50+ Best Amul brand slogans 

Amul is basically a dairy cooperative, or you can also say it is like a society. This milk cooperative is based in India. This society was founded way back in the year 1946. This Cooperative was founded in the state of Gujarat. This society is headquartered in a place called Anand, in Gujarat. Currently, the CEO of this company is R. S. Sodhi.

The founders of these milk giants are Verghese Kurien and Tribhuvandas Kishibhai Patel. This establishment made by these two gentlemen was also considered to be the White Revolution of India. This milk cooperative is owned jointly by over 3 million producers of milk; based in Gujarat. 

Tag-lines to Amul brand 

The taste of India 

Utterly butterly delicious…..Amul 

Amul Ghee : One Spoonful a day 

Amul Chocolate : A gift for someone you love 

Amul Ice cream : real milk, real ice cream

Amul Ice cream : Royal scoop

Gangs of Maskeypur!

Kabhi Amulvida Naa Kehna 

Bun Tea Aur Butterly! 

Amul Butter Pradesh 

Eat Today and Tomaro : Start with Amul, End with Paan 

Amul : Har bread is goal 

Maska Kai po che? Amul butter for life

2 Tastes : Amul, a loaf story 

Buttermeez dil : Amul, for jawaani and deewani 

Amul : Divas Love it 

Amul : the blockbuster butter 

Speak less, eat more 

Amul : Deluge of taste.

Life of every Pie : Amul, Anglee for it 

Amul : Har mushkil ko Asan kar de 

Pizzadent Obama : Amul, Perfect topping 

Dish wish : Amul, butter vutter 

Vicky Dona : Amul, donate generously

Himesh khaao! Aapka ka Amulllll

Swad dish! Amul, eaten by we the people 

Dost, toast na raha! Amul, bonds well 

Amul Milk, Hamesha fresh 

Just Sindhu it! Amul : Great Service, smashing taste 

Chanda apna lehrayega! Amul, Make space for it 

Kaun banega Rashtrapati? Amul : Head of taste 

Lagate raho! Amul, Khole toh 

Swad se Swagat! Amul : Har tea ghar mein zinda hai 

Happy two thousand and Dineteen! Amul, 2019 

Baaho se belly tak! Amul : enjoy this blockbuster 

Modijeet! Amul, Taste of victory 

Chaar Chand lag Gaye! Amul : Over the moon 

Chand Taaro ko chhoone ki Asha! Amul, always proud 

Kaho na Pyaaz hai! Amul : Won’t make you cry!

Give us this day our daily bread : with Amul butter 

Don’t hungry me! Amul : Super hit 

Holi masti, wholly Maska! Amul : khilao, peela Lao!

Fuel aur kaante! Amul, affordable energy 

Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Amul do! 

Butteron ke khiladi! Amul : your favourite color 

Sree Shaant raho! Amul : Keep your piece

Kha Na, Hazare! Amul, Lok Priya Makhan 

Cheeni kum, butter jyada! Amul, sexy taste 

Amul is seriously good! 

Makhan Chargers! Amul, No challenge 

Lashkar – e – tauba! Amul, spread butter no hatred 

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