186+ Catchy Zombies Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Zombie is often a mainstream media creature that is often associated with death and monsters. A zombie is a portrayal of the walking dead and has been a popular icon for many ghost stories and scary movies. Here are some captions that will accelerate your social media posts related to zombies on the theme of Halloween.

Halloween Zombies Captions for Instagram

It is so scary to see this new generation be so ready for a Zombie apocalypse.

I find that people are confused. Originally zombies never ate brains. They were just affected by some virus.

I love to sleep. It is like being dead but without any commitment.

Imagine someone owning up to being a clinical zombie.

Beware, I am a zombie. Need extra brains to pass the exam. #zombie

The first Zombie we encountered was Frankenstein. But he had character.

Sometimes it takes Zombies to motivate us to run.

The easiest part in movies nowadays is to play a zombie.

It is so embarrassing when a zombie walks right past you and doesn’t give a damn about your brains.

Everyone wants someone to be on their side during the Zombie Apocalypse. I always say, Big deal.

Here’s some meat and blood. Hope that will do. At least vampires are more polished. #vampire

I love the comedy zombie movies.

Zombies come alive only because there’s no more room in hell. These zombies are actually in the queue.

It takes a lot to be a Zombie buff. Halloween proves that quite well.

The walking dead must have got bored of sleeping. They are only up for some exercise. #excercise

Just because one is a conservative doesn’t have to imply that he is a zombie. Happy Halloween.

In this world of the dead, we are but forced to start living.

I just love anything Zombie. It’s all about being insane.

Everything is going to be just fine – but only after we are done with the Zombie population.

The new archetypical character of our times is the Zombie. #archetype

Christ did mention some resurrection. But I did picture something quite different from Zombies.

I always felt like a zombie when my brain was tested.

I love Zombie. Not only are they stupid. They even walk as if they are doing a breakdance.

Humanity isn’t at stake anymore. It is our survival that matters more.

A Zombie that isn’t frightening is truly lame. #lame

He only asked for a high five a=but got a bullet in his head instead.

Humanity’s mind is so controlled that they are only a wee bit better than zombies.

If I become a Zombie this Halloween, I will come and eat you first.

That’s me cuddling a zombie. Happy Halloween.

Those Zombies there said that they love you not for your looks, but your brains. #brains

Boy, you are just drop-dead gorgeous. I am only just dead.

I just love it when Zombies are really slow and stupid.

Why not call them unlively rather than undead? They are partly alive, after all.

Blood is exactly like hot chocolate, only with a lot more s-creams.

Zombies are so lucky. They are both dead and alive at the same time. #luck

I love blood for its warmth. It is so beautiful to see and drink. A Zombie’s first love.

Make the most of your life. You have only one life. Unless, of course, a Zombie Apocalypse takes place.

It is so pathetic to be a Zombie. You just cannot smile as your lips have rotted off.

Zombies just don’t know when to stop. So I gave one a piece of my mind. Or was it my brain?

On Halloween, you close a door, and a window opens. Then you see those Zombies climb up the window to enter the room. #zombiebombie

Some things need to be shot at repeatedly till they stop moving. They have a thick head, after all.

I will be there for you always, except if you become a zombie. Then I will have to shoot you in the head.

The more I get to know people, the more endearing zombies become.

The mind and brain are terrible things to waste.

Perhaps getting a zombie all drunk will take him back to his senses. #drunk

That’s the dance of death by the undead.

Headshots are really cool. What it is to a zombie is just like what tequila is to us.

I love to watch zombies dance.

When they come to get you, just go out and enjoy the party.

When you are undead, you need to always say so while emphasizing more on the second syllable. #undead

Funny Halloween Zombies Captions

I have never seen a lazier Zombie in my lifetime.

If you aren’t sure if the undead is really dead, just let them be.

Love is a virus that can happen to anyone, and reason never works then.

It’s Halloween, and all those zombies will make you laugh to death.

We match each other as married Zombies. Now that’s different. #married

Zombies make the funniest throat sounds.

If you aren’t impulsive, you just cannot be a Zombie.

I just need coffee. I am not a zombie.

Halloween has made me a lover of zombies.

Why don’t we try haunting zombies instead? #haunting

Sometimes being dead is far better than living.

Find the metaphor – teachers love brainy kids. Happy Halloween.

That’s my squad of the living dead. And that wasn’t clicked on Halloween.

A zombie apocalypse is when a true adventure begins.

I love eating snacks. But they keep falling out of my mouth. Happy Halloween. #halloween

Be sure that when zombies chase us, I will trip you.

It never takes much to keep a Zombie pleased. Just feed them, and they are all yours.

You can’t stand up to a spider. And you say you can take on Zombies?

With a Zombie, at least you know where you stand.

Zombie response team advice: if you see me running, just try keeping up to survive. #survive

Always remember that it is futile trying to negotiate with a Zombie.

Zombies are a great fictional inspiration for self-preservation.

You are a Zombie? You look drop-dead gorgeous.

I always had a question about Zombie. How do they reproduce?

Zombies eat brains. So you are completely safe, mate. #safe

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