100+ Catchy Zoo Captions For All Social Media

The zoo is the most wandering place in our childhood days – the place where we can watch tigers, lions, and elephants safely.

We imagine the zoo as a Jungle Book background, and I often become Mowgli for the day. Happy Zoo Lover Day to all. Love animals, save animals, and memorize my childhood days at the zoo.

Zoo Day Instagram Captions

  • 🦍 In the jungle, the mighty jungle 🌿
  • 🐆 Stalking through the savannah 🌍
  • 🦁 Roaring with the lions 🦁
  • 🐘 Trunking it up with the elephants 🐘
  • 🐒 Monkeying around 🐒
  • 🦒 Stretching my neck to see the giraffes 🦒
  • 🐍 Slithering with the snakes 🐍
  • 🦎 Going wild at the zoo 🐊
  • 🐢 Taking it slow with the turtles 🐢
  • 🦌 Bambi and friends 🦌
  • Open your heart and love the animals. #loveanimals.
  • The childhood memories are still there. We left it at the zoo. Happy Zoo Lover’s Day.
  • Become friends with animals and save them. #saveanimals.
  • Love is what animals only want. 
  • Animals have the right to live on earth- they, too, have hearts. Listen to them. Happy Zoo Lover’s Day.
  • If you want to save the environment, you have to save the animal. Make a promise on Zoo Lover’s Day.
  • The best gift for your children on their birthday is to take them to the zoo. Happy Zoo Lover’s Day.
  • Love animals and save nature. #savenature
  • The world is the home for everyone. Love animals and visit zoos. #visitzoo
  • Explore the creatures of the jungle at the Zoo.
  • You can explore the habits of humans. Just visit the zoo. #explorezoo.
  • They think we are animals. Behave like human beings at the zoo.
  • We learn to hate, but animals are not. Happy Zoo Lover’s Day.
  • We should get wild with the creature. Love creatures visit the Zoo.
  • With the spirit of feeling love and faithfulness – animals are better than human beings.
  • Animals have conceived what their identity is, acknowledge it, and that will be that. 
  • Animals live in more prominent harmony than individuals do.
  • Live a day with the animals at the zoo. Surely you discover the bliss of nature.
  • Understand the world of animals. Visit Zoo on Zoo Lover’s Day.
  • Love for animals means love for nature. #loveforthenature.
  • Is it accurate to say that we are watching them, or Are They Watching Us? Feel it at Zoo.
  • Is it safe to say that you are sufficiently daring to be close to creature confines? Be valiant and visit them at the zoo.
  • The world is not enough without animals. Let them live on this beautiful planet. # letthemlive.
  • See the smile on your child’s face while he discovers the Koala-bear. Happy Zoo Lover’s Day to all.
  • Have fun at the zoo. Discover the world of animals. #discoveranimalworld.
  • Love is the ultimate source of respect. Respect the creature world. #respectcreature.
  • Don’t forget they are also creatures on this planet like us. Save them with your heart. Happy Zoo Lover’s Day.
  • Find out about the little African forest at Zoo. #atzoo.
  • Don’t forget you are in the animal world. Pay some respect to them. #animalworld.
  • Fight for animals and make the world beautiful and eco-friendly. Take the pledge on Zoo Lover’s Day.
  • Day out at the zoo and know the world of animals. #dayoutzoo

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