Ballantine’s-the oldest, most expensive scotch in the world.”

“Ballantine’s. Makers of the oldest and most expensive scotch in the world.”


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