51+ Best World Wish Day Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Wish and hope are the two things that keep us going and give us strength.  Globally people celebrate world wish day on 29th April every year. It was first celebrated in the year of 1980’s by the community named to make a wish. The main inspiration of it was the incident of granting a wish to Chris Greicius in 1980. 

World Wish Day Captions for Social media

-Make a wish and see the magic – let’s celebrate this world wish day happily. #wish

-Wish – wherever you are or whenever you want – it will become true. 

-Let’s make a wish on this world wish day – let’s make your wishes come true on this world wish day. 

-Make a wish and use your muscles to make it true – have a happy world wish day. #muscles

-Positivity is very important for life – wishing something can make you positive – make a wish and celebrate world wish day. #celebrate

-Spread positivity – make wishes – have a happy world wish day. 

-Wish for anything you want – and put enough effort to fulfill it – celebrate a very happy world wish day. 

-Live your life without hesitation – make your wishes without hesitation – don’t forget to celebrate world wish day. #hesitaion

-A wish can never be measured by big or small – it’s just a wish – make a lot of wishes on this world wish day. 

-Limits are important to live a sorted life but limits are not important when you make a wish – push your boundaries and make a wish on this world wish day. #limit

-You can only make it true if you wish – so, make a wish and make your life better. 

-Wish for yourself – wish for others too – you don’t know when god is going to say amen. #god

-Make wishes – it can save one life – it can heal one soul. #soul

-Make a clear vision of future – make a wish. 

-Wishes are made to be granted – do your best to make them granted – do your best to make a wish. 

-A day to appreciate your flaws – a day to make a wish – happy world wish day. #wish

-Wishes can make way for your dream – make a wish – make your dream come true. #true

-Do you want to see a magic – then make sure you make a wish on this world wish day. 

-A wish represents your imagination and personality – do your best and make the best wish on this world wish day. 

-Make your imagination beautiful – make your wishes beautiful. #beauty

-A wish can bring a ray of hope – keep wishing – keep making lives better. #hope

-People can stop you from doing things – they cannot stop you from making wishes – make a wish and feel better. 

-One of the most powerful things in this world which cost zero is only the wish – make a wish to make life better on this world wish day. #worldwishday

-The wish you make is your truth – the wish you make is another form of your desire. 

-From today start making wishes for others to live a happy and peaceful life. #peace 

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