List of 51+ Best Allianz Brand Slogans 

Allianz SE is basically an international company. This multinational company provides the financial services to more to 85 million people around the world. This financial services provider company was established log back in the year 1890. Since then this company had gone through all the ups and downs which came its way both during the first as well as during the Second World War.

This multinational company is headquartered in a place called Munich, in Germany. Currently, the Chief Executive Officer of this company is Oliver Bate. This company has a huge number of subsidiaries as well as partners, some of them being AllSecur, PIMCO, Allianz Global Investors, Risk Lab, Petplan, Allianz Technology SE, Bajaj Allianz, Affinity Water, Club Marine, Fusion Company, Allianz Asset Management and so on. 


Tag lines of Allianz and its products 

  • Well insured by Allianz 


  • Bajaj – Allianz, Caringly yours 


  • Bajaj – Allianz. Relationship beyond Insurance


  • One plan. Many life goals. Samjho ho Gaya. 


  • Bajaj – Allianz. Life goals, Done. 


  • Bajaj – Allianz. Jiyo Befikar. 


  • Allianz. Protects you from A – Z 


  • Ahhh…..llianz! 


  • #CareHero 


  • Don’t be a Boo Boo!


  • AllSecur. Ein Unternehmen der Allianz. 


  • PIMCO – Your global investment authority 


  • Allian Technology – Unconventional Minds 


  • Allianz Global Assistance – How can we help?


  • Affinity Water – Your local supply on tap


  • Fusion Company – Maximise Ancillary Revenue 



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