List of 30 Axis Bank Brand Slogans & Taglines

Axis bank is actually an Indian bank and it is also the third-largest private bank in the country. This bank offers are wide range of financial services as well as financial products. Currently the Chief Executive Officer of this banking company is Amitabh Chaudhary. This bank has more than 4,800 branches all around the country and it also has more than 17,000 ATMs across the country.

This banking company is headquartered in the city of Mumbai, in India. This banking company also has a number of subsidiaries some of them being Axis Direct, FreeCharge, and so on.

They also have there overseas operations in a number of countries. They also have approximately 4,900 cash recyclers. This bank started with its operations in the year 1994. Also this bank covers and serves all the sections as well as segments whether it be large or mid-corporates or whether it be retail businesses or agriculture. 


Axis Bank Slogans & Taglines


Experience Axis 

Khaas Aapke liye 

#Dil se Open


Badhati ka naam Zindagi… 

Wherever you are India is the destination for your investments 

NRI priority Banking 

This homecoming add progress to your to-do list 

And our top priority is always you 

NRIs on Priority 

We are just the bank you need. 

Progress has many meanings – Tell us what it means to you 

#Deepika for Axis 

Come be a part of our growth journey 

Add four wheels to happiness 

Live your dreams with 24 x 7 personal loans 

Digital. Instant. Simple. 

Axis Bank. Progress on….

Axis Bank Burgundy. For VIPs and their VIPs. 

Axis Bank Burgundy. The colour of privilege. 

GST simplified 

Now meet us at your convenience.


Approve payments on the go. Axis Bank Corporate. 

Smart way to invest in Mutual Funds is here.

Enrich your banking experience with corporate internet banking. 

We understand relationships like a nice cup of tea. 

Concentrate on the overseas experience. Not the currency issues. 

Axis Bani Reconnect. It’s time to reconnect. 

Steals, Deals, and More. 

Goodbye queues. Hello Fast tag. 

When I go abroad I carry financial protection. 

Wealth it’s personal. 

Less bank visits, more family time. 

Start right, stay ahead. 

Balance free, worry free. 

Get more, spend less. 

Realise you bigger goals.


Keep connections open

Social distancing doesn’t have to be financial distancing. 

Just converse to transfer funds 

Making banking exciting again. 

Axis Aha!!!

EMI ki happy ending! 

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