51+ Best World Malaria Day Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

World Malaria Day, which takes place on 25 April each year, is an internationally recognized day, highlighting the global efforts to control malaria. It was instituted by WHO Member States during the World Health Assembly of 2007. The celebration of World Malaria Day concentrates on a specific theme for the purpose of establishing a malaria free world.

List of World Malaria Day Captions for Social Media

-The nation is walking with an aim to find a way to stop the deadly impact of malaria on the earth by the help of advanced medical technology. #worldmalariaday

-The much-needed goal of this day 25th April is to remove malaria entirely from the world and keep people safe.

-Taking precautions is far better than facing pain after being attacked by the diseases – let’s spread awareness on this world malaria day.

-Sometimes a small sized living being can be enough harmful for your death –take safety measures against mosquitoes and keep malaria away.

-Stay away from mosquitoes by preventing them from growing – stay safe. #worldmalariaday

-Let’s spread awareness about the deadly impact of malaria among people – lead a safe & peaceful life. #safe

-Malaria is such a disease to destroy immune system leading to death –take it seriously before it’s too late. #worldmalariaday

-Start to use mosquito killing spray, protection cream, and net to avoid the deadly disease malaria –let’s make people conscious about it. #worldmalariaday

-At first destroy the breeding places of malaria – only then you can lead a mosquito free life & you will survive. #worldmalariaday

-Let the entire world unite as a team to fight against the deadly malaria –stop it from taking more lives. #stopit

-Malaria is the deadliest disease that silently enters into the human bodies & kills them – stop lives from being destroyed as we can’t afford any more. #stop

-If we go back to past we can see that malaria has taken lives of many people through the entire world–acquire safety measures & stay safe.

-As long as people remain casual about the malaria disease the world will lose more lives gradually – let’s spread awareness on this malaria day.

-Keep the chances of being infected by malaria away by keeping the mosquitoes away. #worldmalariaday

-The malaria disease can be under control by controlling the growth mosquitoes– let’s spread awareness for stopping the lives from being lost.

-Preventing and controlling malaria disease is inexpensive – let us join hands to make people aware about the need to control mosquitoes.

-Let’s show support to the malaria patient – they need us to stand by them –wishing soon recovery of them. #support

-World malaria day is created to let the world know about this growing issues &taking precautions from now with due attention of the people.

-As long as we make the constant effort to drive mosquitoes away the disease, malaria won’t find its way in the environment.

-Remove all the stagnant water today from your surrounding & don’t let mosquito to grow any more. #worldmalariaday

-Life is precious & save it from destruction– let’s embrace mosquito free cleanliness on this world malaria day.

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